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Jeremy Weisz  4:55  

What was it like there for someone who wasn’t there and is trying to visualize What was your experience was like to grow up there?

Peter Zaitsev  5:03  

Well, I think it’s, it’s was different in very different stages, right? I think I remember, for example, then we had a very limited choices, right? In my early choices, right is kind of people would have money, but they wouldn’t have stuff to spend it on. And then after a period, stroke, and kind of move, move into those more kind of capitalist society, things completely changed, right? You you would have a lot of stuff you can buy, but you wouldn’t say have any money. Right? So that wasn’t

Jeremy Weisz  5:38  

true at the same time. veganized money and stuff to buy? Absolutely, yes.

Peter Zaitsev  5:42  

If it would be both, that would be fantastic.

Jeremy Weisz  5:46  

Peter, how do companies find you because you have a wide range of companies that need you, but there’s some larger companies too? How do they end up finding you?

Peter Zaitsev  5:55  

Well, we invest a lot in really working with, with community, right, and specifically, open source database community developer community, right. So if you would be looking for solutions, let’s say you have a problem with MySQL or Postgres, or MongoDB, chances are, you will land on third corner, through corner website, as well as we have also pretty much your marketing team and awesome enterprise sales team, right, which also helped to make sure that the known

Jeremy Weisz  6:27  

what works if someone’s out there, like I have a company and you know, we focus on enterprise like clients, what works from an enterprise sales perspective, what are some of the things they’re doing to get the attention of enterprise companies? Well,

Peter Zaitsev  6:43  

I think it’s, it can be variety for different companies. And I know from my network, right, it’s many recipes, what we try to always focus on is making sure what people both in seafood, understand us, right, and we have people who can deal with them. Right as well as geeks. Also understand lovers, right? Because what I want, if you look at the CEO, a CTO said, Hey, you don’t want I heard from this company, their corner, or think about them. I want their tech guy to say, oh, yeah, if your corner it is awesome, right? If you want to start working with him, just go ahead. Right, you need

Jeremy Weisz  7:23  

to sign off on both fronts on the C suite and on all the technical people.

Peter Zaitsev  7:27  

That’s right. That’s right. Yes. And, and often it’s a lot more teams. Right. I think that’s what was a big learning from you kind of going from SMB sales and kind of startup sales to enterprise is how many more cooks in the kitchen? They are. Right? Yes, yeah. And I think it’s only getting tougher, you know, before the additional regulations like a security concerns and so on and so forth. Right? You get pretty, you know, complicated stuff. With agreements of this,

Jeremy Weisz  8:01  

Peter, so where can people learn more? What’s the website people can check out?

Peter Zaitsev  8:05  

Well, so that is our website. Mine have you spell it PRCON A, that’s how you spell it. Right? Or you can look for parasites if that’s myself right and you’ll find me on on the social.

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