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Eric Tong is coFounder of Tech Armor which  is a leading manufacturer of mobile device accessories like phone Chargers, Glass Screen Protectors and protective cases. Eric cut his teeth in business rising to VP of the Asia Pacific region of Belkin over the course of 15 years and cofounded 2 previous companies. Tech Armor has sold over 7 million devices through leading e-commerce partners like Amazon, ebay , Newegg and many more.   




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:42] Jeremy’s introduction of Eric Tong, co-founder of Tech Armor.
  • [1:57] The best actionable tips Eric shares with e-commerce vendors.
  • [2:45] The power of being thoughtful of your customer’s experience with your products.
  • [3:10] Surround yourself with great people.

In this episode…

Eric Tong and his co-founder Joe Jaconi have built the Tech Armor brand from the ground up… and from the very beginning they had two things in mind:

#1 – Excellent products backed by a lifetime guarantee.

#2 – Outstanding customer service.

Over the years of their success and as the company has grown, they’ve never veered away from those foundational principles. They believe that those two along have shaped the direction and success of what Tech Armor has become.

On this episode of Inspired Insider you’re going to hear Eric Tong’s succinct, powerful advice about what e-commerce companies should do to make sure that they stand out from the pack and ensure their ongoing success, even in crowded markets or niches. It’s advice learned from years of experience and a phenomenal success.

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