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Kailey Donewald is the co-founder of Sacred Serve, a Chicago-based company innovating ice cream that is fully organic, raw vegan gelato made from whole coconuts. All flavors are dairy-free, vegan, and paleo and strictly free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, GMOs, stabilizers, fillers, and preservatives. They are challenging the conventional route of pint-sized packaging with their super unique looking 10oz containers. They have 40 locations across Chicago.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:15] Jeremy introduces his guest, Kailey Donewald.
  • [2:20] Tackling the challenge of logistics.
  • [4:30] Finding new ways to market and engage with the right audience.
  • [6:00] Good advice that Kailey has received.
  • [9:00] The biggest mistake made so far.
  • [10:15] Low point – financial restrictions.
  • [11:30] Milestone – signing on with the first distributor and going to vegan events.

In this episode…

Can you think of specific business lessons that have been helpful for you on your journey? Did you have to learn them the hard way or did you have mentors who helped guide you along the way? What does it look like to build a business that goes deep before it spends resources to go wide? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator, Kailey Donewald. In her conversation with Jeremy, Kailey opens up about the decision to focus on her local market before expanding, advice she’s picked up along the way, some of the challenges she faced, and even some milestones. Don’t miss this fascinating episode featuring Kailey and Sacred Serve!

The impulse that many business leaders follow is the decision to go wide with their brand and business rather than taking the time to go deep. Let’s face it, deep work is hard work! It can take a ton of resources and energy to penetrate a local marketplace, is it even worth it? Kailey Donewald seems to think so! That’s why she’s taken deliberate steps to invest in her own community to get the word out about her high-quality brand, Sacred Serve. Kailey is convinced that before she can take her business to a wider marketplace, she needs to make sure her message can connect locally.

Advice can be a tricky thing to follow. How do you know the advice is good advice? Ultimately it comes down to whether or not you trust the person giving you the advice. For Kailey Donewald, the advice that impacted her and her business the most was the advice to get really good at a specific niche. In many ways, this goes back to Kailey’s decision to go deep not wide with marketing her brand. While they could offer a whole range of products at Sacred Serve, they’ve chosen to pour all their time and resources into perfecting just a few select products. Listening to Kailey, you really get the sense that she is taking the time to learn and grow as a leader and that’s infectious!

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