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Matthew Bertulli is the co-founder of Demac Media and Pela Case. Pela Case is the world’s first compostable phone case. This helps cut down on the billion cases produced each year that will probably end up in the ocean. Demac Media is an award-winning ecommerce products and services company based out of Toronto, Ontario. They are one of the largest Magento Gold partners in Canada and one of the top Magento partners globally and a Shopify partner as well. Their 90 person staff provides ecommerce platform technology and managed services to retailers, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors selling direct to consumer or business to business.




Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:16] Jeremy welcomes his guest, Matthew Bertulli.
  • [3:10] Matthew talks about email notifications and conversion rates.
  • [5:00] Why reviews are so important.
  • [7:45] The biggest mistake that ecommerce leaders are making with data.
  • [11:20] Matthew shares some bumps along the way and building a healthy culture.
  • [15:50] A proud moment in business.

In this episode…

What role does customer feedback play in your organization? Do you value and highlight feedback from your customers or is it only an issue when it’s negative? Could you be wasting a valuable opportunity to build off of reviews and increase your credibility? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator Matthew Bertulli. In his conversation with Jeremy, Matthew discusses email notifications, why product reviews are so important, common mistakes ecommerce leaders make with their data, the challenges he has faced along the way, and much more! Don’t miss a minute of this compelling episode featuring Matthew!

As ecommerce businesses continue to expand and dominate large sections of the marketplace, the role of customer reviews will only increase. By utilizing and highlighting customer reviews, small and startup businesses can fast-track their credibility and build public trust. Reviews can also act as a double-edged sword and cut the other way with negative reviews. Matthew Bertulli wants ecommerce sellers to really understand the nature of product reviews and how they can use them to their advantage. To that end, he’s developed Demac Media as a way to empower and equip ecommerce businesses with the tools they need to succeed. What can you learn from Matthew’s efforts?

Did you know that one of the most important aspects of running an organization is building a healthy culture? It’s true! Leader after leader in the ecommerce industry and other sectors are quick to point to the renewed emphasis on workplace culture and what they are doing to stand out in that department. One of Matthew Bertulli’s proudest accomplishments as a business leader is the thriving and enticing workplace environment that he’s built at Demac Media. Their work culture isn’t perfect by any means but they are working toward improving the environment every chance they can get which will only serve their customers better in the long run. Does your organization have a healthy work culture?

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