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Aharon Horwitz is the CEO and one of the Co-Founders of AutoLeadStar, a company that uses cutting edge technology to help the automotive industry be more effective in engaging buyers. Through their bespoke technology, AutoLeadStar automates companies’ processes to attract engaged and quality customers on the web and convert them into buyers. They have been featured in over 10 Auto publications including Dealer magazine, AutoDealer Today, and CarBizToday, and have worked with more than 30+ OEM brands.

Aharon is also the co-host of the InsideAuto podcast where they feature top leaders, entrepreneurs, GM’s, and authors across the auto industry

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Aharon Horwitz talks about how AutoLeadStar is redefining marketing in the automotive industry
  • Aharon discusses how AutoLeadStar can help companies multiply their car sales lead
  • Aharon shares how he met his co-founders and how they came up with the idea for AutoLeadStar
  • How Aharon’s experience in the Israeli Army shaped him
  • Aharon explains how having a guiding vision and knowing how to react is crucial for him in his business

In this episode…

Many car dealerships still suffer the pain of low returns on their marketing spend because their processes are manual, broken, and out of touch. This is due to them being unable to reach quality leads with the right message at the right time. Recognizing this problem, Aharon Horwitz and his co-founders built AutoLeadStar in order to address and change how car dealerships do digital marketing.

AutoLeadStar helps dealerships sell more cars simply by taking a lot of the manual marketing work out of their day-to-day to-do list and optimizing their marketing to quadruple their car sales leads.

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider podcast as Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with AutoLeadStar CEO, Aharon Horwitz about how his company is changing the marketing game in the auto industry. Aharon also talks about how the idea for AutoLeadStar started, how they help car dealerships market differently to 4x their sales leads, and the lessons he learned while serving in the Israeli Army.

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Episode Transcript

Jeremy Weisz

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here, Founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders and you know, I have an amazing guest today before I get to it, I’m gonna just tell you, this is part of the Israel business leader series. You could check out past interviews, we had Mois Navone of Mobileye, Mobileye, if you don’t, haven’t heard of them, they got acquired by Intel for $13.2 billion. But you know, what are on you know, what I like is, I’m always talked about the sacrifices and the journey, you know, he talked about that he had to go through, go back to his wife and kids and tell them, I’m pulling you out of all extracurricular activities, and there’s no more eating out because the journey was not always on the upside, you know what I mean? And so I like talking about those types of pieces of the journey. Jon Medved, and Yossi Vardi, I talked to and I talked ask them, what were their biggest Miss as investor, okay, Yossi said Waze and he talked about why he passed and Jon Medved talked about Salesforce. He was friends with Marc Benioff, and why he passed on Salesforce early on and anyways, that many more on and the I know it’s crazy. This This episode is brought to you by Rise25, I co-founded my business partner John Corcoran, and we help b2b businesses give to and connect to their dream 100 partnerships and clients and help you run your podcast. So you know, for me Aharon it’s the number one thing of my life is relationships. And I’m always looking at a way to give to my best relationships. And I feel like a podcast is the best way to profile other thought leaders in the space and companies that I you know, that I love and I’m proud of so you can go to if you’re thinking about a thought about doing a podcast, check it out. And I’m excited today a big shout out to Craig Weiss, I would not have known about the amazing things that AutoLeadStar and Aharon Horwitz are doing without Craig Weiss of Retainer Club and In Your Face Podcast. And of course, Ilana Shabtay keeps everything moving. So thanks, Ilana. Aharon Horowitz, Founder and CEO of AutoLeadStar, if you don’t know what AutoLeadStar is, you should especially if you’re in the car industry, they use cutting edge technology to help the automotive industry be more effective engaging buyers. So I mean, what’s the biggest question any business? How do I get engaged quality customers on the web, especially in this day and age and turn them into, you know, engaged people and buyers and they create a technology that answers that question. So that helps automate it so it basically works for you around the clock. And you know, I don’t need to go on but they feed they’re featured in you know, different auto publications Auto Dealer Today, Car Biz Today, and many more check out AutoLeadStar in their podcast inside, you know, they have amazing podcast Inside Auto Podcast, check it out Aharon thanks for joining me all the way from Israel.

Aharon Horwitz

Yeah, my pleasure. Thanks, Jeremy, happy to be here.

Jeremy Weisz

You know, I want to get into what you do. And you know how things are changing, especially, you know, there’s a new world in the whole world, but also in car dealerships. So how are things you know, you’re on the cutting edge of this, and you’ve been doing this for a long time? You know, talk about what you do first, and then we’ll talk about how things are changing.

Aharon Horwitz

Yeah, I mean, automotive is an amazing space, because it goes back. It’s its origins, its history, its lineage really go back to the most one of the most core human needs, which is, of course, transportation, right. From time immemorial, we’ve been trying to figure out, how do you go from point A to point B, in a way that’s more safe, faster, you know, comfortable, but that’s this core need that humans have along with warmth, with security and all that, and it’s an amazing thing to see this industry, which is the sort of, you know, 19th and 20th century’s answer to that transportation question. Prior to that, and and automotive kind of picked the baton up from this era you had you had horses, you had buggies. Right. And you had you had bicycles actually, which, which, luckily, are still around with us, in many ways. And we have some horses around to nothing wrong with that. So you know that that’s the I think one of the coolest things about it. When you have an industry that is that kind of you know, history rich and anchored in the past, what you’re going to find is that the business practices evolve with time. But in the case of automotive because it’s such a big industry and so unique in so many ways, right? second largest purchase and there’s this franchise system of dealers. The marketing side of that business, and in many ways, even the purchase side, but but a lot of the marketing side, it’s evolved much more slowly than some of the companies you mentioned at the top of the podcast like, say the world that use Salesforce. Interestingly, I don’t think I’ve ever met a dealer that uses Salesforce, Jeremy, believe it or not, I don’t think I have, they use software that has emerged in the auto industry indigenous, fits the needs of automotive, and then suddenly, as kind of the world is shifted, there’s this need for them to suddenly, you know, use tools like AI and, and scaled marketing some sort of suddenly that’s, that’s this new world that they’re in. And that tension, which is being driven by competitive pressures by dealers desires to, to really succeed and to upgraded to modernize that tension is exactly where we come in as a company. And what AutoLeadStar does, is essentially, inaugurate a new category of business for this industry, which is a type of marketing that is founded on a data integration, founded on true scaled, fast, specific types of matchmaking between shoppers and cars, that can be embedded into a dealer’s business. And so if you think about it, like the dealers, they really understand their business. You know, if I walk into a car dealership, most dealers or salespeople or dealerships, they could just look at me, and they could say, I know, I know exactly what this person wants, I know whether to go up to them now. Give them five minutes, let them look at cars, let them not look at cars, are they looking for this side of the showroom, or that side of the showroom, that intuition has unfortunately been essentially removed from the picture when you when you think about the digital showroom, which is where most people start their shopping journey now. And technologies like up until us essentially, and of course, some others as well, but they really function more like kind of digital versions of billboards. You know, they put up a couple cars on the web. And you know, they run a lot of campaigns. And if people understood, you get lucky, what we’re doing now is we’re bringing in a new way of marketing, where we see everything we see what customers are looking for, we see more customers, we see what vehicles are on the lot, we see what the history of those different types of models and makes, might be. And then we’re basically crunching all that data together. And we’re optimizing, we’re generating and optimizing for the dealers 24 seven ad campaigns and conversions on the website that are just so far beyond what you could be doing with like a manual agency or the types of companies they’ve been working with up until now. So you know, that’s what we are doing, we we talked about it is, you know, a dealer, a type of marketing that’s founded on really seeing more. So it’s like a high resolution for the low resolution type of marketing. And it’s predicated on being extremely speedy, meaning everything has to happen fast, which means you need automation, it’s predicated on being extremely scaled, we want to treat every car like it’s the only car when we market it, even if it’s a snowplow on the back of the lot, right. And then it’s focused on something very specific, we can get down to the specific customer. So dealers are going to use us to run their marketing ad campaigns, they’re going to use us to get higher conversions on the website. We work with hundreds of dealers in the United States, rapidly growing lots of the top names. We’re moving forward, you know, really well with some of the carmakers and just trying to basically give this new toolset to a very important historic sector.

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