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The difficulty of finding venture capital is nothing new to Divey Gulati. Divey is Co-Founder of ShipBob, a company that he started with his partner Dhruv Saxena. ShipBob provides automation and on demand shipping and packaging for small businesses. They have shipped out over 500,000 packages to date. The ShipBob team has raised over $5million in venture capital to date and serves businesses in Chicago, New york and LA.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:11] Introduction to this episode and Jeremy’s guest, Divey Gulati of ShipBob.
  • [1:38] Software Divey recommends.
  • [3:32] How Divey and his team came up with the name ShipBob.
  • [4:40] The lowest moment Divey has had to push through in business.
  • [6:10] How Divey and his team connected with their investors.
  • [7:14] One of Divey’s proudest moments for the company.
  • [9:02] The biggest lesson for entrepreneurs.

In this episode…

Venture capital is vital for most startups and the struggle to find and secure it is common to most founders. Divey Gulati and his partner found the funding season to be one of the most difficult they faced as a team. You can learn how they weathered the storm to come out successful on the other side, on this episode.

When the recession hit a few years back Divey Gulati and his team at ShipBob were just at the beginning of their venture capital raising stage. Many investors were skittish at the time, unwilling to risk their capital on an unproven company like ShipBob. But the team pushed through and found the right investors who believed in their service and the opportunity it brought to them.

Along with the difficulties come many successes, and in a company like ShipBob, some of those triumphs are more tangible than others. When Divey Gulati was asked what some of his proudest moments have been in leading ShipBob to the success it has become, he said that he was especially proud when the company was able to open multiple distribution warehouses in different cities across the country.

In this episode with Divey, you’ll hear how he and his founder made their first connection with the investors who ultimately became their primary financial partners and how that relationship has carried them to their present level of success.

And if you’re looking for suggestions for software solutions to help you run your e-commerce business, Divey gives his opinion on some of the platforms his team has tried as ShipBob has grown toward success. Be sure to take the time to listen.

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