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Chad Hamzeh runs DSV2 Media. His company manages an average of $500,000+ monthly in campaign traffic with a strong ROI. They maintain a waiting list of clients.




What will you learn in this interview?
– What were some of his big mistakes?
– What particular milestone is he is especially proud of?
– What were challenges he had in the past and how did he get through them?

Chad loves sardines and it has to be bristling nordic double layer in olive oil or spring water and bright silver.


Chad is founder and head media buyer at DSV2 Media where he manages over $500,000/month on average of ad spend for clients.

He is also the creator of the course Traffic Blackbook and Traffic Blackbook 2.

He started out as an affiliate who drove traffic media buying and pay per click marketing, and now he focuses on high volume display and email traffic.

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