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Greg Mercer is the founder of the  software Jungle Scout which allows you to quickly and easily perform product research on Amazon. And Review Kick which helps people quickly and easily get reviews for their amazon products. In addition, Greg  generates revenues in excess of $400K per month by selling products on Amazon..

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:01] Greg Mercer’s travels over the past years.
  • [1:16] The hardest part about running a business virtually while on the road.
  • [3:09] How Greg runs his Amazon business.
  • [4:56] Jeremy’s introduction of Jeremy.
  • [5:38] The lowest points Greg has had (mentally).
  • [7:14] One of Greg’s proudest moments.
  • [8:00] Greg’s favorite success story of a Jungle Scout user.
  • [9:37] How to connect with Greg.

In this episode…

For anyone who is involved in the e commerce space on the Amazon sales platform, Jungle Scout has become almost a household name. It’s creator, Greg Mercer, is a very successful Amazon Private Label business owner himself, so his insights into the kind of functionality and features that the software package needs comes from his personal experience.

The incredible success of Jungle Scout is a testament to the success of the Amazon sales platform and the many people who are working to create their own e commerce business using its tools and advantages. Greg is like most ultra successful entrepreneurs: he saw the demand, found a very legitimate need, then figured out how to meet it in a way that provides great value to customers and a good return to him as the creator.

Be sure you listen to this great episode. Greg shares his lowest moment on his entrepreneurial journey as well as his highest or most encouraging moment. He also talks about the struggles and difficulties of working and living on the road as he travels the world.

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