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Heath Squier is the master food formulator and CEO of Julian Bakery, which is a company that develops and sells “transitional” Paleo foods

Products include Paleo and Primal Products like Paleo Protein Bars®. Paleo Wraps, Paleo Cereal, Paleo Chocolate and more! they are grain-free, gluten free, GMO-Free.

Heath learned the benefits of using vitamins and whole foods from his mother, Barbara who is a certified nutritionist who founded the original Julian Bakery in the 1990.

By combining his background running tech companies with his parents’ brick-and-mortar business, Heath has grown Julian Bakery into a worldwide brand.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:45] Jeremy’s introduction of Heath Squier of Julian Bakery.
  • [1:35] Fun facts about Heath.
  • [2:47] An overview of the supplements Heath takes daily.
  • [5:40] Some of Julian Bakery’s best sellers.
  • [7:32] The evolution of the Julian Bakery protein bars.
  • [10:27] The most popular bar and how they develop various flavors.
  • [13:38] What’s the best method to get the bars out to the masses?
  • [14:45] The first foods carried by whole foods.
  • [16:05] Creating kid-friendly products.
  • [16:50] Some advantages and disadvantages of being in Whole Foods.
  • [19:36] Some online strategies to sell products and what’s worked for Julian Bakery.
  • [21:16] How do you stand out in a very saturated market?
  • [21:57] Some milestones for Julian Bakery.
  • [24:17] Heath discusses the Julian Bakery social media strategy.
  • [27:51] Some mistakes he sees people making in eCommerce.
  • [31:33] How Heath’s family approached nutrition while he was growing up.
  • [39:53] Some of the biggest challenges of the business growing really fast.
  • [42:21] Some of the milestones they hit after Heath took over in 2009.
  • [45:56] Heath discusses some Paleo experts he follows.
  • [48:30] Another big milestone Julian Bakery hit after Heath took over.
  • [50:41] A few of the roadblocks they’ve hit along the way.
  • [55:07] The value of delegating and the impact it makes.
  • [56:08] Software recommendations for ecommerce.
  • [1:04:58] The proudest moment for Heath.
  • [1:06:42] The goals of the company.

In this episode…

A focus on nutrition has been a part of Heath’s life for as long as he can remember. Heath’s mother, Barbara, is a certified nutritionist and the original founder of Julian Bakery. He carried on the tradition by taking over the company after his mother’s retirement and focused on growing the business into a worldwide brand. Today. Julian Bakery products can be found in large and small health food stores around the world.

Heath discusses the process of taking over the company and how he’s managed to grow the business so much in such a short time. He talks about the influences of his background in tech companies combined with his parents’ brick and mortar approach, and how that truly allowed Julian Bakery to flourish.

Heath offers insight into his own daily regimen of supplements and the role nutrition plays in maintaining optimum health. He believes in practicing what he preaches and setting an example for everyone around him, especially his young daughter. Heath talks about the influence his daughter has had on the creation of kid-friendly products, including pancakes and kid’s protein bars, and why it’s important to give them health food that’s disguised as “junk food” to keep kids happy and healthy.

Heath goes on to share the growth of the company from being in 20 stores to 40 stores to being a global brand, and the importance of the partnership they have with Whole Foods. He also talks about the value of having solid online strategies in place to grow an ecommerce brand and why you need to constantly work to refine your strategy.

In closing, Heath shares the highs and lows of the growth of Julian Bakery, some lessons he’s learned along the way, and some advice that can help other ecommerce businesses grow. He also talks about his proudest moment: seeing his daughter enjoy the products and knowing she’s eating healthy.

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