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Dan Gallapoo aka Doberman Dan has been running a successful direct response and online business since 1995. He keeps a low profile and remains behind the scenes, except for being a featured speaker at several seminars put on by the legendary late copywriter Gary Halbert.

Dan had to choose “Do I Eat or Does the Dog Eat?”…

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What will you learn in this interview?
-What happened that some would consider a low point and he considered Freeing?
-What did he do when he had no money, no credit, and no house to live in?
-Dan had to make a choice…”Do I eat or does the dog eat?”

A little background about Doberman Dan:

Doberman Dan is a direct response entrepreneur and copywriter
He works in a variety of niches but his specialty has been the health market and what he calls the “muscle-head” market – bodybuilders.
He has written hundreds of successful ads, sales letters, direct mail packages, websites, e-mail marketing campaigns, feature articles, press releases, and newsletters.

His ads and/or articles have appeared in MuscleMag International, Flex,Muscle & Fitness, Penthouse, Men’s Edge, IronMan, Muscular Development, and numerous mainstream newspapers and magazines.

A big turning point for him was when he was working side by side with the great Gary Halbert for a year and a half. I learned advanced hard-core marketing strategies you can only discover by working side by side with a guy like Halbert.

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