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Great Company Culture is huge to  Alon Ozery.

He started what is now the Ozery Bakery with his father  in 1996 by scraping together money from family to fund a business loan that got them established in a small 700 square foot sandwich shop in Canada. His brother Guy joined in also. Since then they have grown into a 90,000 sq ft facility supplying grocery store chains and natural food stores all over the US and Canada with their natural products.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:27] Jeremy’s introduction to today’s guest: Alon Ozery.
  • [1:16] The lowest and highest points Alon has seen in business.
  • [2:00] The power of customer emails for the company morale and success.
  • [4:00] How Alon and the company celebrate the wins.
  • [6:10] Ways the company supports the community and community events.
  • [7:47] Advice to entrepreneurs getting into the food industry.
  • [10:12] Establishing profit sharing and employee ownership.
  • [12:50] Alon’s favorite product recommendations.

In this episode…

Company culture can be either one of the best things about your business or one of the worst. There is seldom anything in between. Today’s conversation focuses on one of the wins that Ozery Bakery has had and it centers around the happiness of employees. Alon Ozery shares how his company has been able to keep employees happy and why it matters so much to the company and to their customers.

Happy employees equal a profitable business. That’s the basic tenant of how Alon Ozery approaches the issue of company culture. He’s got some great insights into how to go about making employees the happiest part of the company which he shares on this episode.

“Why wouldn’t you want your employees to be happy? They touch every aspect of your products from start to finish.” That’s what Alon Ozery says when asked about why company culture is so important to the leadership at Ozery Bakery. He believes that the more positive an environment the company can provide to its employees, the more beneficial it will be to every product and every customer. You can hear more of his thoughts about building a healthy company culture on this episode.

“When the company is profitable, we want to share that with our team.” That statement expresses the generous attitude that Alon Ozery has about the role the employees of Ozery Bakery play in the success of the company. He understands that the company could not provide the healthy snacks and treats it does without employees who are dedicated and happy.

One of the biggest contributors to company success is the happiness quotient of its team members. Alon Ozery, co-founder of Ozery Bakery understands that point well. He’s committed to seeing the success of the employees increases as the success of the company does. On this episode, you’ll hear how he carries that out on a day to day basis.

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