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Today we have Conor McCluskey Founder of BombBomb an interactive email service provider. Basically, you can make quick and easy personalized videos embedded in an email to wow, friends, family or business relationships.

Conor co-founded a service company in the multi-family housing industry that grew to 60 employees and over 1.7 million dollars of value in just four years.  He is also an owner of a vineyard and winery called “Proper Wines” in Walla Walla, Washington named Best New Winery by Seattle Magazine.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy’s introduction to his guest, Conor McCluskey.
  • [2:15] Conor talks about how he met his business partner.
  • [5:00] Lessons learned from losing it all.
  • [6:30] Conor talks about his work ethic.
  • [10:00] Parting advice from Conor.

In this episode…

Sometimes the journey toward success requires leaders to push through failure. Sure people love to hear about instant or overnight success stories, but the fact remains that is not how most leaders will find success in life. Conor McCluskey experienced early success with his friend and business partner but ended up quite suddenly losing it all. He had to start again from square one. Conor speaks of this experience as an eye-opening and humbling one. Through this setback, he learned a lot about himself and how business works. Because he had experienced success, he knew what it would take to get there again, and it wasn’t too long before that became a reality. If you’d like to hear more about how Conor found his way back to business success, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

Where did you get your work ethic from? Did you learn it from your parents, your peers, or did you have to learn it on your own? Entrepreneur Conor McCluskey learned to “Hustle” and “Grind it out” from his father and grandfather who were themselves, entrepreneurs. Conor talks fondly of how those early years watching and then participating in that hard work shaped him into the focused and driven individual he is today. What lessons can you learn from Conor’s story? Find out on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Every business leader has a different answer to why they succeed. Some say it’s their stellar team members, some say it’s the excellent product their company puts forth, still others say it’s the culture of their company. While much of that might be true for Conor McCluskey, the one piece that he says fuels his business success is his core values. Sticking to his core values is the way Conor is able to stay focused on what matters in life and business and tune out the negative or critical voices that come his way. If you’d like to hear more about Conor’s story, make sure to catch this episode of Inspired Insider!  

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