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Jeremy Weisz 11:29

So I want to talk about challenges and proud moments. What are some of the challenges along the way?

Michael Goldstein 11:36

Well, COVID was not a friend to us, if you would, because we’re still young brand. I mean, we’re at this point, we’ll be going into our sixth year. But COVID as we were ramping up really sort of as plateaued out the brands that were known every day, that’s what was really getting the shelf space and pulling products in at the time. And for us, we were not in that placement. So for us, we were able to sustain through e-commerce and our own site, Amazon, we did well. But after that now we’ve been able to really grow and flourish. And we’re doing very well like with 711 with Walmart and many other retailers HEB and so forth throughout the country. of

Jeremy Weisz 12:28

What are some the proud moments? How are we able to get to these big retailers? It seems like not an easy task.

Michael Goldstein 12:34

Well shows just like this here being at Sweets and Snacks, Expo West, our salespeople, our own efforts and so forth. I mean proud moments would be getting distribution at national distribution at 711 and distribution with Walmart and major retailers.

Jeremy Weisz 12:51

That’s amazing. It’s amazing. So where can people find you online? Where should we point people to?

Michael Goldstein 12:57

Well, Amazon, I mean, we have all of our products on Amazon. We do a really nice business on Amazon and major retailers. I mean, you can find it at Walmart throughout the country 711 nationally and retailers. You can go right onto our website and there’s a website finder, retail locator

Jeremy Weisz 13:21

All right, checkout Thanks everyone.