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Jeff Jordan is the General Manager of the Fazer U.S team, a 129-year-old international family-owned company out of Finland that specializes in making some of the world’s best confectionery. Jeff led Fazer’s U.S team to the successful launch of the Nordi brand of chocolates into the U.S market. Nordi is a premium brand of chocolate inspired by the Nordics.



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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [0:41] Jeremy introduces his guest, the Nordi team led by Jeff Jordan
  • [1:43] What is special about the Nordi brand of chocolate?
  • [3:16] The taste of the unique flavors 
  • [3:46] Where to find the more about Nordi
  • [4:51] What’s exciting about Nordi coming to the U.S?

In this episode…

Have you ever experienced the taste of sea buckthorn and salty caramel flavored chocolate? Nordi chocolate is “made with wonder in Finland”, and there is a buzz around this company. For Jeff Jordan and the Nordi U.S team, it’s about putting a breath of new energy and life into the premium dark chocolate category. 

Nordi is not just another brand of chocolate. What is special about it? This week, Jeff Jordon, Majlen Fazer, and the Nordi team talk about its 100% sustainable ingredients, its non-GMO verified status, health benefits, and the new recipes behind its unique flavors. Learn more about Nordi in the U.S by following the links below. 

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Episode Transcript


Dr. Jeremy wise here we’re here live at the Sweet and Snack Show and I’m here with Nordi What I love about your guys’ tagline is “crafted with wonder in Finland”. So talk about a little bit the origins of the company.


Nordi Team  0:54  

so Fazer is 128 year old company based in Finland Bonta, Finland, and they make some of the best confection products in the world, certainly in the region. They’re number one in the region producing some of the greatest chocolate confections. There are. And the idea was to bring that passion and wonder of Finland to the United States in a very meaningful, relevant way. And hence, we developed the Nordi brand, which talks to the US consumer, and we’re allowed to bring this wonderful brand of Fox or to the United States.


Jeremy Weisz  1:30  

So talk about some of the popular products. I’m holding the Hazel campsite coffee, it looks like there’s a camps I should be eating this chocolate bar here. Talk about the popular products. Yes.


Nordi Team  1:43  

So the Nordi has, every chocolate tap would have something or bar has something special from Nordic Region. So we have kind of combined something that is very popular here in the United States, but then also with that Nordic twist. So for example, We have a sea buckthorn, which is one of the superfood berries, you know what we have now put together with a salted caramel. And it has a lot of vitamins in it. So there’s a healthy aspect on all these tap bars. And of course, I cannot be mentioning that, you know, this is 100% system, a sustainable source cocola that we’re using in our products. So we work with the partners, but then also like fair trade, but then also via own programs, and then it’s non GMO project verified. So there’s a lot of these good things happening here, of course with a beautiful and ingredients. And then we have also sea buckthorn it’s one of the key things and then finish locker it’s a so it’s something that liquid is very big in Nordic See, yes. So we both we know how to do the Lakers so we put the best Lakers in the in the world into the dark chocolate together with a raspberry This is delicious. So we bring something new to the market. What


Jeremy Weisz  3:03  

I love about it is these are very unique flavors like the sea buckthorn I’ve actually never heard of before. So how would you describe the taste of that? It’s a salty coma karma with a two,


Nordi Team  3:16  

two sea buckthorn. It’s quite, quite intense. But together with our chocolate, and of course, salty caramel, he knew it makes the perfect combination. But it’s something to do to where the face thing so you can kind of a taste yourself and get the feeling of Nordics.


Jeremy Weisz  3:36  

We’re show up where can people get Oh,


Unknown Speaker  3:39  

yes, so.


Nordi Team  3:46  

So today we’re going to be sold in fairway market in New York. That will be happening in the next week, and building out the New York market and then into the New England retailers as well and we’re going to be sold in two Major, especially distributors of k e and un ephi that is happening right now. So, so the product is available that is all over the country that is available.


Jeremy Weisz  4:10  

And where can people find out online when that they want to check out more information? It is the Yep, for


Nordi Team  4:22  

cocoa we have more information about our sustainability growth program, and how do we source the cocoa. So that’s where you can find more information about that and fight we have the also the Nordi brands so you can go and check out the more about brands, and of course, Instagram, Facebook. So please and check out check out our our brand there too. What


Jeremy Weisz  4:44  

else should we tell people about Nordi that’s exciting, coming to the US.


Nordi Team  4:51  

So there’s a tremendous amount of excitement for this brand, I think. I think a brand like ours really breathes some new energy and life into a pretty fun Fabulous category of premium chocolate and dark chocolate and United States has come a long way in the past 20 years. The US consumer really enjoys it. And there was a change that took place in this market starting 20 years ago. And now we’re bringing some new and wonderful recipes and to breathe some new life and energy into a category that could probably benefit from that such as sea buckthorn, such as our raspberry licorice. Our customers, we had very good feedback from our customer retailers. They’re ready for items like that for something new and different in the tablet category. Very cool.


Jeremy Weisz  5:36  

Everyone check it out. Nordi they have amazing flavors and thank you so much.