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Jason Myers is a co-founder of Bold Commerce – a software development company that provides industry-leading eCommerce solutions for the world’s most innovative brands. With a team of over 250 professionals who live and breathe ecommerce – Bold Commerce is making a significant contribution to the ecommerce marketplace. 


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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [0:35] Jeremy welcomes his guest, Jason Myers. 
  • [2:50] Jason talks about the apps they’ve developed at Bold Commerce. 
  • [6:15] How often do Jason and his team host hackathons? What are they like? 
  • [8:30] Focusing on a healthy company culture. 
  • [11:50] What is the builder’s code? 
  • [14:20] How did Jason meet and partner with his co-founders? 
  • [17:10] What is the hiring process like at Bold Commerce? 
  • [19:25] Creating customer solutions. 
  • [25:00] A proud business moment for Jason. 

In this episode…

How do you develop and nurture a healthy company culture? Does it come from the top-down, mission statements, or something completely different? How do you encourage a healthy company culture without mandating it? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader, Jason Myers. In his conversation with Jeremy, Jason opens up about the apps developed at Bold Commerce, why they sponsor “Hack-a-thons,” how they’ve created a healthy company culture, and much more. You’ll want pen and paper ready as you dive into this fascinating episode featuring Jason’s story!

When was the last time you were truly impressed by an organization’s culture? We are not talking about the vending machines, the dog-friendly work-environment, or beer on tap but the deep-rooted company culture. Let’s face it – even if a business looks fun to work for – that doesn’t mean that the culture is healthy! A healthy culture occurs when team members act in the same positive way when their leader is present as they do when they are absent. You don’t drift into healthy company culture – you have to prioritize it and fight for it!

Many leaders teach that culture starts from the top. When it comes to the creation of a business – you’ll find that the culture often takes on the traits of the founder or in Bold Commerce’s case – the founders. Bold Commerce prides itself on its healthy company culture is because the four founders have a robust and positive working relationship. You can’t have disfunction at the top of an organization and hope that it won’t spread! How would you describe the culture at your company? Where can it improve? 

What is the legacy that you’ll leave behind? Were you able to accomplish great and worthwhile achievements in your career? Did you build something that will last beyond your lifetime? Too often, business leaders get so focused on making their idea a reality that they fail to see how their actions are impacting those around them. Jason and the leaders at Bold Commerce are hyper-aware to the needs and abilities of their team.  He says the proudest moment in his career is witnessing how his organization has provided stability for his employees. What can you learn from Jason’s story? 

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