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Jack Bergman is founder of Allied Business Network (ABN) that has helped over 300,000 businesses since 1997 get steep discounts on anything from office supplies to car rentals using their collective buying power.




What will you learn in this interview?
– What was it like at a time when Jack felt overwhelmed and unproductive?
– What are the tactics he uses in order to be productive and systematized?
– What other tools or software does he use to stay organized and on track?
– How did he grow his business into the largest Business Discount Network in the country?
– What was the biggest challenge?
– What was the lowest point in his business?


Over the past 30+ years, Jack Bergman has worked with national business supply and service providers to negotiate corporate discounts for small to medium sized businesses of a variety of industries including travel, office supplies, technology, promotional products, and many others.

His specialties include: Building and continuing to enhance multiple business models to help small and medium sized businesses lower their total expenses. He also specializes in negotiating corporate contracts within a business to business environment.

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