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Ashley Drummonds is the founder of ABS Protein Pancakes. She has been featured on Shark Tank, the Home Shopping Network,, and much more. In over two years she has sold more than $500,000 worth of pancake mix.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy’s introduction to today’s episode.
  • [1:40] Ashley talks about what sets her company apart.   
  • [9:00] What software does Ashley use?
  • [12:00] What happened after Shark Tank?
  • [13:40] What advice did Ashley get from Daymond?
  • [14:40] The highest and lowest moment for Ashley.

In this episode…

Can you really build success off of social media engagement? Is your business just a few hashtags away from unlocking it’s potential? Jeremy’s guest, Ashley Drummonds found success with her product ABS Pancakes by leveraging social media engagement before she learned all the tricks and tips of online marketing. Ashley applied common sense to her strategy and it paid off! She used the same carefully selected hashtags and constantly posted about her product on the same platforms at the same time each day. Soon she saw her product gain a following. Ashley has since grown that following and has seen her company take off with exponential growth. Learn more about Ashley’s experience on this episode of Inspired Insider!

What are the ingredients necessary for success? What tools do successful business leaders use on a regular basis? Ashley Drummonds launched her brand in a very public setting with her appearance on Shark Tank. Since that launch and the subsequent success, Ashley has had to find tools and resources to help her keep up with the momentum that she gained. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Ashley shares what tools she uses to stay on top of her personal and professional brand promotion. Don’t miss these tools and other lessons from Ashley’s success!

What is one of the most important things to remember when you rise to the top? It’s a kind of unspoken rule in our society – don’t forget where you came from. Help out the little guy. It’s one of those cultural values that we like to think that we can hold celebrities and successful business leaders to. The truth of the matter is, no one can hold anyone to that ideal. It has to be something that the successful individual values for themselves. Ashley Drummonds learned this crucial lesson from her experience on Shark Tank. She makes every effort to encourage and support entrepreneurs who align with the values of her company. To hear more about Ashley’s story, make sure to catch this episode of Inspired Insider!

At one point in her journey, Ashley Drummonds had to move out to California for her business. She describes this as being one of the most difficult moments she has faced. She went out there with nothing. No support, no family, she was alone. Ashley talks about this time being very influential for her. This was the moment where she had a HUGE gut check and decided if she really had what it took to start a business and be successful. For Ashley, it worked out. Her hard work paid off. What lessons can you learn from her story? Find out on this episode of Inspired Insider!

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