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Joe Winke is the Founder of 3 companies… Healthy Surprise which is a subscription healthy snack box, The Dirt Personal Care company- which sells high quality personal items,  and Jambo Superfoods company  which is high quality herbal and cannibus infused edibles.

He has been featured by the Wall Street Journal,, and many others.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

Pre-show Banter

  • [0:01]  Joe’s explanations of some intriguing things posted on his Facebook page
  • [12:50] Joe’s travels to Africa.
  • [22:17] The Cannabis business, differences between states.

Introduction to this episode

  • [30:00] Jeremy’s introduction of today’s guest, Joe Winke.
  • [31:55] How Jeremy’s company got the name “Give Me The Dirt.”
  • [35:22] How Joe got started in business and personal development.
  • [39:00] Joe’s thoughts on rising early and getting things done.
  • [42:18] One of Joe’s first business ideas that never got going.
  • [45:00] How Joe wound up in Los Angeles on his first cross country trip.
  • [47:20] How saving up money allowed Joe to get started with his business ideas.
  • [48:33] The beginnings of
  • [1:08:30] The growth pains and adjustments the business had to make.
  • [1:10:24] The next biggest wave of customers: Daily Deals/Flash Deals.
  • [1:13:50] Figuring out the pricing.
  • [1:18:00] How funding actually works when you raise capital for a startup, and the hard lessons Joe learned..
  • [1:23:26] The power of being honest with investors and suppliers when you face hard times.
  • [1:28:10] Pivoting from positioning as  a “grocery” business into a “gift” business.
  • [1:30:19] When vendors started coming to Joe to be a part of what he was doing.
  • [1:32:00] Customer feedback: lessons learned and reactions.
  • [1:34:20] Why Joe thinks his company survived when others haven’t.
  • [1:37:00] Lessons learned about shipping.
  • [1:38:00] The product as a gift: how it works to make that transition.
  • [1:41:33] Joe’s biggest lesson with HealthySurprise: Charge more.
  • [1:44:01] The current space needs for HealthySurprise.
  • [1:49:46] The biggest points of traction for the company.
  • [1:52:30] Endorsements, marketing efforts, and building authority.
  • [1:57:50] How to press forward and get to be the best at what you do.
  • [1:58:10] The creation of and why Joe made the move.
  • [2:08:08] challenges and milestones with JamboSuperfoods from the first sale until now.
  • [2:14:04] Why Jeremy has Skubana as a sponsor.
  • [2:14:56] Joe’s lowest point in business.
  • [2:17:30] Joe’s finest moment.
  • [2:19:20] Why Joe describes himself as a mystic.

In this episode…

Joe Winke is one of those guys who grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His father was a businessman and early on Joe knew he probably would run his own business someday. By the time he finished college he was on his way to California to start a business, even though he didn’t know what it would be. On this episode you were going to hear the story and the many successes and failures that have made his companies the outstanding businesses that they are.

Starting any business is difficult, but bootstrapping it from your own funds is probably the hardest way. So when he has done that with every business he has built, at least at the beginning stages, but is also a pro at navigating the fundraising aspects of a startup. His experiences and stories on this episode will equip you to navigate those waters as well.

A successful business that needed to do better.

Joe Winkes first successful business was, a subscription service that provides healthy snack foods for people who are conscious of putting only the best things into their bodies. The business was doing great, but he knew it could do better. One of the most important steps he took to make that happen with pivoting the way the business was positioned and promoted. Instead of making it about groceries, he decided should be made out to be a gift. That one crucial pivot changed everything. Learn how he did it and why he did it, and how you can do the same when needed in your business. It’s all on this episode.

How do you go about pricing your products? It’s not an easy answer to come up with.  When he was building his business, healthy surprise, Joe Winke discovered that one of the biggest mistakes he had made was underpricing what he was offering. There were too many variables and overhead items and his margins were far too low. He got into a financial bind and one of the answers was to increase his pricing while increasing quality at the same time. Hear Joe’s lessons learned and how he made the adjustments on this episode.

What has been your lowest point in business? If you’re like most entrepreneurs it probably had to do with tough times surrounding lack of sales or lack of profit. Joe Winke’s story is the same. On this episode you can hear how he struggled through his hardest moments, how he dealt with creditors, and the benefit was to be honest about his struggles from the start.

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