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Craig Ballantyne has helped over 1.5 million people with his Turbulence Training and Home Workout Revolution exercise programs.

He has been a fitness expert to Men’s Health magazine since 2000, and is co-owner of the popular success newsletter,, where they reach hundreds of thousands of people daily with success, fitness, and self-improvement advice.

He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Craig Ballantyne, founder of Early to Rise and author of The Perfect Day Formula.
  • [1:14] What’s been the lowest moment, and how did you push through it?
  • [3:28] Dealing with severe anxiety and overcoming it.
  • [3:58] One of Craig’s proudest moments.
  • [4:49] The inspiration behind The Perfect Day Formula Book and the kit.
  • [6:52] What is The Golden Ticket?
  • [7:46] Some flaws Craig has discovered when people follow the Perfect Day Formula.
  • [9:55] Where to find The Perfect Day Formula and get more information about it.
  • [10:55] What else do we need to know about The Perfect Day Formula?

In this episode…

It’s clear Craig has a solid background in helping people maximize their health and therefore their lives. Not only is he a proven fitness expert, but Craig is also a master at helping people add structure to their lives and create more freedom through his book, The Perfect Day Formula. Like all success stories, Craig’s has its share of ups and downs.

For Craig, the lowest point came back in 2006, when he found himself struggling with severe anxiety attacks. Craig discusses what it was like to experience these attacks daily, for a period of about 6 weeks, and how he was able to overcome the anxiety. He offers insight into how the formula he shares in his book played a key role in helping to improve Craig’s health and life by getting rid of anxiety and understanding how to better manage it when it starts to come back.

Craig goes on to discuss some of his proudest moments over the years. For him, getting his book published was a huge moment and one that gives him a sense of pride. Craig also discusses taking over Early to Rise and the thrill of the Toys for Tots drive he does each year. For Craig, success comes in many forms, most notably in helping others.

In closing, Craig and Jeremy talk about The Perfect Day Formula, the Kit, and The Golden Ticket. Craig offers insight into how the Kit sets people up for success and gives a glimpse into what’s included in the Perfect Day Kit. He goes onto share one flaw he’s seen in people following the Formula and how to avoid falling into this trap yourself. Craig offers one last piece of advice: creating more structure in your life will actually create more freedom.

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