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What did Liam’s girlfriend do because he did not have a productivity system?

Liam Martin is Founder of and . He talks about how he is not productive naturally but puts systems in place that forces him to be productive.

Click to Watch Liam’s Interview in order to find out:

-Listen at the end when he talks about the easy win (takes 2min) you can do to get on track with your productivity.

-You will never guess Liam’s view on cell phones.

-Listen for the story about his girlfriend (It is classic!). You will understand why a productivity tool was burned into his brain.

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Liam Martin is Cofounder of which is an outsourcing company that concentrates on providing companies with long term outsourced labour relationships. He is also Cofounder of Time Doctor which allows for employers and employees to hire and work anywhere in the world as quickly and efficiently as if everyone was in the same office.

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