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Mark Timm has been an entrepreneur for almost three decades and he has started more than a dozen companies and has had six exits. Mark has spoken professionally for more than 25 years, giving thousands of speeches to millions of people worldwide.

Mark’s most important role is being the CEO of the most valuable business in the world—his family. His own experience of dealing with entrepreneurial challenges fueled his passion for helping people balance the demands of family life and business.

He co-authored the book Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks of the hit TV Show, Shark Tank.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Mark Timm talks about his book and why he considers his family as his most valuable business
  • The idea behind 2BTimms LLC
  • How to start running your family as seriously as you do your business
  • Mark explains why there are over 40 turtle statues around his house
  • How Zig Ziglar became Mark’s first mentor
  • How Kevin Harrington became Mark’s mentor and the biggest lesson that Mark learned from him
  • Mark talks about an excerpt from their book about aggressive curiosity
  • Mark talks about the successes and challenges he faced with Cottage Garden
  • Mark’s favorite Zig Ziglar story

In this episode…

It’s good to have mentors in our lives but finding one that’s a perfect match wasn’t always the easiest thing to do. But now, people have become more generous with their time, their knowledge, and their experiences, and this has allowed amazing relationships to flourish. And more than just having flourishing relationships, it has become a gateway to an increase in potential cash flow and more importantly, an increase in the number of people you can impact in life.

That’s precisely how productive Mark Timm’s relationship with his mentor, Kevin Harrington, has been since they met. It’s been so good that they’ve gone into multi-million dollar businesses together, and have co-authored the USA Today best-seller, Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond. 

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz and learn about the value of family and mentorship from Mark Timm, co-author of Mentor to Millions: Secrets of Success in Business, Relationships, and Beyond. On the show, Mark shares amazing stories and lessons from his mentors, how mentors can help you succeed in business, family, and relationships, and find out why he considers his family as his most valuable business. Stay tuned.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders. And Mark, you’ll appreciate this past guests include Founder of Atari Nolan Bushnell and he was Steve Jobs’ mentor, this is specifically relevant because we’re going to talk about mentor to millions. So you’ve Steve Jobs as mentor and he talked about on the podcast Mark about how he was offered 33% of Apple for $50,000. And why he said no to that, okay. Brian Kurtz was on the podcast talks about over delivering his book Over Deliver: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants in Direct Response, and Marketing. And no one gets at this alone, which Mark I know is a message you preach over and over Caleb O’Dowd and Sam Markowitz came on they talked about being mentored by the late Gary Halbert, and how it was like the most invaluable thing they could do and get in. So before I introduce today’s amazing guests, Mark, this episode is brought to you by Rise25. Rise25 I co-founded with my business partner, John Corcoran, and what we do is we help b2b businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 best relationships, you know, Mark, and both our lives relationships are the number one thing in our lives and we help them do that by helping them launch and run a podcast little over the past decade that I’ve been podcasting. I have formed amazing relationships, business partnerships, friendships, we go on family vacations together. And I would never stop podcasting for those reasons. Obviously, it’s led to business relationships, but those other things, it fuels those other things. So there’s no better thing. If you have questions you want to launch and run your own podcast the right way. Go to and check out more. And I want to introduce today’s guest, Mark Timm, Mark Timm has been an entrepreneur for almost three decades, he’s started more than a dozen companies. He’s had six exits. He’s spoken professionally, Mark, I don’t know if most people know this about you. Maybe they do. You spoken professionally for more than 25 years giving thousands of speeches to millions of people around the globe. And Mark’s most important role is CEO of the most valuable business in the world. And Mark knows what I’m gonna say is his family, his family of six kids, his wife, and his own experience of dealing with entrepreneurial challenges fueled his passion for helping people balance. You know, it’s hard to say that we’re balanced out her balance right, the demand of family life and actual business. He co authored the book, mentor to millions secrets of success in business, relationships and beyond. And he co authored it with Kevin Harrington. If you don’t know Kevin Harrington, he’s one of the original sharks of the hit TV show Shark Tank, he’s taken 21 businesses to over 100 million dollars. He’s worked behind the scenes of business ventures produce more than $5 billion in global sales launch more than 500 products. And this is really just for the podcast. This isn’t available anymore. You need to go to If you go to, they are offering a 30 day mentorship, you need to show that you bought the book. I bought it on Audible. It’s amazing. Check it out. And you can buy it on Amazon you probably get in the bookstore, they hit USA Today Bestseller. Mark I’m gonna stop talking let you talk but thanks for joining us

Mark Timm

You know, you don’t have to stop talking. You’re on a roll. Like I was loving every I’m picking up everything you’re putting down right now. So I’m fired up. I want everybody to go to Rise25 I absolutely want to know why that dude turned down 33% of Apple. It’s so you know, talk about a hook. You know, I’m all in man. And I’m the guy that gets to sit here and talk to you about this stuff. So I’m fired up. I’m super excited to be here. Thank you for having me. And you know what, here’s the cool thing. The manuscript of this book was turned in almost a year ago, before COVID before quarantine. And I’m here to tell you that I know you know how valuable mentors are. you see that this whole podcast is talking about some super amazing people that have mentors in their life. But right now, like right now, there’s this amazing thing happening. Number one, Never before have we needed mentors more in our life than we need them right now. But here’s the catch. And this is the part that gets me so excited. Never before have more people been willing to help their common man to help their common woman to help their neighbors, their colleagues. They’re there. They’re just the person helping them at the grocery store at the convenience store at the gas station. We’re out of this mindset of just abundance. We want to have Help each other through these crazy times. And so, so we need mentors more than ever. But I think there are more mentors on the sidelines ready to say put me in the game coach, I’m ready than there’s ever been before, which is super exciting for me.

Jeremy Weisz

Mark, you know, I know you just came out with this book and ever should get it. I want the sequel. I want the next one already. I want the next one of like, mentors, you know, the Giants out there and who mentored them? Yeah, well, I want the sequel this one but I mean, everyone’s gonna check this out. But I want to start with this for a second. My favorite story from the book. Okay, this is my my favorite story. There’s there’s many great stories, but my favorite story is towards the end, and your kids are up on stage. Okay.

Mark Timm

And by to make me emotional here already. I mean, where you’re like, just going for it right out

Jeremy Weisz

the gate? Why wait, you know, but um, you know, I want to hear about the before. So they started off about the before you were start you focused on family and treating family life as seriously as you did your business. Talk about what they were saying what they started off saying, and you give people context to this, but that is everyone should get the book just for just read this one story. I mean,

Mark Timm

yeah, they think, oh, Tom Ziglar. Tom Ziglar, the son of Zig Ziglar. I mean, this guy’s an amazing human being, a friend. He wrote the foreword to the book. And when he finished reading the book, number one, he was in tears. And he said, I’ve read thousands of books. And he said, I’ve never read an epilogue. He said, in fact, Mark, you’ve titled the epilogue incorrectly. He said, it’s an epic log. And you know, and so to give everybody context, here’s the scene. Okay. So I made this decision to start running my family as my most viable business, I made the decision to give my family the first and my best. And the reason I say made that decision was because I was getting it wrong for a long time. And I wasn’t treating them first and giving them my best I was giving them my last and my least if you want to know the truth, and I wasn’t delivering what they needed, I wasn’t the father wasn’t the husband that I was put on this earth to be. So I’m in Hungary. And this is last year, actually. And I’m the keynote speaker at The Marketing Academy. And I speak for three days, like I’m teaching these first generation entrepreneurs, how to be entrepreneurs, but I brought my kids with me, because if they’re my most valuable business, then they need to be with me, right? So my kids are with me, I got three of the six are with me, and and all all week, they’re seeing me with these kids. And so the last day of the conference, the organizer comes up and says, hey, you’re supposed to get up on stage and give an hour long presentation about your family being your most valuable business. But, uh, everybody’s like talking about your kids being here. And the buzz is is like we want to hear from them. So have I called them up on stage instead of you. And before I knew it, like it was happening, and my kids are all giving me the cutthroat sign. I’m not going on no chance, Dad, it’s not happening. My daughter looks at me and says, You dragged me up on stage, I’m not saying anything. And so and I’m like, I’m like, it’s okay, I should just just go along with it. My son was there. And he said, I’ll say something else.