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Jeremy Weisz 5:42

read it at one point of what it was, and it was just amazing what he did. I’m gonna pull it up. It was like,

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it was like, you know, you could die out there type thing. And he did that. He also was the fastest he he. I had him on my podcast years ago, and I need to get him back on. He’s a co-founder of 29029. The ever seen event that Jesse Itzler himself, Mr. COTELLIC have done and they just, they just partnered and sold. To accompany that I gotta get this straight to know that I’m doing podcasting. Again, Jeremy, I should get all my details in order, but I can text them all find out. But anyhow, when I was climbing, 29029 My first time we were in Vermont at Stratton Mountain. It was like one in the morning. I was climbing with Jesse Itzler, Nick in like a really good group of like five guys and they were heading in I think after they’re good. I think it was like 17 a sense, a sense meaning you go up the mountain, you take the gondola down, you do it within a 36 hour period. And you have to get 17 A sense that was at Vermont, which Stratton Mountain, the one I just did in Utah, he was 15 cents, you know, I might be I might be a little wrong on some of it. But my first time ever doing it was a new experience for me. And I mentally wanted to get like past the halfway point. So that would have been a would have put me at just under the halfway point, but nine would have put me over the halfway point. Right laps in each lap is the night we have been climbing from like six in the morning or something. No, actually, that one started at 3pm. So 3pm, who’s not like two in the morning, and the weather changes so crazily in the Australian mountain one like where it’s like hot and then in the evening you got snow and fog and cold winds and just changes very rapidly. I’m actually wearing my 29029 Swag right now in my golf hat, right. So anyhow, so by the gondolas were they had to shut down because of the when and so there was a truck up there waiting for us so instead that like the the aid kit to grab something to eat or drink real quick, and I was so in my head debating on do I do one more, do I not do one more, do more. And you know, when you’re suffering on those last, like 20 minutes climb the mountain in the day was taking me like 55 minutes. And that last mountain climb probably took me like an hour and 10 so the justification of going in the tent and sleep is like, well, I’ll be faster tomorrow. Bla bla bla, um, and so I get them out. I get I got in the car. And we were waiting for one more climber that we could see actually, I should use it. We were waiting. For one more climber that was running up, they grab some food aid station jump in. Well, it turns out it was Conan O’Brien. And I didn’t know Khan really that well. Other than that he was he hold world records. He’s amazing. Super nice guy. I mean, that was evident from the first second I met him, him his wife just actually, uh, summited Everest this year. They have an amazing story on that. So I mean, just like, um, and then I think like, last last year, he rode. He rode with, like three other dudes across the most dangerous waters. I mean, you know, the guys like, you’re, you’re like us, like, You’re real. He’s, you’re really, you know, he’s amazing, right? So he’s in the car with me, it’s me and him alone with the driver. And now we got 20 minutes together to go drive. It’s bumping. And I’m sitting there and we’re talking back and forth. And I said, Yeah, man, I’m just trying to decide whether or not I stick it out enough for one more and he was great. He’s like, Well, no matter how you feel right now, you’re gonna be a lot happier when you wake up tomorrow morning. You got one more end because now you’re past the halfway point mentally. And he was right right. So that he that was like our moments ago. But we had also then in the next day, I climbed together for a little bit. And I said, Well, man, I go, like you’re just flying through this thing. This this has to be easy for you. And he made this comment, go back to your comment, Jeremy, and then we tell everyone. And he said, I feel pain just like everybody else. You know, it’s hard for me too. Now the difference is that he has work capacity built up, he has muscle memory built up, and he has some experience or wisdom, earn experience wasn’t built up that that I’m still learning and developing. But it’s not. It’s unfair to him to say it’s easy. It’s just that he’s gotten so used to going too hard more often, that he’s built up that that muscle memory of Oh, I’m just in that bad place where my muscles are telling me to stop. This is not a big deal. I’m just gonna keep going. Like for him, he just starts processing that stuff differently. Now, there’s a physical component to it on how they process lactic acid and how his blood oxygen age probably better than people that are not in shape or having done that. But the reality is, is like, I think people quit too early because they go, Oh, well, you’ve done that that’s easy for you or it’s hard. And then that becomes like a blockage. You know, it’s hard. Well, fuck yeah, it’s hard. I mean, you know, that’s, that’s why we do it. But I was listening. I told my wife this, I’m gonna do a separate podcast on this today. My, my other on my show. Denzel Washington when he was he, I have this new thing I do like an Instagram where like, when I go on Instagram, and I see like cool clips, all my kids are old enough now because they’re on Instagram, like my four oldest. So when I see cool clips, I get to tag them on it and leave a note. And so I just want to yesterday’s one was Denzel Washington, when he received something was like, you know, it takes you got to get started. And it takes commitment. And then it takes tenacity. And if you never get started, you’ll never you’ll never persevere, you’ll never achieve your goals. And then he said, there’s one line, Jeremy, that’s so beautiful. He said, I want to make sure I got this. He said, I screencapture because I was talking to my wife about this this morning. Ease is a greater threat than hardship. Ease like in our society today not to go on a rant, because this is supposed to be a business call talking about how awesome Rise25 is, and how Jeremy has always produced our podcast, and I have another podcast and start with somebody else. And he’s supposed to be the mentor here on this one, which he is. But I just wanted to share this quick little note. Because I think right now our society has fallen into the like, how do we seek the easy pill, whether literally or figuratively, and our social media platforms and our Netflix platforms have done such an amazing job at making us so addicted to consuming other people’s visions, and other people’s desert like, you know, like we’re seeking that dopamine hit from elsewhere. And this is something we’re working on, we got to work on ourselves, but you just inspiring man. So I challenge Jeremy, he’s got to go that he said May, which is like nine months from now. And I was like 30 days, man, I believe we can do it like the mate may never comes. And let’s let’s do that. I promise you, we’re gonna do a podcast and 31 days after we accomplish your goal, even if it’s modified, but it will be like we’ll call it a training run. It’ll be amazing. You’ll get my button gear too.

Jeremy Weisz 13:15

And just to give people context, when Ed said, a golf body, whatever I go at, I live in a golf body that is my body. And so one of my goals was to and I watched Ed go through this journey through Kokoro, which, which I don’t know is probably one of the hardest things to do for sure. And I’ve heard just ultra marathon runners, triathletes, they say this is the heart when they did the Kokoro they said it was the hardest thing they’ve ever done. And I watch a train and I’m like, Listen, I’m gonna do I’m gonna commit to doing a Murph and I can do maybe two pull ups in a row. So I like embracing the tough and, and the things that I am not good at. And so I said, Well, I’ll do it in May. And I’m going to train and it’s like, well, 30 days, 30 days, you know, and I’m like, Okay, well, let’s, let’s see what happens. And I’m willing to commit to that. And

Ed O’Keefe 14:13

things thing that I just said to Jeremy was like, hey, look, I mean, we could literally human I could do right now. Like, we can go to my backyard and do it. And there’s no shame in modifying things. And if your goal is like, well, I did Murph, or I did whatever workout or do whatever thing and I modified it like so the first time I did a marathon, I didn’t consider myself a runner. It was right after college, and I was a volleyball player. And I was listening to like a Tony Robbins thing. And he said, whatever your belief system is that you think you’re not, then you have to like, you have to flip it and do the opposite. The only way you can break that barriers to is to experience something. And so I was like, okay, cool. I don’t think I’m a runner, so I don’t run. So I’m going to go run a marathon so I sent it for a marathon. And so when I was researching like training methods, the method that that really was like allowing me to kind of, you know, like, like in training is very much like, you know, like going from not doing pull ups to like, I’m gonna do a Murph in some ways you’re setting yourself up for failure because it’s such a, it’s such a leap. However,

Jeremy Weisz 15:21

so I said May and so 30 days.

Ed O’Keefe 15:24

However, however, that’s that’s not a bad thing. Um, but so so what helped me a lot with the train for the marathon was like, Hey, there’s this guy’s protocol, I should, I should know what it is, where it’s like, a run X amount of minutes. And then you walk for a minute, or run X amount of minutes, walk for a minute, and you could break that down. If that’s run one, walk one, run one, walk one, and you’re building up the mental capacity to do that over time. That is still a victory. And then in Jeremy was really interesting about that, when it got to my marathon, I didn’t walk once, like, I just I wasn’t fast. I mean, that’s at this point, not totally accurate. Like, I mean, stop and go and water in the bathroom, I walk different times, but but I never felt the need to walk. I kept the pace that I trained for. And I felt good about it. And I believe that too. And I think he Kokoro was challenging for on a lot of levels. And I think really, the reason why people quit more than physical cap capabilities is the and if you talk to anybody who’s ever been in the teams, I’m almost embarrassed talking about this, because I Yes, it’s like, because if anyone knows, the Kokoro Camp is a mini Hell Week experience around 52 hours long, designed by Commander Mark Devine, there’s there it was, it was probably one of the ultimate Pinnacle experiences in my life. And when people ask me that, like I, former friend of mine, that former friend, a friend of mine, who is out of the teams, and he’s asked me, Well, why did you do that? So they have some, some similar programs, but not the same? And I said, Really, I did it because it scared the hell out of me. I did it because I couldn’t get out of my head. Um, can I do it or not? Like, do I have what it takes? Like, those core questions are definitely like, the core of your inadequacy. And your, your, your you’re, like, you know, like the ultimate failure of me as a man of an athlete of how tough Am I like, it can all get exposed. But the opposite of that’s always also true, which is what drew me to that which was, I think the other party is wanting to do Murph as you know, inherently you can do it. Like it’s in your it’s in your, your primal senses, I can do that I can be, I can go do that. And Mark Devine always uses the phrase of like, you will meet a part of you that you’ve never met that before. And Jeremy, I’ve met a part of me many times during Murph that I’ve never met before. I mean, some of my most spiritual experiences have happened by training, doing merch, which I’ll leave to a different I want you to have your own experience with merch, so I won’t share those. Um, there were things about two, nine to nine. Ever seen event that were harder, much harder than my experience in Corel. And I think time in time in passing work, probably six years ago, my memory may fade, and some of the difficulty that was going through it, but um, and then there’s things in parenting and raising kids that are more difficult, like I got some things in Kokoro. Like the cast, I thought it was easy because I was like, I grew up in a family of 13. I have seven children, my kitchen is more chaotic than this. Like, I mean, they’re trying to like, you know, kind of take you out of your, like part of your part of your car as you’re getting trained by Navy SEALs, and they’re, they’re beating you down and they’re yelling, crappy years, there’s none of that stuff bother me. There was only one part that bothered me you want to hear otherwise. I’ll tag this.

Tag this coach in this because he was such an amazing trainer, and he scared me to death. I’m Mark Curtis, who runs a training program now on running, like how to run and he’s an amazing guy. He took a total quiet approach and was just murderous. His soft way of scaring the hell out of that. The loud guy Chris Smith, who’s a friend of mine, I’ll tag him on this too. You knew you just were dealing with fire when he came blazing in and but I loved him to death like I wanted to be in that presence. Couple other guys I want to mention they’re going to come to me

Jeremy Weisz 19:54

guys, you’re looking at that and I’m just gonna say us thing we were gonna say Um I pulled as you think of those people and you can pull them up I pulled up Colin O’Brady for people want to check him out Calm, calm, ColinO’ slash about and you could read about him but it says two world records broken just to just to give context that this is who I was talking about and climbing with but he conquered the explorers Grand Slam in a world shattering record sharing 139 days some of the tallest peak and each of the seven continents including Mount Everest and skied the last degree to the north and south poles, fewer than 50 people ever completed, completed this staggering achievement, and only for in under a year. So that’s just there’s many more things on this page that make him pretty remarkable, but that’s just one. One piece.

Ed O’Keefe 20:52

Yeah, so he’s amazing. Colin O’Brady. I don’t know who the hell Colin O’Brien is. So I don’t know where that came from. I come from an Irish neighborhood. Everyone’s like, Oh, hey, so Marcus Green, who was one of my core teammates, just did a great interview on his podcast, enchilada nation, enchilada nation. And they talked about and Derek price was, he played football at Iowa. He actually was teammates with a neighbor minor, so comical. But he was another he was really tough, but I liked him a lot. I wanted to be in that environment. So I felt like that was the biggest honor of my life to get trained in that. And it scared the hell out of me. So I trained extraordinarily hard for that, and a lot of good mentors, but and we can talk I don’t want to talk about me anymore.

Jeremy Weisz 21:40

But you were saying about Mark Curtis, what was about the quiet oh,

Ed O’Keefe 21:45

what he did was there was he called me selfish. And it was something stupid. Like we were in lines, I was a team leader, my lines, and there was a person behind me and we were doing somebody failed something. So this is you got to get used to this right. And then breath work positive mental attitude, train, breathing, breathing, staying present in the moment, or probably two and then supporting your teammates like that. And by the way, that’s why most people fail even like the highest level athletes go into those environments. If they the, the and this is what got me, Jeremy is what got me so he got me. I didn’t let it he got me because the tenants I went into quarrel where I was going to demonstrate impeccable leadership at all times. That was that was a big goal for me. Um, because in what did that look like, that was a goal for me, it meant I was going to remain positive under any circumstance at any time. Freezing your ass off three in the morning, because you didn’t sleep for two days to you know, two and a half days. Um and I was gonna support my teammates. So that that was like my focal that was the ultimate hit to go because number three was I will I’m going to test marketing minds. methodology of remaining positive and present and focus on breath work, can that really helped me through a 52 hour event? If I’m able to stay positive, right? In presence, those are those are These are lessons that like, as I’m saying, I’m like, man, we could do a better job around here. Like, you know, I’m noticing what got me was not the yelling at me. But there’s one time like Christmas came blazing out of nowhere. I was like, who’s your team leader, who’s the team leader who’s there and who’s the class leader, who’s the class leader. And they just switch to the class leader was I had no frickin idea. The class leader was like, get down. He’s like, Oh, wow. I was like on my fourth push up. And like, it was such an adrenaline dump. Like on my fourth push up, ready to die. I was like, There’s no way I can do like a he’s got me. He’s like, if he wanted to make me drop in that moment, he could have just kept going. And so that’s why like Mark demining says he looks at some of these other events that are like trying to get bounce guys out. It’s not about you can you can literally get a guy to draw if your goal is to get them to draw, if you if you’re trying to get them to their edge and see if they can go past their edge and not quit and keep going without quitting. Then they want you like that’s the difference, right? Like physical capability. Everybody has a physical capability limit, right? No matter what, no matter what you can not sprint at your highest level indefinitely. It will break you at some point. Now when it breaks you do get up and keep trying and then when it breaks you and you keep getting on the train. Like that’s the tenacity a team that required the team. So it occurs so that that didn’t bother me like my man Brandon. He Anyway, Heaney Haney he’s another guy. He’s still got a podcast too. He was a teammate. He’s a firefighter played football at BYU. And he had rescued me a couple times, man like he was definitely top four guys physically in our class. And then I got a funny story about him and Derek price different story. Ah, okay, well, there’s no like, Okay, I’m gonna get, I’m gonna leave everybody hanging on the Mark Curtis thing. So as this goes on, so I got someone survived, someone came in was like, I’m a tea. I’m the class leader. And then Chris Smith, like probably laughed at me get up, and then like they went on, but that’s what they do all the time. And when people like start physically breaking down the mental stress of that, like, Can you can you stick it out when the physical starts breaking down? And can can you work with teammates to to find ways to keep persevering and rely on your teammates, there’s a lot of relying on teammates in this and supporting your teammates and vice versa. You know, we’re holding the law, there’s going to be a moment where maybe I have to like release my right arm to like, readjust it. So I got six other people holding the law. So I have to give myself permission to receive support while giving support. And I have a couple I could talk about this stuff all day. But here’s an are funny, I’ll tell you a funny story. It’s brand new, and he started and Derek price guard. So the whole goal of it is like by 24 hours, 48 hours, everybody is going to quit is going to already quit. It just happens. And like I think in the teams, they say anybody who makes it past the to the completion rate, I think is a 97% I may have those numbers off a little bit. But most people who are going to quit quit within the first 48 hours. But even like a crow, my understanding is that most people get past the first day. All the mental like you went through you already went through a full night, which was probably awful. No, it definitely was awful. Yeah, you already physically chafed. So you start, you’ve already gotten called you’ve gotten wet and gotten Sandy, you got hot, you’ve broken through a lot of those barriers, the team, the teamwork component, by 24 to 20 hours in should be looking 20 times better than you did in the beginning. And just to kind of give people context, and one of the first things they did that was just amazing. Was like, like, you know, you see it. If you look on like Navy SEALs like and how we caught I don’t think on the breakout where like, you know, you’re lined up, it’s quiet, lined up, and then they just come down the CADRE come down on you. And they start nitpicking and like the dumbest things they start, like if you say something like, hey, hey, Jeremy. Why do you want to do this? Like, they’ll come up to you, you’re looking for it, we’ll get right in your face be like, Why? Why do you Why are you here? And they’re like, wow, you know, whatever your reason is, they look at this shit going on left and right. The staircase was hysterical. He cracked if you understood what was going on, like if you if you allow it to. So Tao, well then you’re in trouble, right? But they would say to guys like, Oh, you look like a an iron man to me. Like an Iron Man guy. Oh, yeah. And like, maybe pick that out, or you’re a runner? Or you’re, you’re, you know, you’re you’re overweight, or you’re you’re what do you actually you train for this? And then they say, the guy’s like, wow, um, ah, yeah, well, you know, we’ve had a lot Iron Man guys, follow you. They’re usually the first people to fall out. And they’ll just, and then those that believe them with that and go and go talk somebody else. Like, you know, they’ll go to like a woman like, you do you actually think a woman’s gonna actually finish this? Like, seriously? I mean, we’ve had only two women and they’ll and this isn’t a true statement. But they’ll they’ll make up stuff like that, like, like O’Keefe, like seriously like you like right now. They’d be like, You look like you’re balding, got gray hair. I mean, like, you know, and they just say so that they pick your abilities. They’re just looking for God, they’re just looking for so doubt. Hmm, which part of the building up process happening? Like, it really is like, this is part of the process. It’s an amazing, amazing process. So anyhow, um, the first exercise so my teamwork thing was, you know, hey, a new class leader. Someone was up there. Okay, do 20 Push ups as a team. Together? Well, I’m just telling you, Jeremy, we couldn’t even do five as a team together. So you’re sitting there like in the push up position for like, seven 910 minutes, or switching out class leaders can do by squats? Yeah, like so that’s how they start breaking. Like that’s where the starts getting in is like da ah, and the the thing that’s getting measured there is how good of a job do you breathe and just do the push up and stay present. Right? Because that’s going to last you’re not doing 20 Push ups, you’re probably gonna do like 60 over the period of the next 15 minutes, okay? And there’s going to be chaos in the adrenaline. And guys, this is where like, holy crap is the first seven minutes of the whole thing. And you got 52 hours. Right? Yeah, for seven minutes. You I can’t do like why can’t even do my push ups. I’ve trained I’ve done hundreds of push ups in a day and I’m exhausted already. Well, that’s because that’s it’s designed that way, right? So anyhow, like, what starts to happen is eventually the teams are getting better communicating, figure out who the leaders of teams are, the leaders of the teams get better at communicating, the class leaders get better. And there’s a couple of tricks on some of this, but this is down the road. So the teams get better. So about 20 hours in everybody’s working better. So things start moving and more harmoniously. Not tight. There’s a funny story. So I’m Derek Price, and we got back after like, a long, long day on day two. And we’re beginning the evening of day two. I was given the task to get your three minutes to get all the logs out of the trailer. Ah, like O’Keefe come here. Yeah. Hey, oh, keep Why are you walking? Everybody’s putting everybody’s in the bear crawl position, which is just firing everybody shoulders. So I get out of my bear crawl position. And I start walking over to him and he said, What are you doing? What are you doing everybody down? Give me 10. Right. Like it’s just crap like that. Okay, if you are going to stay in the bear call position, and you’re until you can figure this out. And he’s like, he’s like, Okay, everyone, relax. Keep saying up. Hey, can you do you got three minutes? You got three minutes to get everything off the trailers lined up properly over there. Do you believe you can do this? And if you can’t do it, we’re gonna punish the whole class, right? Yes, I can. And so this is where like the teamwork came in place where you’re not communicating to the 40 people or 33 people you’re immediately communicating all the team leaders you have to give them specific jobs. Like hey, like

Haney you’re in charge of Haney you’re going to get it off you wise you’re going to do this green you’re going to do this you guys got it gotta go and then this is where stuff just gets beautiful because people start working and then they communicate to their six guys success boom. And that’s how the line of communication just gets right he’s got chills doing this. So then you get one team runs up into the truck second teams waiting to grab it 13 grabbing all the things once the third second team gets it off, and they’re lining them up boom, boom, boom, and we kill it like two and a half minutes right? So like that so Haney was a badass and he still is one But Derek Price is funny, right? So Derek price now say hey, oh, he did a good job. Okay, so now what you’re gonna do is go over there. And he’s, uh, he whispers to me a, a, a command to go tell somebody. And I do it wrong. Because I didn’t follow his instructions explicitly. I forget what it was something stupid. Like, do you not trust your teammates, painting any pics on Haney who, frankly, I know I picked on him because he was literally the like, top four best athletes in there. I would say he’s the number one athlete in the whole class, but by far, he’s a complete badass. There’s a couple young guys that were like 1819 they were actually trained to go to the seals that they were just monsters and they were small guys. They were they didn’t physically look they’re just amazing in their maturity and their ability to lead by day two was impeccable. Um But wow, Derek Price was yelling at me and he made his along yelling at me. And it wasn’t like yeah, in price had an ability to be very soft spoken when he’s yelling at you. Like he would talk to you like okay um, but during this whole time, he’s like Haney up to the front. Start doing burpees and so now now price has given me instructions, because I screwed up and all I’m watching is Haney who’s the baddest dude in the class is doing burpees and Jeremy I love anyway he’s my favorite people it’s time and you know what I was thinking about it this is the only thing I was thinking about. I wasn’t I’m glad

I’m not doing this. What’s that? I’m you’re saying I’m glad I’m not doing this. Now well

close. I was like thank God it’s Haney because anybody on the class right now except three other guys will be freaking dying and couldn’t handle it. I was able to stay totally calm because I knew Haney could handle this next hour if he had to. And it didn’t last that long. Only last like

Jeremy Weisz 34:51

three was only 59 minutes. No,

Ed O’Keefe 34:55

no, I was I was actually like three minutes but it was just like that was kind of the He said that like that didn’t bother me. But now he took the weakest teammate that was struggling the most, and put them up there, which if you watch some of the shows like that, that are really good shows on then that probably would bother him. Like, I feel I would feel like, like, oh, like that’s a teammate, I let them down. Anyway, I was like, now he’s got this all day he could do, it’s okay. Let’s just limit it. Now all I have is make sure I’m listening to instructions properly, so that I could communicate directly to the team. And we can get Haney off the bat. But in Brandon’s, those guys that like I mean, again, like I go to war with in a heartbeat, like, physically, literally all in between now. So now that about the one thing that bothered me, so I told you my goals were whenever we’re doing burpees, if at one point, and then we had to be in the plank position. Well, my teammate who was behind me who happened to be female, I don’t think it’s really relevant to share that, because she was a badass. And but, um, my boots were in her face, so I didn’t have enough spacing. And Curtis came up to me, and he’s like, O’Keefe, how selfish, are you? And I was like, Where is this coming from? And why is he calling me selfish? Because I’m trying to be anything but

self, like, he got me. Because he got it. Like, it just fired me up inside, like, my whole life’s about not being selfish. But then there’s a part of me, being an entrepreneur, going my own route, trying to do things on my own. There’s a very selfish component that has served me very well. And then I’m like, I felt like the whole moral, like internal conflict hit me right there. Which, you know, like, true leaders don’t want selfish people on teams. The people who are on my team don’t want to selfishly like it really got me. It was quiet. It was very quiet, but he freaking got me. And then later on that night, like when it was on, I was doing bear crawls in the sand going into the ocean, and you had to come out and I was in, I was in a totally different pod than his, he must have been 3040 50 yards he ran. He ran a really cool station in the ocean, where you went out there and you sat in the ocean, you’re in groups of four at this point, they broke you all out, maybe maybe six. And he had this whole thing about why he loves being in the ocean. And he would ask us questions, or whatever you answer, he’s like, wrong. Which voice Oh, Joey’s. But it was really cool pod. We’re like you literally freezing ocean. It wasn’t after it was cold, but like 2am 3am, something like that. And he’s having you, he asked us to lie back. And just focus on our breath, and breathe. And again,

you’re tied up. You’re Not You can’t complain. And you’re prying there for good seven to 10 minutes. And that was the kind of rotation of the past maybe a little longer. I really enjoyed that one. So this is where like, Jeremy like, where I challenged me like, you don’t know like that. That is a horror. Like if you put me in the middle of the ocean right now. Like right now without any training. And I’ve been a sissy the last, you know, year, that would get to me within a minute. I like getting the hell out of this thing. But again, like, he got me again later, or earlier before that, where he saw me, like Bear crawling to the ocean. He’s like, Okay, if you were slacking every time I look over there, and I was like, what I was like, in my head, like, what, what what is he? What is f him like, I’m just on my head. I’m like, I’m not slacking. The word Mazza it’s like three in the morning, I’m Bear crawling in the sand, getting the ocean, I got a really wet and Sandy go back here. And I’m like, I’m doing everything, you know. So. So that’s what I mean by like, that’s the kind of subtle stuff that those guys who’ve trained high level people, and allowed me to allow me to get better allowed me to get better. I got to get better at those things.

Jeremy Weisz 38:52

Jeremy, people, you know,

Ed O’Keefe 38:55

I think we just created a whole new podcast for both of us to stick up on our shows. But you know, that was fun.

Jeremy Weisz 39:00

Yeah. And it’s, it’s about pushing yourself mentally and physically and having people like you and other people push you more than you believe. You could push yourself when you say, Listen, don’t do it in May, let’s do 30 days and it shifts you shifts, how you’re thinking about it shifts your paradigm. And so we’ll, we’ll end it on that but I’m

Ed O’Keefe 39:27

wondering I see. Audiences just me, Jeremy Weisz is the epitome of selflessness. Thank you. You are you’re probably the most selfless person I know. Which is why I love seeing that you and John have created an entire empire. Are we through podcasts and coaching services and networking services, supporting people getting their voices out through price 25 Because you really taking your unique strain and you’re a chiropractor by trade, father and husband, but as a professional like you really utilize your gifts of being unselfish and caring for people and figuring out a way to amplify that. And, you know, make a good living out of it and really impact lives to it. So congratulations to you. And people should know that I feel like I’ve talked way too much about me. But that’s because you, you, you’re good at what you do, you, you, you proactively care about people. And by you’re so good at it that people get stuck talking about themselves. And they feel like so good to being around you because everybody wants to talk about themselves even if they say they don’t, you know, it’s the whole Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends Influence People, what’s your most favorite word? It’s your name, you know, and I just brand it actually, I feel totally inadequate, because I didn’t know where or in the shape that I was six years ago. And, uh, but I got the spirit, man, I just got getting bodies guys still respond and you can be mentally tough, you can meditate all you want. But if your body doesn’t physically join you your own, you’re not gonna be able to do stuff, you know, so?

Jeremy Weisz 40:59

Well, I appreciate that. That means a lot because I highly respected you even before we knew each other, and what you’re about so I appreciate it. And hopefully my goal will push you a little bit too. Right. So oh, man, what

Ed O’Keefe 41:13

what Jeremy asked me a couple questions. I’m like, oh, man, I gotta research them. I had this I used to do this stuff I used to get so geeked up about the stuff we will get on we’re gonna have gold together we will share with the podcast, both of our podcasts like in 15 days. We’ll do it simple test pull test today. We’ll go back so I got to work on my pull ups. I did pull ups you know, two days ago and usually I just murdered those like it doesn’t even affect me and I was like it was it was I defined but my gosh, I got some of my Yeah, whatever we’ll talk about later, but cool, everybody. Hey, what’s your website Jeremy? Just

Jeremy Weisz 41:48 Go to And check out more episodes. So yeah, what about yours? Where should people check you

Ed O’Keefe 41:55

out? Well, EdO’ is kind of my hub will get updated but then it’ll keep the ED O’KEEFE show The Uncommon Ways my podcast and Jeremy and I talked actually today about relaunching it and some cool stuff we got going on so please awesome drive and let’s go

Jeremy Weisz 42:14

Alright, thanks everyone.