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Joanna Wiebe is the Founder and Conversion Copywriter at Copyhackers, as well as the Co-Founder and Head of Growth at Airstory. As the original conversion copywriter with a career that spans almost 15 years, Joanna has worked with incredible companies such as BT, Canva, Glowforge, Prezi, and many more. In addition to writing top-notch copy, Joanna has also coached and advised more than 70,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joanna Wiebe talks about her early influences and role models
  • One of the biggest mistakes Joanna made at the beginning of her copywriting career
  • The secrets behind some of Joanna’s most successful campaigns
  • The one thing people should keep in mind when trying to convert a free trial user into a paid user
  • Why Joanna advises against using Lorem ipsum
  • The tension between copy and design in marketing
  • Powerful questions to pose to your users
  • Some of the lowest points and highest points in Joanna’s personal and professional life

In this episode…

Communication is one of the most important tools that we have as humans. Consequently, words can also be one of the hardest tools to master. That’s why professional copywriters are such an integral part of marketing—without engaging and professional writing, many marketing and advertising attempts would fail.

Joanna Wiebe discovered the value of writing when she dropped out of law school and began to work as a copywriter. At first, Joanna branded herself as a ‘creative writer’ because the title of ‘copywriter’ sounded too banal. However, with time and experience, Joanna began to appreciate and embrace copywriting as her true calling in life. Now, she’s taking the copywriting world by storm with her successful companies, Copyhackers and Airstory.

If you want to learn the best tips and tricks for copywriting and marketing, this episode of Inspired Insider with Dr. Jeremy Weisz is for you! Tune in as Jeremy sits down with Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers and Airstory to discuss her biggest influences, the relationship between design and copy, and her top strategies for engaging users. Joanna’s story is honest and inspiring, and her practical advice for writers and marketers may just change your career.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:13

Today, I’ve been waiting months and months and months and months to have Joanna Wiebe who’s one of the legends of copywriting and direct response marketing. Hey, Joanna. Hey, she is founder of Copyhackers, which helps people write more persuasive, believable and usable copy to boost website and email conversion rates which everyone wants. She’s written No. Okay. And also I want to mention this. There copy hacker bundles have been consumed by over 14,000 startups and they’ve been featured on kissmetrics visual Website Optimizer copyblogger. And many more. She’s written crazy converting copy for some of the biggest names In online marketing like Neil Patel and been invited to speak at events like inbound pro blogger among others, and even tech businesses like Shopify livingsocial unbounce and Asana refer to her books and courses for copy guidance, and to top it all off, mine Valley’s vision makhani calls her one of the world’s greatest copywriters alongside Frank Kern and the late great Jean Schwartz. Joanna, thanks for joining me.

Joanna Wiebe 1:27

Wow, I sound kind of awesome when you just kidding.

Jeremy Weisz 1:34

So what was he referring to when he called you one of the world’s greatest copywriter?

Joanna Wiebe 1:39

Yeah, that was a nice surprise. Right? Mind Valley is an organization that I respect I’ve had a chance to work a little bit with. So that’s been cool. But yeah, he was talking about this, this Facebook course thing. He was pulling together to help small businesses and entrepreneurs, you know, find what they want to do and do it really well. And yeah, so in that he was teaching a bit about copywriting and like encouraging people to write better copy. And that’s when he referenced that he was going to take some of the principles he’s learned from yours truly and Frank Kern and Jean Schwartz. And that’s when he called us all you know, the world’s greatest copywriters. Phenomenal. Yeah,

Jeremy Weisz 2:18

right. And I always like to include a fun fact before we dig in deep because you have some amazing facts and figures with split testing and copywriting fun facts about you. You have several you’ve lived in Japan for a year. You cannot swim. That’s true.

Joanna Wiebe 2:33

It’s not even I can’t even get close to water. I’m so like, petrified is awful.