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Quality Control matters tremendously to Matt Geddie and is what has set Skinny and Company apart in a very crowded market. Matt is the co-founder of Skinny and Company. Skinny and Company produces Coconut Oil products that have their origin in the jungles of Vietnam. They bootstrapped the company to over $800K in revenue per year and have a special patent pending technology on how they extract the coconut oil.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Introduction of Matt Geddie and his coconut oil product line.
  • [3:08] What Matt saw that told him existing coconut oil products could be improved.
  • [12:24] The biggest skeptic Matt’s company has been able to turn around.
  • [18:10] What worked for sales early on and what works now.
  • [20:40] Some of the surprising sites that gave great traction.
  • [24:10] How Matt plans the content he’s producing to fuel the content marketing machine.
  • [28:04] How the team determines what customer requests to explore.
  • [36:23] The biggest sales ever for Skinny and Company: $200K in 3 days.
  • [47:20] Challenges with retail sales.
  • [53:27] Specific challenges of e commerce Matt highlights.
  • [1:05:06] Understanding the game makes it possible to make a profit.
  • [1:09:19] How Matt and the team financed this bootstrapped company.
  • [1:11:23] The first employees that were hired and how they navigated the process.
  • [1:15:35] The sales channels and process of building a sales department.
  • [1:21:06] The struggles of setting up the first factory and production facility.
  • [1:24:25] Matt’s lowest and proudest moments.
  • [1:23:00] How Matt and his team leveraged a trade show for massive success.
  • [1:30:04] Why “Skinny” in the name?

In this episode…

Quality Control is almost a buzzword in business – but it’s a buzzword for a reason. It matters more than almost anything. That’s the mantra you’ll hear from Matt Geddie over and over. Quality Control matters so much to Matt that he’s ensured that every step of the production process for Skinny and Company products is something the company directly controls. No freelancers. No contractors. Skinny and Company handles every step.

On this episode of Inspired Insider Matt Geddie shares the journey he and his family have been on to bootstrap Skinny and Company and build THE dominant brand in a very crowded market. Coconut oil and coconut products have become all the rage and Matt knew that in order to become the powerhouse they wanted to be they’d have to do something different. When he discovered that the quality of most coconut products was way below what it should be, he made quality control the first order of business.

When a market is as crowded as the coconut oil market is, you’ve got to have something very clear that sets you apart from the competition. For the team at Skinny and Company, it became clear almost immediately that they could make their mark by making the very best coconut oil in existence. That meant that they had to take control of areas most companies outsource. It was the right move and the rest is history. With over $900K a year in sales, Skinny and Company is taking over the market in just under 3 years.

Most companies that grow to the size of Skinny and Company within a relatively short period of time as they have, do so on the back of investment or seed funding. But consistent with their different approach to business Matt Geddie and his family have funded the venture entirely on their own, bootstrapping the whole thing from the beginning. You can hear their story and the way they’ve leveraged their success every step of the way to keep the company growing on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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