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Jordan Gal is founder of Carthook, a cart abandonment software solution that recovers lost revenue by following up with potential customers who don’t complete the checkout process.  Jordan previously ran a successful ecommerce business that was acquired.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:15] Jeremy’s introduction of Jordan Gal, ecommerce software developer.
  • [1:28] The most important thing Jordan did: found a good Volusion developer.
  • [6:03] Mistakes made on the checkout page.
  • [7:25] The most common reasons people abandon a cart.
  • [9:06] The power of a live chat functionality that tracks user activity on the site.
  • [12:19] Why people abandon SaaS purchases.
  • [14:28] Observations from working with ecommerce vendors.
  • [20:05] A story that illustrates the importance of phone contact with prospects and customers.
  • [24:50] The good and difficult parts of scaling an ecommerce business.
  • [28:34] Mistakes ecommerce builders should avoid.
  • [31:37] The major skillsets Jordan had that he would never pass to someone else.
  • [37:00] Mistakes Jordan made building an ecommerce business.
  • [42:01] Platforms Jordan recommends – and know that no platform is perfect.
  • [44:38] The power of reviews on your ecommerce site.
  • [46:00] The type of software you must have for effective ecommerce.
  • [55:49] Best time frames for follow up of abandoned carts.
  • [58:00] Email sequence recommendations.
  • [1:03:51] Things Jordan has implemented because of customer feedback.
  • [1:10:04] Things ecommerce people need to check in their business.
  • [1:14:23] Jordan’s typical schedule to balance work and life.
  • [1:17:30] Jordan’s journey from Israel to the U.S. and his family life.
  • [1:25:27] Things Jordan learned from his Dad’s direct response business.
  • [1:33:28] The highest priority step ecommerce owners should do now.

In this episode…

Cart abandonment is a big issue in the ecommerce space. If you can close that loop you’ll significantly increase your revenue and build a more effective follow up sequence with your customers. This episode is about helping you make cart abandonment a thing of the past.

Instead of hitting on the generalities of ecommerce, this episode drills down into some of the most important aspects of how you can optimize your process to convert more shoppers on your website into paying customers.

Today’s guest, Jordan Gal has a wealth of experience in direct response sales, the creation and operation of his own successful ecommerce business, and now as a software entrepreneur for Carthook, one of the best shopping cart abandonment solutions in existence.

If you want to increase your revenue through capitalizing on the customers that are already visiting your ecommerce site, this episode is for you. Jordan Gal shares best practices for on page optimization, checkout page improvements, and follow up sequences for those who have abandoned the cart on your site.

If you’re ready to make cart abandonment a thing of the past on your ecommerce site, this episode with Jordan Gal can move you a long way toward making sure it’s a reality. Don’t miss this one.

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