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Leo Widrich is the cofounder of Buffer and has helped the company reach over 1 million users and over $1million dollars in revenue.

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-What was a time that all their efforts failed?
-How did they get their first sale?
-When did one investor know they were mainstream?

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Leo Talks about getting sales:
– Validate.
– Launch quickly.

In Buffer’s founding months, Joel and Leo read and internalized Dale Carnegie’s famous book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Many Buffer values are derived from his works.

They discussed what words define the culture and made a list of the 9 Buffer Values.

FUN FACT: Leo actually got a lot of F’s in school.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Skitch and Cloud app

How to Win Friends and Influence People

You will notice in the video interview I reference 100K customers but in the post I mention over 1 million users.

Here are Buffers updated numbers as of October.

Below is the monthly update email Joel (cofounder of Buffer) sent to all investors.

Buffer growth update as of Oct:
New users: 66,000 (Total: 1,046,000, from 980,000: +7%)
Daily active users: 30,000 (from 29,000: +3%)
Revenue: $174,000 (Annual: $2,088,000 up from $1,968,000: +6%)
Business revenue: $12,340 (up from $10,060; +23%)
September has historically been the only month of the year we have experienced negative % growth (this happened in September the last 2 years), so we pushed hard this month and a 6% positive MoM growth rate in revenue is a huge win for us.

For full explanation of the numbers and company check it out here. Buffer growth numbers

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