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Global Food Sources are now being used to create healthy and in-demand products and Brian Oaks, founder of Global Goods uses the demand to generate a supply in struggling areas where the economic boost is most needed. Global Goods is a company that sources and manufactures Agave Nectar, Coconut Oil, and mexican Vanilla products. The company also produces its own Natural Skincare line Cocave. Global Goods sells all over the world and do this by also providing local jobs to struggling areas in Africa , Asia, the Dominican Republic and many other nations.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:05] Jeremy’s introduction of Brian Oaks, CEO of Global Goods.
  • [2:00] When Brian first went to Africa to source possible products.
  • [13:01] The first problems Brian had building the business globally.
  • [21:07] The way Brian’s parents taught him to fight his own battles.
  • [29:02] The things Brian wanted to do in high school and college.
  • [36:15] Brian’s first experiences trying to import products from Mexico vanilla.
  • [44:51] Getting a call from Trader Joe’s.
  • [48:00] Getting the test results on the purity and benefits of agave for diabetics.
  • [51:20] The main differences between Global Goods agave and other brands.
  • [59:34] How the Oprah / Dr. Oz connection made an impact on sales.
  • [1:05:12] The struggles Brian’s wife has experienced with health, etc. and how a focus on healthier diet has made a huge difference.
  • [1:09:00] The unique packaging and presentation of Brian’s products.
  • [1:14:55] Customer suggestions for product ingredients and selling on 65,000 websites.
  • [1:23:53] The possibility of selling on Amazon.
  • [1:26:05] How you can connect with Brian.
  • [1:26:40] Brian’s lowest business moments.
  • [1:29:47] The proudest moments so far: the Agave line of products.
  • [1:35:29] What’s next for Brian and Global Goods?

In this episode…

Global food sources are becoming more and more popular these days in health and wellness communities and for people with particular dietary restrictions and needs. Global Goods is a leader in providing incredible products such as agave nectar, coconut oils, essential oils, and much more. This conversation with Brian Oaks, CEO of Global Goods reveals how the company sources and supplies their products – and sells them successfully only from their online storefront.

What would it be like to build an extremely popular and successful business and help some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world at the same time? Brian Oaks and the team at Global Goods have figured out how to do exactly that, sourcing raw materials from places like the Dominican Republic and Mexico and creating products western consumers pay high prices for.

The Global Goods team is concerned about the quality and purity of the global food sources they use but that’s not all they care about. The team is also concerned that their work in disadvantaged countries also boosts the economy and way of life for the local workers in those countries. You can hear how Brian Oaks and the Global Goods team keep that careful balance, on this episode of Inspired Insider.

The difference the right kind of ingredients makes for people with serious health conditions like diabetes is incalculable. Brian Oaks knows from first-hand experience the difference healthy foods and good sources make. His wife has struggled with health issues for many years and only recently has turned a corner toward better health through dietary changes. That knowledge and experience encourages Brian all the more to ensure that the global food sources used in his products are the best possible.

What difference would it make to your business if Oprah and Dr. Oz featured your product on national television? Brian Oaks can tell you. In a random segment of the Dr. Oz portion of Oprah’s show he held up a bottle of Global Goods Agave Nectar, sourced in Mexico and said it was what he used as a sweetener in place of sugar. The sales started rushing in. You can hear the whole story on this edition of Inspired Insider.

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