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Joe Winke is the Founder of 3 companies… Healthy Surprise which is a subscription healthy snack box, The Dirt Personal Care company- which sells high quality personal items,  and Jambo Superfoods company  which is high quality herbal and cannibus infused edibles.

He has been featured by the Wall Street Journal,, and many other

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Preshow Banter

  • [0:01] Joe’s explanation of some interesting things on his Facebook page.

Introduction of this episode

  • [29:56] Jeremy’s introduction of his guest, Joe Winke.
  • [31:17] The lowest point in Joe’s journey as an entrepreneur.
  • [32:02] Lessons learned about pricing products.
  • [46:03] How you can connect with Joe.
  • [46:50] Why Joe describes himself as a “mystic.”

In this episode…

What has been your lowest point in business? If you’re like most entrepreneurs it probably had to do with tough times surrounding lack of sales or lack of profit. Joe Winke’s story is the same. On this episode you can hear how he struggled through his hardest moments, how he dealt with creditors, and the benefit was to be honest about his struggles from the start.

How do you go about pricing your products? It’s not an easy answer to come up with.  When he was building his business, healthy surprise, Joe Winke discovered that one of the biggest mistakes he had made was underpricing what he was offering. There were too many variables and overhead items and his margins were far too low. He got into a financial bind and one of the answers was to increase his pricing while increasing quality at the same time. Hear Joe’s lessons learned and how he made the adjustments on this episode.

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