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How to Create a $50K Retreat


Have you ever dreamed about throwing your own live event and holding your very own mastermind?

Do you like the idea of getting paid by people to attend an event that you organize (and maybe get paid to travel too)?

If so, listen up.

Just 18 months ago, the idea of having people pay me to attend an event I organized would have been crazy. I had as much chance of filling my own retreat as I did getting chosen in the first round of the NFL draft.

In the past 18 months — with my amazing co-founder John Corcoran — we have sold out (actually oversold) 2 ½ day retreats for entrepreneurs that brought in about $50K each. We have held events in Austin, San Francisco, and Sonoma.

We recently changed the format and have kept improving the format – from one-off events to an annual program with monthly accountability and 3 live strategy & planning retreats. The first is Dec 6 to 9 in Austin; then April in San Diego and July in Chicago.
(For more information check out RISE25 Inner Circle)

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Read below for some of the highlights from the article.

1. Create a Minimum Viable Event First.
2. Build an Email list
3. Get Feedback on What Your Ideal Attendees Would Want Out of Your Event
4. Invite Special Guests
5. Allow Ample Opportunities for Attendees to Bond
6. Be Different
7. Require Applications
8. Have Fun and Delight your Attendees
9. Get Clear on Your Ideal Avatar
10. Allow Enough Opportunity for Testimonials

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ALL FULL INTERVIEWS OF WORKFLOW BELOW: Andrew Warner, Jordan Harbinger, Colt Cabana, and Paul Colligan.

Andrew Warner and Jeremy Weisz


Jordan Harbinger and Jason DeFillippo and Jeremy Weisz


Colt Cabana and Jeremy Weisz


Paul Colligan and Jeremy Weisz