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Jeremy Weisz 20:01 

Nir you talk about, I know you do workshops all over the world. Can you talk about, I think it was industry 4.0?

Nir Zavaro 20:10 

Yeah, I was introduced to industry 4.0. So everything to do with supply chains, right? Factories, shipping, like stuff that are not the normal day-to-day things I do in the company. And I did some workshops with IFO Valley, which is an amazing hub in Israel, around Korea. And they work only 4.0. And we met amazing people with amazing stories of companies. One of them, and the CEO you call me about a year later. And he says, hey, so we’ve been invited to a competition, but we can’t seem to tell the story. And I saw, okay, you said, it’s next week in Hong Kong, and we need your help. I say, okay, and we had agreed on 10-hour work, we did everything in eight hours, because he didn’t have enough time. They ended up going from an idea that’s very complicated, and very hard to explain on within a second to winning a competition number one of the 50 getting the check, then getting the EU to sign a contract with them for the test. And then getting the next round ad. I remember, by the way, he’s a great guy called me afterwards. And he said, I know we had an invoice, but change it to any number you want. It took me an eight hours for nothing to accompany. By the way, I didn’t do anything. He was amazing. He was distorted, I only helped him understand that he’s able to create that story. And what we did is talk less about the complexity of the robots with the machine and how the stray woods. Okay, well, we focused on the hook. And within the three-minute pitch, the first 30 seconds are very, very important to explain, and help people understand what we actually do. And it was interesting, because the product that they created is very complicated. But in fact, and I don’t know if you know this, in factories, in order to clean the products, when it comes to food factories, cosmetics, it means they need to stop the machines for 1000s of hours every year. So they’re able to clean them. The cleaning detergents are very expensive. And in terms of ecosystem, they’re part of the worst. And costing not only a lot of money, but between 150 and 2000 100 people worldwide will die every year from the clean materials. And basically what we understand is in factories clean isn’t really clean. And we use that three times in terms of repetition. And then we explain what they actually but if I tell you if you have a factory, I can save you 1000s of hours, less employees. We all agree he knows cleaners. He can save money on the detergents. Plus there’s less taxes and stuff because they’re polluting less. So what happens in the book is people say well, wait, how can you do that? And if you think when I want to sell you something, your first immediate reaction we’re now on a video but I’ll put my hands up and sell me.

Jeremy Weisz 23:51 

People are closed off.

Nir Zavaro 23:52 

Exactly. But if the first book made them understand that there’s something here to say, how can you do that? The moment a person has to lean in, we sold it. The snowboard shop when people would come into the shop and say I’m not buying I just came here to look it’s a snowboard shop in Israel you had to drive an hour find parking, pay for the parking, walk the shop was behind this building. But you only can look. Now in the back of your mind, you know, and I know that if you see something you like you’ll buy, now what I need to do is not interrupt. So we would say oh you’re not buying that’s the budget you know, no matter what you’re asking for me I will not sell and we’ll do it in this very fun kind of way. So you joke when they ended up paying $1,500 they would say I can’t believe you made me buy, I say I didn’t do anything I just helped you pay. The best sale is a no sale. I’m not pushing, I’m helping. If it fits in you’d like it, you buy. And I think this is very important in the book to explain.

Jeremy Weisz 25:04 

Nir, when you took that company in person through the industry 4.0, what were some of the, like you said, you give them the person’s like they did it all. I mean, but you lead them through the process? What’s an example of a question or two that you prompted them to start to uncover these emotions, the most important pieces?

Nir Zavaro 25:27 

Yes. So the emotions are part of the KPIs. And then the last piece where we want to measure the beginning is to understand what are the buckets of information, because you believe that everything is important. In reality audience doesn’t. So the main thing was to define and if you say, we need to show them the competition, right? Every startup has a slide about the competition. Usually, the slides are so complicated that you tend to talk about them for 15% of the three minutes or wait. So basically, instead of putting so much emphasis on all the information, and all the visuals, what we do is we start buckets, a market bucket competition product, and we started adding all the pieces of information there. And then we define the two or three most important pieces of information, everything else is not relevant for him. And what happens is, we can then focus on the most important things. And then what you need is less, not more. And remember, I only need some nuggets to get the trailer pitch for you to ask for more. That’s all. And I think once that clatter disappears, and they can think clearly, and then a three-minute pitch will have no 16, 18 pieces of information, suddenly the structure feels different. Then we can also understand what is the hook that we want to start with? What happens now, everything makes sense. This is the hook. But so and whatever you want to have, that we’re unfolding the scene after scene, only when that’s done, we insert the text. So now, like a story, like in my novels, there’s an unfolding, we create the scenes. And we are changing the paradigm of slide after slide here. We’re going to talk about the competition. Here, we’re going to talk about the product. Here’s the solution. Why? It’s not interesting. And once we are able to create the story. Now what is interesting is when you ask people these guiding questions like in the book, they know more than I do about their product, they know more about their journey. So it means that most of the time they will be able to create a better story than others. They know. So you’re helping them build kind of like, we have the same. When a client says I want you to come up with marketing that’s out of the box, right? So you say okay, can you explain the box? If your brand doesn’t explain the box, I can’t think outside of the box. Which is by the way, 90% of brands don’t know how to explain the box. So we need to define the box.

Jeremy Weisz 28:27 

Nir, the Petronas tequila World Championship.

Nir Zavaro 28:31 

Yeah, I got a call from a former bartender of mine, Vita amazing woman. And she says this F*ck She Slides works for everything. I said, yeah, can work for tequila. Yeah. And she’s in charge of patrol tequila in Israel for distribution everything and she does a lot of the learning events and stuff like that. Then we did the sole house of Jaffa and we hosted the 10 finalists for the tequila patrol of 2022. And I told them, F*ck The Slides very similar to how I will do to the startup. It was very, very interesting, an amazing group of people. By the way, I think that’s a big part of doing these workshops. I get to meet amazing people and hear different ways of thinking, always inspires you to say, ah, this could be improved, I can do this differently. And competition day was great. People had great sessions. Now what’s interesting about the tequila Patrum competition the final is 40% of the Cocktail Competition is about the story you tell. That is more points for the story than it is for the drink the making on the Gosh. So the story is what makes the taste flavor the feeling. Now, once the competition was done, an amazing, and currently more she won the competition. And I told her listen, I think you’re amazing. I’d be happy to work with you for a few hours and prep you for the world championship. She was excited, I was excited. And I said, I know you’re excited. In two weeks, I’ll be able to say I trained the word champ. And we worked. And she came up with the story. And I said, that’s great. There’s 19 other contestants, and all of them will start the story by saying, the challenge you gave us. But when I started working, we need a story. And she had this amazing story about a woman who was the muse for many artists in the 1930s, end of the 1930s. And she traveled the world. And she always wanted to be the artist. And not the Muse. She found her home in Mexico. And we picked the whole story around that. And she won. Both of her story were amazing. And now she does a lot of things here. She has an ability, she can have a presence, a show, enabling her to understand that she fixes a few things about how you start, what’s a good hook, how to structure the scenes, she became, in my opinion, invincible. And now when she does her bartending workshops, they’re amazing.

Jeremy Weisz 31:31 

What was she in the end pitching?

Nir Zavaro 31:34 

Cocktails two cocktails, so she had to do two cocktails that we prepared for by the way, they also had one that was unplanned. Okay, so you can implement the same structure. So F*ck The Slides means that the team will prepare for raising capital. But tomorrow, they will use the same concept to run the meetings. Now, when you want to raise money, you go in with one ask, if you like this, I need a million dollars easy. When you go into a meeting, everything’s confusing, right? There’s a lot of things we need, we don’t your product manager. Great, what’s your one ask picture than three minutes. And it’s important to stay the trailer pitch must have slides, I cannot go into a meeting with investors without slides. But the slides will play a supporting role, which is either the supporting role or scenery. What people tend to forget is they use the same slides for everything. The pitch deck they sent before the slides they present when they speak, what they’ll send after this is not great. This is where we failed every type of supporting role that something has needs to be relevant for that piece of the puzzle. So the trailer pitch will have supporting slides mean that you will have very little text and they need to help you. It means also they from take away your slides your stories template. And then we have what in the book is called the toilet deck. What is it? I learned there’s a TD and I call it the toilet deck because there’s two things we need to remember. One is the slides I sent for the meeting one pager and the pitch deck or whatever you want to call it. I will not sit next to you when you read it. I need to remember you need to have more text than the trailer pitch because you will need to understand by yourself. Okay. And the second thing about it that I learned is many investors read the decks we send the minimum deploy. So we call it the toilet. Now this is a standalone, I am not telling, you need to be able on your to understand what we’re doing. What’s the offering, what’s the asking price. Then when we meet I in the presentation. The slides if they’re supporting by the way, we had the story about a guy that investors made the work with. You don’t want to work. We started writing the story he didn’t want to write it didn’t want to do this. He was complaining all the time. And then he went he had this very, very important call, there’s three investors all of the very well-known in Israel. He’s starting the pitch midway about a minute and a half one of the investors says hey, so it’s very interesting just to make sure I can hear you clicking didn’t share the slides. And he said this is the first time I understood why I’ve worked. His story was well enough to carry the pitch without the slides and he kept going and later he said to them, okay, so I think once you understand that the ability, then if you right, you know how it sounds, how you need to present it, that creates some sort of confidence. And most of us will go pitching when we have bullet points. So that means we are unprepared. we’re improvising the most important thing. Okay?

Jeremy Weisz 35:17 

Nir, you’re supposed to launch your book, October 8.

Nir Zavaro 35:25 

I was supposed to start the marketing plan October 8, in November 5 to actually launch the book. But there was a whole dozens of interviews and other stuff and about 100 pieces of content that was supposed to go live. And getting a lot of support from all over the world.

Jeremy Weisz 35:44 

I feel like, I don’t I can’t speak for other countries. But in the US, when the planes hit the World Trade Center. I knew exactly where I was. I know a lot of people I know knew exactly where they were. Where were you October 7?

Nir Zavaro 36:01 

I woke up to second alarm, I didn’t hear the first one. There was sirens. So it didn’t hit the first round. This happens here every few years. It’s not good. That happens. And I went to the staircase, the apartment that was waiting, I wasn’t supposed to be here. So I was subletting an apartment close to my own apartment. And it was very strange because it was an apartment I used to rent many years ago, a lot of my stuff was still there. And it felt surreal. It felt like I was stuck in the past. I’m looking at my previous apartment where I’m sitting on the sofa, it’s my coffee machine and stuff, sirens are going off. I opened the TV, and I realized that the world would never be the same. By 8:30am here, I understood that the world would not be the same. why? I think I believe the some way, for some reason, this place is important. I don’t know why. And displace this land, for some reason became the gate. When this place falls, we will not understand what evil is, it will be so out of this world. And October 7, was the first time that that hell was unleashed. And I will explain. We were talking earlier and they said experiences and feelings and emotions. A big part of why you believe what I say is because you can comprehend through your experiences your mind can understand what are some of the atrocities that went on? Things that if you will believe what I said, you will not know how to keep on living. If I would tell anyone on this planet that we know for certainty that in 60 days the word is going to end. People don’t have anything to hold on to believe. It is easier to say no, it didn’t happen. We didn’t see facts. Oh, this wasn’t real. Because if it was, what does it mean? And I think that one of my biggest ask was the first two weeks of talking to a lot of companies a lot of business owners, stuff was pleased, don’t fight, try and remain calm, try and discuss try and talk. And I posted on the eighth, October 8, I posted I think a video and I said the word would never be the same. This is a new reality are supposed to launch a book called F*ck The Slides. But now who gives a fuck. And I think if I didn’t have many years of travel, and many friends around the world that I always helped them, they needed and I never, never asked him in return. I would never launch this book and the fact that you have friends all over the world, and they’re coming together to help me with the book. That’s amazing. That’s unbelievable. It shows you that people are people, people are the same. They have the same wants and the same needs. True some people have a very different concept of life. And with some we might not agree. But if we take out the extreme on every side, we need to hold on to something we need to understand that if we don’t have positivity or hope then there’s no point, then that evil will win. And I’m not at the point where I’m willing to let it win. And that’s why I’m going to push on with the book and keep traveling. At the end, I want to teach as many people as we can how to become better storytellers. And sometimes, sometimes in order to hear, get the best stories, you need to be very present, and you need to listen.

Jeremy Weisz 38:16 

Nir, I’m wondering your perception, you know, of the world’s reaction. And before we hit record on here, there were sirens going off, you had to go into the basement, I mean, for everyone listening or watching, Nir like, super calm. But the beginning of this, sirens were going off, we may not have been able to do the interview, you had to go in the basement. When sirens going off, just to give people an idea, because we’re in the US, right? What does that actually mean? What’s actually happening when the sirens are going off?

Nir Zavaro 41:05 

I think we need to remember that we are very, very lucky. Ingenuity means that 96% of missiles are being intercepted midair. So far, there have been I think, six or 7000 missiles fired when a missile does hit imagine you took out a building two apartments, cars that are driving and so on. So imagine this two injured someone dies, Middle East, right? So what, but if we had six or 7000, you’re talking about 1000s of deaths. So we have been lucky that we find the problem and we find the solution. Remember that, by the way, many of the things that you and I are now using, there was a problem, we found the solution. So once that is solved, this becomes sadly, a practical thing. There’s a siren, I have about 90 seconds to go down to the shelter. Three floors down. It is what it is, we’re not happy about it. We feel it’s bothering us. But remember, this is happening to a nation. These kids who won’t stay alone, those people, women that are pregnant, that are suffering from anxiety, and imagine how dangerous that is for the babies, those people actually get injured, the shrapnel that sometimes hits and that happens. So we’re lucky in the sense that we’re able to maintain some sort of a life. But most of the restaurants are closed, most of the businesses are closed, most of the shops in the mall are closed. So the economy is starting to get hurt. On the other side, we’re finding new ways of adapting. So if you look at startups, they’re finding ways of working. If you look at companies that need to export, we’ll find ways. Remember, every time we face adversity, we improve. It’s not happy. We don’t like loss of life, not on this side on the other side, but we become better. And one thing that people will not understand the distinct Jewish religion that every person has a word. It has a story. It has connections, it has heard every person. We mourn the life of one or two or three, like it’s the whole world. What happened on October 7, is in the magnitude is we became a bit numb to numbers. Now, if you have us go from one as a word to 1400, will figure it out. You have a problem. Because we are now numb to loss. And that is a profound thing for them to understand. We all went to funerals. We all have this form when you do stuff. I’m doing this interview to keep my mind occupied on something. Because if not, what am I supposed to hold on to. And if we’ll fight, fight, and if we win, we will win and if we need to be better, we’ll be better. But all of this could be done so different. It shouldn’t have been like this. Nowhere here the other side. No, doesn’t serve it.

Jeremy Weisz 43:29 

What was your perception of the world reaction?

Nir Zavaro 44:35 

I’ll take it from a storytelling perspective. Their story suck. If you think about it, everybody’s allowed to walk in a camera and talk. All right, now what happens is everyone hears someone else say, well, I like this message. I’ll amplify it. I think finally after many years, politically correct, which is an American thing, initially, which was in Israel, we say, we don’t care about this politically correct. That’s not the right way to move forward. Right? It’s like lying all the time. Now we understand, we are learning who likes us and who doesn’t, by the way, why does it matter? My religion, or my gender, or my sex, or my sexual preference? Why does it matter to people? People are people. But people need something to hate as much as they need something to hope for. That’s how people are the DNA is wired. This is how it is. Now, what is interesting, that thing, suddenly, a lot of people woke up. And there’s a lot of, scare is become very tangible for a lot of people on the planet, not just Jewish communities, we’re getting that from a lot of people were non-Jewish. And people are suddenly saying, what’s happened? Where’s this go? Now, I urge people that are listening or watching this, the fact that you have an opinion is amazing. Not relevant, it’s not relevant, it is your opinion. Now, when your opinion and my fact are the same then the world will go back. I urge people to have a discussion, a discussion means I would state what is an opinion, I will state what is the fact, and then I will listen to what you have to say. I will understand what we can discuss. If two people are and the volume is what defines it, nothing is moving forward. It’s like politics. When two people argue about politics, how many of you ever seen a Republican and a Democrat argue in a coffee shop? Suddenly, someone’s wow, you know what, I will change my opinion. Never. Never it’s your opinion, and its fine that’s opinion. But the fact that people are amplifying this is dangerous. Dangerous. And by the way, I’m getting a lot of videos from people that are not Jewish about hey, look, but this Jewish guy from Texas says that, so probably my friends, but fuck you guy from Texas, I’ve never met you. I don’t know who you are. But remember, there were a lot of Jews in the early 1940s that thought that if they’ll help the Germans, nothing will happen to them. They went to office. So don’t be a smartass on social media. By the way, I made the post last week, I think there’s nothing social about this meeting. I think the responsibility that people have I think Elon Musk lost it anyway. So it’s not relevant anymore to the story. But the other people were still thinking about the money, especially Zuckerberg and stuff like that. They have a responsibility. People are dying, because they’re making money. And I think that’s horrible. Horrible. We also now are seeing that people have an extreme side or an extreme side. But the 90% that are silent, are scared.

Jeremy Weisz 44:48 

Nir, what some of those things that you hear in the media that when we talk about fact versus fiction, like you hear people coming out and saying, ceasefire. What does that mean to Israel? What does that mean to you as an Israeli?

Nir Zavaro 48:50 

Let’s start with the fact that no one likes war. I’m not in no way am I happy about the fact that we’re at war, not on my side and not on others. We are not happy when we learn. And we’re close to the people on the ground, sadly. And we also learn that there’s a situation now and Hamas is pushing civilians to stay in fire zones, because then they can scream that people die, guess what? They die, which is unbelievable. And the fact that the discussion is still there, instead of hey, wait is really happened by the way, Ukraine is fighting Russia. You don’t have media the same as you. When the Americans are fighting in Afghanistan or used to fight in Iraq. Media wasn’t exactly there. So I think once everybody became enlightened, and the woke movement and everything Why not come and say hey, what is really happening? Egypt is not open. In the board, okay, why? Why are they threatening? What is really happening? In business sometimes when things happen, because the concept was we say and sit down and say, what is really happening? It’s not what I think it’s not about losing the client, oh, there’s a problem. Why are things happening? But no one is asking. And by the way, I assume you assume and some other people will listen, have kids, I assume. If someone came in at 7am, on a Sunday to pick your kids, shot, your wife took your kids, and you don’t know where they are in the captive. What would you do to get them back? Anything? Now, let’s start the discussion. What happened before now for that parents, it’s not relevant. Now, you should mention to the call. I would even argue that you shook it too much. To the point where people now saying hey, we can never let this happen again. I had a call a few days ago, and I apologize to 60 people on a call. And they said, I apologize if you feel that we failing because of what’s happening in Israel, we cannot ensure your safety in other places. Now, I do not represent my country. Sometimes I do because I go to a lot of events. Sometimes I carry a flag. And I have a tag that says Israel. But I do not sit on any Council. I’m not a politician. I’m not. So this is how we feel now. So in the end, if we want to talk about politically correct, I think forget about it. Now people are saying what they actually think why is different discussion for us is very scary. Now, if we understand that we are not leaving, and we understand that the side only wants to kill us. Now we can start having a different session. And if we’re talking about a ceasefire, okay, give us back the kids. Give us back the babies give us back the word give us back the young girls. Then we can talk. Why is nobody asking that? Why are the French offering for example, Floating Hospital and the Arabs are against, interesting now. So there’s a lot of different discussions. By the way, I think when we look at the story, this is a very, very small chapter. I believe that there are bigger things happen when you can look at the global world.

Jeremy Weisz 53:00 

Why is that you brought this up Nir, when the plane hit New York in the buildings at Twin Towers compared to this terrorist attack massacre in Israel. I feel like the world had a much different reaction. Like you said, you said something about the media wasn’t in Afghanistan like it is now in Israel and in Gaza.

Nir Zavaro 53:35 

That’s just not the same effect. Manhattan is not the same currency as Israel. It’s not the same currency as Tel Aviv. It is what it is. By the way, a lot of places on the planet don’t carry the same weight as Manhattan. At the end, one of the last empires was the US. So when you heard them, the front store, the massacre here is 15 times bigger when you calculate the population size, the 911. Every person knows someone. Okay, we just had an EO member suddenly lost four members of their family. Not only was that big, this was a calculated person-by-person. This is not a plane hitting and suddenly the buildings collapse, that wasn’t banned. Right. This is a calculated massacre over one by one person. So I think also, I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard, they’re now showing some of the video clips, the un-editing video clips to reporters. We heard the report last week, and he said, I will never be able to unseen what I’ve seen. Some people threw up, some people left in the middle. Some people said, it can’t be that it’s been recorded on their GoPros on full K. The horrific things. Okay, some of the things that are now shown to people from the embassies here. Okay, to explain what happened. So I think it doesn’t carry the same weight, it’s far away for most places. And by the way, why should people in Australia or in the US or stuff care? This is the other side of the word, folks. And yet everybody has an opinion on things.

Jeremy Weisz 55:52 

Yeah, I mean, Nir, as far as that goes, what are some of the resources people should check out? Like you said, those people across the US, obviously are posting the kidnapped science, right. And there’s people all over the US, ripping them down. Right. And I’ve watched a number of the videos, like, people are denying it happened. I mean, they probably rip them down for all sorts of reasons. But one of them is, this is false. It’s not happening, right, or it didn’t happen, or whatever the reason is, and now they’re starting to release videos on this.

Nir Zavaro 56:40 

How do they know, in New York, when they’re ripping it off that it didn’t happen? They don’t. Right. So let’s say out of respect, I don’t know. Out of respect, I’m not telling you. There’s a lot of things by the way, I don’t know. A lot of atrocities I don’t know. Now, when I have an opinion about Russia, Ukraine, which a lot of people were referring to the first week, okay. And I read a lot and have opinions and I don’t post them on social media. I’m not an expert about the subject. Okay. Plus, I’m far away I can only hope from I have friends on both sides, they will find a way that will resolve I hate the front of the subway, I hate the fact that people get pain. And I don’t use hate very light. But why doesn’t the person from Manhattan buy flight tickets with his camera, and come here and meet the families. They’re are here, by the way every evening on the street not far from where I sit. Meet the families to 200 I think 50 now. In today’s world, if you want to fact-check by an $800 ticket. And by the way, I was talking to someone that was cursing me, which I’ve never met, I don’t know who he is. I don’t know how he found my account. He was cursing. So dude, buy a ticket, go to Egypt, go to the border. You want to go and you want to see what’s happening. It’s very important, if you have an opinion, doesn’t matter what it is. If that creates a positive or negative at the moment we’re posting mainly Hamas is ISIS because we know for a fact that the true we know we’re seeing what’s happening to the civilians, we’re talking to the civilians, by the way, I can share with you the stories I’ve heard from people who have friends on the other side that the coders can do, okay, which is a horrible situation. And the same, kill them get Hammas out, get Hammas out.

Jeremy Weisz 58:51 

We aren’t hearing those stories here. I haven’t heard a lot of those stories.

Nir Zavaro 58:56 

Great. You want me to buy the flight ticket?

Jeremy Weisz 58:59

No I’m saying, what’s the sentiment of the people in Gaza that you and your friends are talking to and in Israel?

Nir Zavaro 59:10 

But listen, it’s very important, we are only talking to certain people. Same way as someone in Jordan stocking certain. Do not assume because you’ve met two people that you can elaborate or calculate for the whole population. It doesn’t work like that. If you have an opinion, keep it to yourself. If you have a fact you can mention it. By the way, the fact means that we can agree on it, outside now, is evening. If we cannot agree on evening, then you will say it’s daylight, you and I have a problem. And the only way to resolve it is not verbally and that is where the problem starts. I can share that we know certain things but again, my own experiences. I cannot talk for any personal. Sadly I can’t talk for every person in Israel. I cannot talk every person in Gaza, I don’t know, I can aspire and hope that one day, we’re going to have peace. I can only, you know what I can’t even begin to imagine what a mother is going through. Okay, let alone the women and the mothers whose kids are kidnapped. I would not wish that on my worst enemies. And I believe these are the things if an LGBTQ person believes that they are supporting an organization that would love to throw them off the roof, that is weird to me. Why do you have an opinion about this? What is your knowledge about this subject? And then I’m asking, hey, wait, before you post. And remember that these actions of posting because it’s easy and fun, have some sort of a consequence on the other side. And if because you posted about this. And by the way, what we’re seeing is LGBTQ is posting Black Lives Matters are posting, hatred is spawning everywhere. And then the next thing we saw is Black Lives Matter groups are getting beat. So did that serve the purpose? It didn’t. No one should be hit, or injured or attacked. And we need to remember, there’s a famous quote, that first they came from the communist. I didn’t say anything, they didn’t, they came for the fascist insane, then they came for the Jews. And then same thing, then they came from this at that. In the end, when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up for. Remember that the next time you decide to post or pick a side that you have no understanding of. And I want to make it very clear. I’m not saying that side or the other side is right. In terms of humanity, things that happen should never happen to anyone. And then we need to understand this as a whole new war where kidnapping kids, it’s fine. So if you’re woke movement, or progressive in telling me that kidnapping a pregnant woman, let alone an executing, murdering, beheading, and so on, that’s fine. I would argue that maybe you’re not so progressive.

Jeremy Weisz 1:02:28 

We’re sitting here, first of all, thank you, thanks for having this conversation, especially during this crazy difficult time. I really appreciate your time and your journey. And my last question is, what are some of the sources or experts that you encourage people to check out who do have are talking facts, and they’re living it. And I do want to point people to your website, And to check out and by F*ck The Slides, no matter what you do, we always need to be a better storyteller. It doesn’t matter if it’s for our company for our personal life. What are some resources people should checkout?

Nir Zavaro 1:03:19 

I think, first of all, history is a pretty good place to start. I think. I’ve heard a lot of different variations, I would encourage people to read some of the histories of not only the region, but the understanding of what marketing of media is, and a lot of the things of the hatred we’re seeing now, by the way, if you go back and you read the biography of Gibbons, okay, he was the Nazi guy in charge of how to create mass marketing, and how to create that separation, that hatred is being used today, in many, many places. I suggest reading the Spin Dictators, a great book for 2018 that talks about why today, you don’t need to kill millions in order to become a dictator, what’s happening in all the countries around the world? I think, go back, first of all, read the history. And again, I think once we have that, it’s amazing to see that the history will repeat itself. Make sure you’re on the right side of history. That’s all you will know which facts are right.

Jeremy Weisz 1:03:20 

Nir, one of my favorite resources that someone pointed out to me, I don’t know if you’ve seen this one. It’s a site called And you’re talking about it’s very easy for people to post on social media and do things. But this site holds people accountable for doing some of these things. And so whether someone to faces a high school with swastikas, right, whether there’s all the stuff that’s happening across universities. And so this is a site that someone pointed out to me that has some up-to-date information on what’s happening around the US itself.

Nir Zavaro 1:05:28 

I hope that we will find a way to go back without being politically correct and without using hatred as a form of helping ourselves achieve or become bigger or larger than someone else. This is not the wage. We are all the same. People are people.

Jeremy Weisz 1:05:50 

Everyone, check out and check out more episodes of the podcast. Thanks everyone. Thanks Nir.