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Quitting a job with nothing to fall back on is nothing new to Jim Simon and on this episode you’ll hear his story. Jim Simon is co-founder of JimmyBar. He and his sister Annette started the company together. This is his 6th start up and he decided to tackle the obesity epidemic by creating a natural foods company. JimmyBar uses only wholesome ingredients that are gluten free and dairy free – ingredients that people can actually pronounce. Jimmy Bars can be found in Whole Foods, Walgreens, Target, Kroger and many more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:10] Jeremy’s introduction of Jim Simon, creator of JimmyBars.
  • [0:55] Jim’s lowest moment: leaving a great job to run a startup.
  • [2:13] Why it’s not natural to leave a secure job but you do it anyway.
  • [3:40] The proudest moments in the business.
  • [5:33] Jim’s experience working with many family members in his business.

In this episode…

Jim Simon is no stranger to quitting a job. In fact, he says he’s quit a number of good paying jobs in his lifetime to move on to something different. The hardest part is the insecurity that comes from living with next to nothing while things get going with the new business.

What’s it like to quit a secure job to start your own company? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you can hear Jim Simon’s story of how he did just that to create JimmyBars. While it’s not the path everyone should choose, Jim says he’d rather earn $20K per year working for himself than work for someone else for much more. Would you?

The image we often have of what it’s like to run a successful startup involves high profile meetings, money, and news coverage. But the sacrifices it takes to get there should never be underestimated. Jim Simon chats with Jeremy on this episode about the things he had to put on the chopping block to make JimmyBars the success it is.

Most people don’t realize the insecurity that many startup founders live with. During this conversation, Jim Simon mentions the huge pay cut he took to leave his secure job to start JimmyBars. During that portion of the conversation, he and Jeremy joke about how he even had to “pay” the company to employ him.

If you’re sick of your 9 to 5 and have a vision for something better, Jim Simon has an inspirational story to tell, on this episode of Inspired Insider. It involves hard decisions, crazy choices, and the hard work that only a startup founder knows. But you’ll come away with a pretty clear picture of the sacrifices required to make your own company a success.

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