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Duncan Alney is the Founder and CEO of Firebelly Marketing, an award-winning Social Media Marketing firm that increases brand likability through social media marketing. Duncan has worked in marketing for 25 years and brings his expertise in engaging with clients and rebuilding brands to each project. He has worked with Netflix, Fiji Water, and so many more brands.

Duncan is also the Host of the Firebelly Social Show, a podcast that features top entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space on a mission to make the world better.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why did Duncan Alney leave India to become a “cowboy” in America?
  • Did you know Pinterest offers low-hanging fruit for brands?
  • Underutilized marketing channels for food and beverage brands
  • The Firebelly Marketing social media audit and why it matters
  • Social trends to help your brand become more likable
  • Why being human and responding quickly on social media is crucial
  • How Duncan is helping a home appliances brand improve its social marketing

In this episode…

Social media can expand your brand’s impact and help you become a likable brand, but there’s one big problem: many brands do not know how to connect with people on social media, so they leave money on the table. However, you can change that quickly by utilizing social channels that are relevant to your brand.

How do you know which social channels are great for your brand? Which platforms are often overlooked but are a great place to connect with your potential customers? Today’s guest is here to answer all of your social media marketing questions.

To find out how to take your brand’s social game to the next level, listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring Duncan Alney, Founder and CEO of Firebelly Marketing. You don’t want to miss a minute of this episode! They discuss the underutilized social channels you should get on quickly, social trends to help your brand become more likable, and lots more.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz 0:19

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, and this one is a little bit different episode this episode is actually going to go on the Firebelly Social Show will also go on Inspired Insider. And so this is gonna be a little bit different. Though I am the Founder of Inspired Insider, I talk with inspiration entrepreneurs and leaders, I always like to help people to check out past guests. I’m here with my friend, colleague, Duncan Alney, I’m gonna introduce in a second but Duncan, just tell people about your show for a second.

Duncan Alney 0:53

Yeah. Hi, Jeremy, thank you so much for having me here. I’m happy to be here. Always love doing anything with you. Whether it’s like, you know, running around in Colorado at the top of the mountains or getting on the podcast with you. You’re a great human. Yeah, so my podcast is the Firebelly Social Show. And you know, probably obvious and it’s about something social. And we’re a social media marketing agency. And we talk to some of the I talk to some of the, you know, leading entrepreneurs and founders in the food and beverage space, especially mission driven companies.

Jeremy Weisz 1:26

Who are some of the episodes people check out on your show?

Duncan Alney 1:30

You know, that’s a great question I interviewed. I interviewed Asma Khan a few months ago, and she’s a iconic restaurant her in London, you know, who’s, you know, using food to for social justice and a very difficult restaurant to get into London. And rusty jones is another founder for water company and Brandon, Creative Director of Onehope Wines. Some really cool Jessica Hershfield from just enough wine to some people that are really doing interesting things in the food and beverage space. Very cool.

Jeremy Weisz 2:05

And you know, I like to also mention past episodes check out in Duncan I like to have the people and companies I admire on my podcast like what you’re doing at Firebelly and some other ones Dodd. Okay, if you’ve heard of MoonClerk You know, I love Caldwell of MoonClerk. You know, I had him on I love their company. We talked about how he started the company, etc. That was fun. I had Tracy Deforge on who runs an amazing business called the players impact where they have perfect professional athletes and invest in these companies. So check her out and Elon Gold, one of my favorite comedians in the world, shout out to Jason Ciment. I was talking to him, Duncan I was like, You know what, after all of my VC Israeli interviews, I always send Elon gold’s stand up bet because he in a nice, sarcastic way, pokes fun at Jewish people and Israeli people. And so I would send them that these heart kind of like, you know, hard business, Israeli VCs, to lighten the mood. And he’s and Jason said, I know Elon Gold. Do you want to have him on the podcast? I go, of course I do. And so I had him on. He did some amazing imitations. And so we will get to talking about Duncan’s company and this episode is brought to you by Firebelly and Firebelly. They make brands more likeable and profitable through social media marketing. They do organic and paid social strategies along with influencer marketing to help you get ROI. They were named one of the top 10 Social media agencies in the world of clutch, you’ve heard of clutch. And, you know, they do amazing work. So check them out, they’ve worked with Netflix Q Doba, Fiji water. And as Duncan was mentioned, other mission based brands, you can go to or email them at [email protected]. And as you know, if you’ve listened to my podcast as well, Rise25 we help businesses connect to their dream 100 relationships. And we do that by helping you run your podcasts. You know, in Duncan, you’re the same way. For me, relationships are the number one thing in my life, I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships, I’ve found no better way over the past decade than to profile them and what they’re working on on my podcast. So if you’ve thought about it, check out email me anytime open to answer any questions that you have. So let’s get rockin um, I kind of wanted to start with I took so many notes and a shout out to Drew Hendricks and his podcast I was listening to his podcast with you to study for this to see what should we be talking about. And we’re gonna talk about strategies on social because I think there’s low hanging fruit in certain social channels that people are not using. We’re gonna talk about that. But I want to start If you made a comment on Drew’s podcast, that stuck out to me. Okay. And you said, I moved from India to become a cowboy.