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Jai Rawat is a successful serial entrepreneur and an investor, advisor, and mentor to several startups. Jai has over 24 years of industry experience and has a track record and deep passion for creating exceptional online consumer products. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Zinrelo. Jai is also a charter member of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and sits on the advisory boards of several companies. He has received several awards and recognition for his contributions.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:45] Jeremy welcomes his guest, Jai Rawat.
  • [1:20] Why did Jai start Zinrelo?
  • [3:00] Where did the name Zinrelo come from? Who is the ideal customer?
  • [5:00] The best practices for companies using Zinrelo.
  • [7:00] Jai talks about his experience with startups.
  • [8:30] Seizing an opportunity to leverage social media.
  • [10:00] Future plans and how to connect with Zinrelo.
  • [11:00] Jai talks about his background and why he came to America.   

In this episode…

How do you jumpstart and breath new life into a dated and often neglected concept like loyalty rewards? Is there a way to make this old tool relevant again? What role does social media engagement have to play when it comes to loyalty rewards? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Jai Rawat as he opens up about his career and the work he is doing at his most recent startup, Zinrelo. In his conversation with Jeremy, Jai talks about his background with startups, how he seized the opportunity to leverage social media, who the perfect client is for Zinrelo, and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Jai!

Have you been able to marry your skills with your passion? What did that look like for you? How have you built your passion into the day to day responsibilities of your career? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Jai Rawat as he goes over his passion and skill for creating new and exciting startups. While the journey hasn’t always been easy, Jai loves to find a missing service or product in the marketplace and find a way to address it with an innovative solution. To hear more about Jai’s background and what he’s done to build a successful career around his passions, make sure to listen to this powerful episode!

When was the last time you saw a missing product or service in the marketplace that you knew would take off if you could find a solution? What does it take to identify and exploit those opportunities to your advantage? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Jai Rawat as he reveals how he identified how social media could be leveraged to help businesses engage with their target audience. For too often, Jai saw that businesses were missing the critical aspect of consumer to consumer interactions and impressions on social media and he decided that he’d create a way for businesses to break into this important channel. To hear more about Zinrelo and how they’ve been able to provide an intriguing solution to consumer engagement, make sure to listen to this episode!

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