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Ajay Prasad is founder of GMR Transcription. They have over 9000 clients including the FBI, ATT, and Mcdonald’s. They provide transcription and translation services and run the 7 figure business with 3 employees and 250+ independent contractors.





Ajay is the Founder and President of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, a California website design, maintenance and marketing agency. He is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist with a plethora of experience in helping small and medium size businesses maximize their return on investment from the Internet.

Ajay has authored several books and eBooks to help small businesses navigate web strategy. He co-authored “Plant Your Online Biz Money Tree” to help entrepreneurs start web based businesses. He has also authored “Local Search Marketing Secrets Unveiled” that is available on this website at no additional cost.

He also founded GMR Transcription which is a successful web based transcription and translation business built from scratch.

Prior to GMR, Ajay had over 17 years of marketing & business management experience at senior executive positions in marketing at large, medium size, and start-up companies. His work experience includes working for Fortune 10 companies and entrepreneurial startups including a VC startup as well. Outside of work, Ajay likes to play golf and travel to different countries. His past work experience includes:

-Co-founder & Board Member of SatNav Technologies, a Sequoia funded car Navigation Company.
-Co-founder & Board Member of, a Sequoia funded asset management enterprise Software Company.
-Chief Marketing & Product Development Officer of the first portable car navigation system by Magellan.
-Head of Marketing Research & Strategy for the world leader of digital map developers, Navteq.
-Vice President of Strategy & Franchising for a $1B restaurant chain.
-Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for an information delivery start-up with $15M VC funding in Silicon Valley.
-Manager of Strategy for Mattel Toys.
-Manager of Marketing & Analysis for Denny’s Restaurant.

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