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Derek Coburn is a top influencer and connector. He is the author of Networking Is NOT Working which reached #1 on amazon in the marketing category. He is the co-founder of Cadre which is an un-networking community in Washington, DC that currently supports over one hundred CEOs and business leaders.

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Derek will share some of the strategies from the book that helped grow the revenue of his wealth management practice by 300% in just 18 months

What will you learn in this interview?
-How did Derek Coburn come up the idea of un-networking??
-How did Derek Coburn get his start in the nightclub business?
-How did he manage to create world class connections with top-notch professionals?


Derek has ADD
He started a comic book business and a nightclub business early on.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
UnMarketing by Scott Stratten
Some of the past guest speakers at Cadre include…
Ryan Holiday
John Jantsch
Marcus Sheridan
Cameron Herold
Chris Brogan


Derek Coburn is the Co-founder of Cadre and a catalyst for connecting remarkable people. Derek is an author of Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards and Start Making Meaningful Connections.

Derek Coburn began his career as a financial advisor in 1998 and built a successful wealth management practice which he still runs today – mainly by outworking everyone else.
He began using non-traditional networking strategies which included creating informal networking group consisting of his best clients and their top advisors to triple his revenue and improve the quality of his business and life.

Together with his wife, his passion for connecting remarkable professionals led him to start an un-networking community in Washington DC, three years ago and it is called Cadre which currently supports over 100 CEOs and business leaders. In fact the business has just recently expanded to Baltimore.

Cadre was created as a way for top-notch professionals to connect and develop meaningful relationships, efficiently and effectively with the ultimate goal of working together to promote each other while adding value for existing clients and network.

He learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to developing and deepening professional relationships. He is also open to sharing his thoughts and ideas while learning what works for others.

Derek Coburn is married to Melanie, and she is also Derek’s co-founder for Cadre.

A bit about Derek’s book Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards and Start Making Meaningful Connections that can be seen on Amazon.

Book Summary:

Over the last few decades, networking has devolved into an endless series of cattle call events full of open bars and closed fists. Perfect strangers, after a long day at the office, agree to show up and bump into each other, randomly exchanging business pitches for business cards. Needless to say, traditional networking isn’t working anymore. For successful 21st century business people, large networking events and the mountains of business cards they produce have become a waste of time and valuable resources. It’s time for a new, modern approach to networking. Born out of author Derek Coburn’s frustration with having spent thousands of fruitless hours attending traditional networking events, this book offers fresh, effective, unconventional strategies for growing and nurturing a powerful network. These strategies grew Coburn’s revenue by 300% in just 18 months and can have a major impact on your business. You will learn how to: – Become the Ultimate Connector – Become the Ultimate Resource – Identify and develop relationships with world-class professionals – Enhance the value you deliver for your best clients – Position yourself for more quality introductions to ideal prospective clients Once you implement the networking strategies in this book, the quality of your clients, your business, and your life will improve dramatically.

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