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Brian Kaldenberg, Founder and CEO of ProofreadingPal, grew the company from 4 contractors to over 30 contract proofreaders and 5 in house employees in 3 years. They project over $1million in sales in 2013.

Watch this interview to hear:
-Hear Brian’s 2 biggest mistakes in business.
-He broke down what he did wrong after his first hire.

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What worked to get Brian to the next level:
-What was the best piece of advice from a mentor that helped systemize his business?
-Why did he please a customer even though it made no sense financially?
-What was the brutal truth about what he needed to do for the business to grow?

FUN FACT: Brian had a huge video game addiction!

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:

Dave Ramsey


ProofreadingPal ensures that documents are grammatically sound. Every document submitted to ProofreadingPal is proofread and edited by two of their highly skilled proofreaders; our unique two-editor approach ensures the utmost accuracy. Proofreading staff is composed of experienced, detail-oriented individuals, many of whom have their master’s degrees or are pursuing their PhDs.

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