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Today we have Elliot Moskow co-founder of Pricefalls, LLC where he currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Pricefalls employs a subscription-based model for online retailers and has been growing rapidly. They have raised over $4million in venture funding and has received coverage by FOX Business, Forbes, The Chicago Sun Times, and TechCrunch.

Elliot graduated in May 2010 from Bates College majoring in Economics and in June 2013 from Lee Business School with his MBA. He is currently enrolled in the Evening Program at the William S. Boyd School of Law.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:45] Jeremy introduces his guest, Elliot Moskow.
  • [1:15] How Price Falls started.
  • [2:40] Elliot talks about how his father influenced him.
  • [3:40] Common mistakes among ecommerce leaders.
  • [4:30] How to boost sales.
  • [4:50] Price Falls’ biggest success so far.
  • [5:10] The importance of valuing your customer base.
  • [5:40] Building brand recognition.
  • [6:10] Proudest moment for Elliot so far.

In this episode…

Wouldn’t it be great to get some inside information on how to boost sales and better position your business for success? Look no further! On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from Elliot Moskow as he shares one key lesson that will help you boost sales and increase your business growth. From Elliot’s perspective, it’s all about dynamic pricing. He encourages business leaders to really take a look at their pricing model and consider how they can optimize their price for maximum profitability. If you’d like to hear Elliot expand on this topic and explain how his company helps leaders explore viable solutions, make sure to listen to this episode!

What does it look like to take on industry giants like Amazon and Ebay? Is it even feasible to launch such an ambitious endeavor? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and disruptor, Elliot Moskow. Elliot and his team at Price Falls are presenting an alternative take on ecommerce and challenging household names like Ebay and Amazon. If you’d like to hear how Price Falls started and the awesome efforts they are engaged with that have the potential to change the ecommerce industry, make sure to catch this episode!

When it comes to small business startups, every bit of early support is vital. For business leader Elliot Moskow, that early supporter was his father, a serial entrepreneur himself. Elliot points to his father as a great example he had growing up who instilled a solid work ethic and championed his early efforts with Price Falls. One of the biggest lessons he learned from his father early on is the importance of building upon small advantages and taking deliberate steps toward an end goal that makes sense. If you’d like to hear more of Elliot’s story and how early support from people like his father helped propel Price Falls to success, don’t miss this episode of Inspired Insider!

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