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Mom entrepreneurs fill one of the hardest roles on the planet. Laura Fuentes founder of and food and lifestyle brand knows the struggle of balancing home and work intimately.Big brands hire her – brands like Sabra Hummus, Nestle, Bobs Red Mill, and many more. As well, her brands reach over 700,000 unique visitors per month. Momables helps parents feed their children great tasting healthy foods without spending an eternity in the kitchen or breaking the bank. Her sites also provide weekly recipe plans, cookbooks like “The Best Homemade Kids Snacks on the Planet,” and she even offers a done for you meal delivery service. She runs all of this while raising 3 kids.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction to Laura Fuentes, founder of
  • [1:30] The decision to homeschool her children and the challenge it has been.
  • [4:20] How running the business impacts Laura’s children.
  • [10:05] What forced Laura to implement clear boundaries between work and home?
  • [13:36] Current projects Laura is working on.
  • [19:50] The decision to implement subscriptions for weekly meal plans and recipes.
  • [27:46] The most rewarding clients Laura has worked with.
  • [32:10] The first hires and building a team.
  • [36:01] The places Laura has her social media assistants focus their efforts.
  • [42:23] The decision to hire her husband.
  • [47:50] The point at which Laura knew her blogging would become a business.
  • [49:35] What makes the popular content process so effective?
  • [54:35] Content creation ideas that didn’t work at all.
  • [59:03] Foods parents believe is healthy/fresh but really isn’t.
  • [1:02:04] The controversial posts and why they become noticed.
  • [1:05:40] The “done for you” options Laura has created.
  • [1:08:49] How Laura discovered the importance of a consistent content cycle.
  • [1:11:15] The biggest challenges Laura has faced in her journey.
  • [1:13:30] The common denominator in Laura’s lowest points in business.
  • [1:19:19] One of Laura’s proudest moments in business.

In this episode…

Successful mom entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They have to be skilled at balancing the needs of kids with the needs of a growing business. Laura Fuentes isn’t perfect at that balance – by her own admission – but she’s a great example of keeping her priorities straight and ensuring that her kids don’t suffer because of her business. She shares her story on this amazing episode of Inspired Insider.

No matter what you think of mom entrepreneurs you have to admit that the skills it takes to balance home and work successfully are quite impressive. Laura Fuentes has made a name for herself in the online food blogging space and is hired by many popular brands. But in spite of those demands she refuses to let her homelife suffer, leaving her laptop at work and refusing to do business after 4PM. Find out how she’s done it, on this episode.

What’s the best you can imagine when it comes to a successful business AND a successful home life? Go ahead, dream a little. It’s those dreams that motivate entrepreneurs who are also moms to fight for balance and a wise perspective in the midst of business demands. On this episode, Laura Fuentes shares how and have become successful while at the same time her family has thrived. You won’t want to miss these insights.

When it comes time in the life of your business to hire a team, it will look different depending on where you are in your business lifecycle and what kind of business you want to run. For Laura Fuentes, it was important that she was able to continue doing the things she loved to do but could also keep her priority of a quality family life on the front burner. She shares how she’s navigated that team-building phase of her brands on this episode.

How do you build a huge content brand that gets thousands of views and downloads every week? Laura Fuentes says that it’s all about great content consistently distributed. She says there are no magic formulas, only small steps every day toward an end goal. It’s those small steps that add up to big things. You can hear how the queen of mom entrepreneurs does it, on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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