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Dr. Jonathan Carp Founded  MiracleNoodle after visiting a friend in Japan. The miracle noodles have zero calories and zero net carbs. The company has sold millions of packs of noodles worldwide and have been featured on Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray and all over the news and media.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Pre-show banter

  • [0:01] What Jonathan’s business does at trade shows.
  • [0:08] What’s in the pipeline for Jonathan and Miracle Noodle.
  • [0:31] Some products Miracle Noodle creates.
  • [1:03] The hardest products to source and produce.
  • [1:45] Keeping quality high for all products.
  • [2:41] This highlight of his last trip to Japan.
  • [3:37] Protecting your ideas in the industry.

Outline of the interview

  • [4:42] Jeremy’s introduction of Dr. Jonathan Carp, founder of Miracle Noodle.
  • [4:42] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Dr. Jonathan Carp.
  • [5:20] Who is Dr. Jonathan Carp? Here’s Jeremy’s introduction…
  • [6:00] The lowest point in the business for Jonathan and the proudest moment in the business.
  • [6:57] How to handle obstacles like fulfillment.
  • [7:59] The importance of being upfront with customers when dealing with obstacles.
  • [8:34] The proudest moment for Jonathan.

In this episode…

There are many ups and downs when you start any business. For Dr. Jonathan Carp, dealing with the obstacles he faced with the evolution of Miracle Noodle wasn’t always easy, but he knew it would be worth it. The big question: what was the proudest moment and the lowest point for him with growing the Miracle Noodle business?

For Jonathan, the lowest point came early and it came in the form of fulfillment issues. He explains just how difficult it was to face the reality that he had a month’s worth of orders he wouldn’t be able to fulfill due to supplier issues. Jonathan shares the value of being upfront and honest with customers when dealing with issues like this.

The proudest moments for Miracle Noodle come from the many unsolicited emails and compliments they’ve received. Jonathan shares the impact these emails have had and how they’ve commemorated these important milestones for Miracle Noodle.

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