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Jeremy Weisz 6:33
Kim, why what caused you to not give up in those moments? You know, like you could have given up in any of those points, like Yep, throw your hands in the air. I had, you know, it’s thanks for sharing. I must have been like, just such I can’t even imagine how, what a tough moment that would be. What goes through your mind at that point, just to keep pushing forward? There’s nothing It doesn’t seem like that’s even an option, not an option for you.

Kim Walsh-Phillips 6:59
One thing is that I’ve had in the very beginning, I’ve had people work for me and so I definitely felt a an obligation to them that they believed enough for me to serve me. And so I’m going to make sure I can always serve them. I definitely got him without payroll myself for months and months and months, and have got deep into debt while I was still paying them never letting them know and that that’s just more of my personality, I think than anything I feel a deep connection obligation to my fellow human man. Whether or not that’s smart business probably isn’t and, but that I’m not going to change who I am like, I totally accept that about myself. But at the same time, I when I mentioned my faith, that’s not an accident. I feel literally feel a calling to do what I do that I was put on this earth specifically and sweating it almost though. I was put on this earth so that there are people out there that won’t go through what I went through. There are people on this earth that woke up today thinking I don’t know if I can do this anymore, but they have something that can change the world. gave a message that literally was the prayer request of somebody who woke up today. And if I don’t show them how they can tell others their message they never will. And so I know that that’s why I was put on this earth and so there isn’t an option for me to stop because I believe my Creator created me with that purpose. And so I am driven every single day to reach as many people as I can and tell them how to do it so that they can serve the world in the way that they were created to do it.

Jeremy Weisz 8:27
Thank you. Yeah, totally. On the flip side, a proud moment from people actually listen to you and you changing the world and what’s been proud moment for you.

Kim Walsh-Phillips 8:38
Opening up that Inc 5000 letter with my two daughters and seeing that I was named for 75 I didn’t live on Facebook because I didn’t know where I’d ranked when it happened. A getting them and not only were they beside me, but they were beside me right when they came off the bus which is when I saw that package because I had Changed my lifestyle in a way that I be with them every day, got rid of a nanny changed my company and I’m like, I’m going to my company grow, but in a way that allows me to still be there for my daughters and not miss them growing up. So they’re there with me. They’ve come off the bus, I’m present. And we’re opening up this package together and they get to see that their mama ranked 475. And that was one of the happiest, most proud moments in my career.

Jeremy Weisz 9:24
And then your daughter’s What do you feel like they’ve learned from you?

Kim Walsh-Phillips 9:28
A lot of things. I mean, my Katie is I think secretly plotting to take over my company. Her she’s a drawing of her at computer with lots of money coming out of it and a mustache on me. So something’s happening there. Rich, but yeah, she has learned she could tell you right now she knew that. Since she was five. She hears other people speak. She knows there are two things people are most focused on love and money and your messaging needs to tell people how they’re going to get one or the other. So she gets right to the heart right away. my other daughter Bella has seen how all the work that has to go involved with being an entrepreneur. She’s not a huge fan of that right now but so she but she gets it that it’s not like one thing or an easy button there’s the many little steps we take in order to have the success that we want. And so it’s been they’re they’re different right one loves to have like the shine in the spotlight on on the other one is more process oriented and introverted. But they both had really fun moments, Lino coming up on stage and saying things and being part of that journey that’s been awesome.

Jeremy Weisz 10:32
You know, Kim, thank you. I want to run next year. I want to read the book. The no BS guide to love or money with Kim and Katie. Okay. So I want to read that book in the next year. But thank you everyone. Check out Kim. It’s always amazing to be with you. So thank you.

Kim Walsh-Phillips 10:57
Oh, it’s been so great being your friend and I Love to watching your journey and thank you for having me on your show today.