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Craig Clemens got his start writing copy for double your dating which grew to over $20 million per year. Since then he has co-founded three 8-figure businesses in the last 5 years, in diverse industries of nutrition, cosmetics, and dating advice. However his life took a bizarre twist in 2011 on what began as a fun vacation in Odessa, Ukraine. Here’s how it went down:





Craig started in sales when he was 21, including “boiler room-esque” phone sales jobs, selling credit card merchant accounts, and Direct TV subscriptions. He found himself at 24, completely broke and specifically recounts one month where he had to sell his TV for $50 to make rent. He also used to go to McDonalds with coupons to get $1 off the value meal for lunch.

He discovered that his friend Eben Pagan was making $70,000 a month selling an eBook called “Double Your Dating,” Craig set his sites on learning from him, and was eventually offered a job with Eben. Eben was one of the world’s best sales copywriters, and Craig would have the fortune of learning directly from him for the next four years.

Eben’s business eventually grew to $20 million a year in sales, and since then Craig has started multiple internet businesses, partnering with his two brothers and a friend named Josh.

His most recent successful sales promotion brought in over 1 million dollars in sales in the first 2 days off of cold, banner traffic – no launch, no affiliates! He is also a co-star in the reality show, “Lucky Bastards”, which follows his life along with 5 other entrepreneurs in NYC”

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