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Ido Leffler is Cofounder and “Chief Carrot Lover” of Yes To. Yes To Products (Yes To Carrots, Cucumbers and Tomatoes) are sold today in over 28,000 retail points in 24 countries. Yes To is the #2 natural beauty brand in the US and can be found in Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, Kroger, Bed Bath and Beyond, & Whole foods, to name a few.

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What will you learn in this interview with Ido Leffler from YesToCarrots?
-What was a major crisis Ido thought would kill the company?
-What would he well up with tears thinking about?
-What is the problem with growing too big, too fast?
-What great advice did he get that helped him tremendously that was from his wife?

Ido Leffler is absolutely obsessed with The West Wing.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Get Big Fast and Do More Good: Start Your Business, Make It Huge, and Change the World

A little background about Ido Leffler:

Ido Leffler is an award-winning social entrepreneur, investor, author and co-founder of Yes To Inc. (the makers of Yes To Carrots, Yes To Cucumbers, Yes To Tomatoes, and Yes To Blueberries). He is known as the “Orange Man” who wears orange every single day since he established the company. Ido attended the University of Technology Sydney and earned his Bachelor of Business in International Business, Management and Marketing.

Yes To is one of the fastest growing skincare companies in the world and leading natural beauty brands in the world with succeeding distribution in over 28,000 stores in over 25 countries (including Target, Wal-Mart, Safeway, Walgreens, Whole Foods Market, Sephora Europe, and other global retail chains). Yes To is the # 2 natural brand in the USA and growing which is known for its unique natural products, values and social outreach.

Background about the book Get Big Fast and Do More Good:
Get Big Fast and Do More Good is a guide to modern entrepreneurship and accelerated brand-building from the founders of Yes To Inc, the company behind the breakthrough natural beauty brand Yes to Carrots.

Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish, two 29-year-old Australians with very different back­grounds and skills, cofounded their company in 2006 with little more than a dream—and made it big. Yes to Carrots has become one of the biggest natural beauty brands in the world and is one of the fastest-growing skincare brands. Leffler and Kalish have accom­plished it all while maintaining solid principles, investing in meaningful business relation­ships, giving back to the community, and still making it home in time for dinner.

The authors started their business with nothing but chutzpah and great instincts for products with potential. They’ve since made lots of great decisions and some really, really bad ones, and are ready to share their hard-won secret to success: a strong, resilient, trust­ing partnership coupled with a great sense of humor.

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