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Jason Boyce is coFounder of They sell home recreational products including basketball hoops, game tables, fitness equipment, and much more. He has over 13 years of e-commerce experience and started in 2002 with his 3 brothers. They have over 10,000 products on their site with 100K skus in queue.





After completing his Finance degree at Cal State Northridge, Jason Boyce gained valuable management experience as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. After leaving the Marine Corps, Jason worked as a sales person at Johnson & Johnson. In 2002, Jason co-founded and has been its CEO since 2004.

Founded by four brothers – Ari, Jason, Elan and Josh – in May of 2002, began as a modest basketball hoop internet retailer. Born around the family dinner table and initially headquartered in Ari’s small downtown L. A. apartment, now offers over 5,000 products, an extremely high level of customer service, and some of the finest home recreational goods brands in the world.

As natives of Los Angeles, the boys loved playing outdoors almost year-round and shared some of their most memorable bonding experiences on the court. Quality family time often meant an afternoon shooting hoops or taking in a game together. So when Ari first conceived of selling hoops online, he envisioned a company that would reflect his passion for basketball. Jason, then completing his last months as a Marine, found himself immediately thrilled by the idea and was the first of the four to join Ari in his pursuit. They enlisted the help of talented youngest brother Josh. Josh, then only a junior in high school, designed and built the very first website, Shortly after the launch of, Elan left his position at Nike to join the family business and expanded the company’s focus to include a Game Table category. With a widening selection, and the combined passion and expertise of its four founders, took shape. The unique name (pronounced DAZZ-uh-dee) is a combination of the word “audacity” (meaning bold or daring) and “tzadik” (the Hebrew word for a righteous person).

The Dazadi story continues to be about family. The company is still helmed by Jason, Elan and Josh. These days, Dazadi offers much more than just basketball hoops and game tables. We offer an incredible selection of expertly curated products from bicycles to swimming pools; from treadmills to jukeboxes. We’ve got you covered from the front yard to the back. As the official Home of Awesome, our goal is to make your yard, game room or family dinner table the place where great memories are shared.

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