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Digital Domination Series: Featuring Brian Kurtz of Boardroom Inc.

Brian Kurtz is Executive Vice President at Boardroom Inc which is at its height was 150 million dollar company. Brian has overseen the mailing of approximately 1.3 billion pieces of direct mail over the past 30+ years

(Digital Domination was an exclusive online event I cohosted with Marco Montemagno with such guests as Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and many more.)

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What will you learn in this interview?
-What were the lightbulb moments after sending 1.3 billion pieces of direct mail ?
-Find out the best piece of advice Brian will have to share to aspiring young entrepreneurs
-What were some of Brian’s secrets of how he managed to buy millions of dollars of media and make it successful while selling millions of books via direct response mail and television.
–Being the Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc., how did Brian manage to stay active at being an umpire on the baseball little league fields?

Note: Brian put together one of the most epic events of all time with some of the world’s best marketers and copywriters. Each of the speakers could keynote a major marketing event. See who he got to speak>>

He is an umpire extraordinaire! and can find him on the little league fields.

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:

Marty Edelston


Light Bulb #1: New Product Development by renting a hand truck at Barnes & Noble

Light Bulb #2: “What they don’t want you to know about how to make infomercials work…”

How watching TV at 2:00 AM led to a $300 million business
Follow the anecdotal evidence…

Light Bulb #3: The day two years ago an Internet Marketer told me the “deep,dark secret of selling physical products…”

Light Bulb #4: Persistent, aggressive marketing is not stubborn or bullheaded…or how we went from loser mailing… to loser mailing… to mailing over 20 million pieces of direct mail…for the same book

Light Bulb #5: Your database of customers are real people…the breakthrough thinking about multiple control packages*

Light Bulb #6: How you sell is how they will respond

The story about the “survey package” and the “bookalog”…and the huge direct marketing lessons we learned by mailing both in the millions…

Light Bulb #7: Learning the hard way trying to sell prevention…


Brian Kurtz is the Executive Vice President at Boardroom Inc., an industry leader in both direct marketing and newsletter publishing that has done well over $100 million in revenue. He’s overseen the the mailing of approximately 1.3 billion pieces of direct mail. Brian cut his teeth in the offline world of direct marketing and as a result has a unique perspective that will benefit anyone who’s starting a business today.
Brian is responsible for the mailing of over 50-million pieces of direct mail a year and the distribution of millions of other impressions and a wide variety of alternate media, using the most innovative direct marketing creative in the industry.

Brian is also very active in his direct marketing education. He’s a frequent speaker at industry events. He taught a full semester undergraduate course in direct marketing at his alma mater, Rutgers University, in 1989. Brian’s worked in various capacities for the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation and for other universities and programs in and around the New York area.

Brian is a member of the board for the Direct Marketing Foundation and a member of the DMA Ethics Operating Committee. In 2000, he was inducted into the DMA Circulation Hall of Fame; and in the same year, voted List Leader of the Year.

Brian is one of the smartest list marketers in the world. He knows this business inside-out. He’s overseen millions and millions of mailings, been involved with Boardroom’s largest consumer newsletter in the world, Bottom Line Personal, amongst many other newsletters and books that they publish. He’s overseen millions of dollars in transactions through direct marketing.

One of the keys to Brian’s success has been his understanding of how to segment his list of subscribers by first understanding the path they took to get on his list. This approach allows him to tailor his message to the individual instead of the group and he’s going to show you exactly how he does it.

Similar to other successful marketers Brian Kurtz also obtain hobbies like – connecting with people everyday through marketing, and being an umpire for Little League Baseball which also allow him to build connections among his friends and baseball fans, his family and closest friends.

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