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Matt Fraser 4:15

Yeah. I mean, what people don’t realize about psychics and mediums or at least about myself, as I never woke up and said, Oh, you know, one day I want to be a psychic medium, it was just the opposite. You know, I started my career as an EMT, where I worked for the World Trade Center in Boston. And if you’re not sure what an EMT is, is an emergency medical technician. And that was my dream. That was my passion. That’s what I thought was my calling at the time was helping people on the physical level. But I literally grew up like that boy from the sixth sense, seeing and hearing and feeling the departed. And in the beginning, I was petrified of this, you know, this wasn’t something that I wanted to do. It wasn’t something that you know, I felt cool to do. It was actually something that I didn’t even realize, you know, not every not everybody else could do this. I didn’t realize it was a psychic or when I was a medium growing up, I literally just thought that the house was haunted. And that’s what I was experiencing, I never realized that I had a gift or ability to communicate with people who had died. So for years, I pushed it away.

Jeremy Weisz 5:15

I want to we’ll talk about turning the point where you decide to turn this into a business. But you know, what are some of the cons, you know, you probably encounter a lot of skeptics, right? And what I was watching one, I think it was on Meet the Frasers, your show. And you said, who’s a skeptic here and your dad?

Matt Fraser 5:37

That’s just love that I really.

Jeremy Weisz 5:40

So what are some of the common statements you get from skeptics?

Matt Fraser 5:44

Well, first of all, I love the skeptical ones. You know, I think everybody walks in as a skeptic, right? Especially if you don’t know what a psychic medium is, or you’ve never, you know, had a reading before, you’re gonna be like, Well, wait a minute. Like, for example, I know that one of the biggest questions I get is, is it real? How is it that somebody can talk to the dead? How can somebody speak to someone that has died? Right? And listen, I’m right there with you what, to me. It’s crazy. And I will be the first one to tell you that. I think that you know, it’s unbelievable. And every day, I’m amazed at what it is that I do. And people say to me all the time. Well, how is it that you do it? I have no freaking clue to be honest with you. Because it’s been happening from when I was a kid. So the same way that I could ask you, you know, how is it that you walk? How is it that you talk? How is it that you move? And you’re like, I don’t know, I just waved my arms and it happens. It’s the same thing with being a medium these souls come to me, I just can hear them. And that’s what’s so cool. What, from your over the years,

Jeremy Weisz 6:42

who’s like the biggest skeptic that sticks out that kind of did a 180 once you started, you know, we’re

Matt Fraser 6:50

oh my god, I’m so glad you asked this question, Michael Clayton. So Michael Clayton was in the NFL. And then literally, he went to become a talk show host on studio 10 in Tampa, Florida. And he did a good morning talk show, he was a good morning talk show host. And literally, he did not want to believe like in the beginning, like there was like they were even telling me like, Oh, Michael kind of doesn’t even want like you on the show. Because like he doesn’t really believe in mediums and whatnot, and so on and so forth. And literally, I went into that TV show, and all of a sudden, you know, the moment that I was there, his friend was coming through and I started to read him. And you saw him go from skeptical to reserved to, you know, I’m not going to believe this. And next thing you know, doing a full one ad on live television. And all of a sudden, it was just incredible because that that one video literally touched millions of people like I think right now it’s up to three point something million views on YouTube, just because of his reaction just because so many people could relate to him. So many people saw it for the first time was like, Well, wait a minute, I didn’t believe in in this until now. And I think that, you know that reading alone, hands down is one of my favorites. Because that’s what I want people to walk away from, but the experience, I expect everyone to walk in and say, you know, is it real? I don’t know, I’m unsure but I’m gonna go and I’m gonna try it out. And I love that about my shows, I love them. Somebody comes to an event or comes to reading and walks in a skeptic, but leaves being a believer because they walk away with something, they walk away with a knowing that there is life after death. And, you know, another reading that I did as well, which was so amazing, is when I was on the television show The doctors, that was another one that blew up because, you know, doctors, I gotta tell you, you know, medical doctors are the number one, the number one skeptics I feel because they’re so trained in science. And I try to tell them Well, listen, I was an EMT. You know, I believe in traditional medicine, that’s what I practice as well. But you know, you also believe in spiritual practices and spiritual, you know, healing therapy as well. And I remember being on that show the doctors, and literally, they just said, Matt, do what you do. And I ran out into the crowd, and I was reading, I was just reading people that were there. And in between commercial breaks. Dr. Travis said to me, he goes, Matt, he goes, I gotta tell you something. He goes, I can’t get over this. He’s like, because in medical were trained that you know, when you’re dead, you’re dead. He’s like, I’m so used to writing time of death on that on that death certificate. He’s like, I’m so used to pronouncing people in the ER, that seeing this and seeing that there is another side of life to this. He’s like, it’s just unfathomable. And that’s what I love. You know, I love I love just opening people’s minds that, you know, I’m not looking to prove anything to anyone, but I am looking to open people’s minds and show them listen, there is a possibility of this.

Jeremy Weisz 9:48

We’ll talk about that too on when you decide to turn this into a business but but another cool thing that you do is sometimes you get calls from the police. Right?

Matt Fraser 9:58

So it hasn’t happened a long time. It’s not the actual So police department that calls me because there’s no actual police psychics or mediums. But there have been independent investigators. And there have been people who work with the police department that have called on time to time, you know, to check up on things to see if there’s a clue to see if there’s, you know, a lead to see if there’s something that’s not my particular forte. And it’s actually funny, because what people don’t realize is that every medium has a specialty, like some mediums or medical mediums while they’ll be able to tell you you know, about what’s going on in your body. other mediums have pet communicators, where they connect with pet, some mediums are lifecycle, so they can tell you what’s going to happen in your life. Some are psychic detectives, I’m just a plain old, regular medium where I just connect you, you know, with the other side, there have been times when you know, I have I have been called by investigators and things like that. But it’s not where I really focus my work. Because I feel like that, you know, even if you can find out who committed the crime, you know, a lot of times it’s just not enough evidence to what I’ve seen to put people behind bars so to find justice. And I think that at the end of the day, the Justice needs to be the healing that people get from hearing from their loved ones. And not necessarily from finding clues. Yeah.

Jeremy Weisz 11:11

So what point because then you push us off for many years, you didn’t want this to be necessarily your profession or made the business at what point did you decide, you know, I’m, I’m going to embrace this and make a business out of this? Well, so

Matt Fraser 11:25

it’s really crazy. It’s like I said, I grew up having having this, you know, have this ability of seeing and hearing that pardon? It actually was really crazy, because my grandmother was a medium and my mom, but when I say that people always think that I’m talking about, you know, they had a little boutique and they read people and they’ve postcards know, when my grandmother was a medium. My mom was a medium, but they never did it professionally. They never accepted $1 It literally was that sometimes they would see visions, sometimes they would see premonitions, they would only read for close friends and family members. Not many people knew about it, it was not a business. Nobody knew until I came out and talks about it publicly, just like I said, a snoot a few close friends and family members. And the turning point for me was literally, you know, right out of high school, you know, after high school, I was like, I was always into medical, like I always wanted to be, you know, in the medical fields is the reason why I decided to go and become an EMT. And, you know, I was going through that certification, I was doing really well with it. You know, for the first time in my life, like I was acing everything I like, absolutely loved it. And then I like was at a crossroads and like, Okay, do I want to be like a physician’s assistant? Do I want to be a paramedic? What do I want to go for this, and at the time, all of my friends, were going to see psychics and mediums, and they were having really great experiences navigating their life, you know, when they would come back, and they would tell me, Oh, I went into this medium, and they told me that, you know, I’m gonna marry this person, oh, I went into this medium. And I was told I was gonna have three kids. And this Williams told me, I’m gonna get into this college. I didn’t apply there. But I did. And then I got in, and they were having these just, you know, profound experiences, especially with a woman out of Boston. And they were like, Matt, you know, why don’t you go and I’m like, You know what, that’s, I really shouldn’t, because I’m like, I don’t know what to do with my life. You know, I don’t know what to do with, you know, this this EMT route, you know, and I don’t know whether to stay at my job is to work for an ambulance company. Like there was all these questions that I had. So long story short, I went to go and see this medium for the first time. And I

Jeremy Weisz 13:21

just very meta, Matt, like a medium going to a media. Well, I

Matt Fraser 13:24

didn’t know I was a medium, don’t don’t, don’t get me wrong. I had at that point, I had pushed my abilities away. I wasn’t seeing and hearing the departed, I was living a normal life, I felt like I was on my path. And I wanted to see somebody who was actually using their gifts. And so my family did was run from it, or keep it a secret. So I went to go and see a medium for the first time and it changed my life. Because I went there looking to hear one message, I had this whole list of questions to prepare, you know about my life and my future and where I would move and you know, who was gonna marry and all these types of things. And literally, I got a different reading than all of my friends. In the moment I sat down, this woman looked at me and said, all your grandmother’s here that passed, and she was a medium. And I’m like, Yeah, I’m like she was connected with you don’t she connected with the department and whatnot. And she’s like, and all of a sudden, she started picking up on my past. And she said, Well, I see that, you know, you’re a medium, and I go, Oh, no, I’m not a medium that I’m like, that’s not what I am. She’s like, Well, I see that, you know, back when you were younger, she had these visions that I could see dead people. I said, Yeah, I saw this when I was a little kid. I’m like, but that was like, there was something going on with that house. It wasn’t me. And she goes, Oh, no, this is you. So fast forward into the reading. You know, I’m asking her about you know, okay, well, what where do I go from here? Am I gonna be a paramedic? Am I gonna be a physician’s assistant? Am I gonna be able to pass the test? I don’t know. Because you know, if I hadn’t having issues, understand the heart rhythms and all this stuff, and she said to me, no, no, you need to listen to me. That’s not what you’re going to be. She says, I see. You being on television. She says I see you being a medium I see people putting powder on your face and care We’re showing up at your door and you being on reality TV and I’m saying to herself to her, I’m like, I think you’re reading the wrong cards. I’m like, I think you’re reading the wrong person. And it’s funny because we were like fighting back and forth with one another. She’s telling me, I see you being a media, I’m saying to her, honey, you’re looking at the wrong cards. Like, that’s not good. I don’t know what the hell you’re seeing, but you’re, you’re on the wrong track. And as much as I tried to redirect her into what I wanted to hear, she kept telling me this. And she told me, she goes, Listen, she goes, after I left the session, she goes, I just want to tell you one thing. She says, you may have thought that you pushed your abilities away, but they’re still there. She says, if you go home, she goes in, you know, she gave me like this meditation to do and told me all these things, she says you can get back your ability. And, you know, I went home and I thought about it. And I talked to my mom, and my mom confirmed to me that I guess my grandmother back in the day saw the same thing. So I said, You know what, I’m going to try it. So I went home, and I meditated, and I did what she told me. And then all of a sudden, I realized, I had this heightened sense of awareness. I was picking up on things sensing and feeling things like I never saw or felt before. And all of a sudden, for the first time, I felt like I was in control of this ability that I had been pushing away. So from there, I didn’t keep it a secret, I started telling friends and family members about it and and reading for close friends and family members. And then all of a sudden, it starts to turn into a business. You know, one of your books

Jeremy Weisz 16:25

mad is the secret to unlocking your psychic ability. And you know, since we get a lot of business CEOs and business people listening, there is you talk about this is like there’s an intuition, but whether it’s your hiring someone or firing someone or something, your business, talk about what’s in that book a little bit, because it sounds like for you, it took a little bit of practice to, you know, get your heightened sense. Like if you take Michael Jordan, like you can be a raw, amazing basketball player, but without the practice and the work ethic, you don’t become great. And it sounds like similar in this case.

Matt Fraser 17:03

Well, absolutely. And you know, I have a lot of a lot of clients that are entrepreneurs, and that are CEOs. And, you know, I try rarely, you know, talk to them about just that about trusting their intuition trusting their own psychic voice. Because that’s the toughest part is that here in this world, we have so much self doubt, we have so many limiting thoughts, limiting self beliefs. And we’re so afraid to take that next risk, we’re so afraid to take that next chance, we’re so afraid of listening to ourselves. And you know, our intuition works in a crazy way. Our intuition works like this, everybody around, you might be saying that’s not a good idea that’s going to fail, that’s not going to work, you’re never going to be able to do that. But your intuition is that one voice inside of you that will tell you that it will. And when you listen to it, you know, all of a sudden you have these breakthroughs that nobody else has. And that’s what I want to teach everybody is that listen, it’s about listening to that that inner voice because the souls on the other side tell me that the one thing that they regret most within life is not taking chances. They regret, you know, not having faith within their self listening to the crowd instead of listening to that inner voice. And that’s the one thing that I never do is that, you know, I’ll never listen to other people, I always listen, you know, to myself, because you know, we’re all being guided, we all are sensing and feeling things that you know, maybe other people can’t see. Or it might sound crazy to them. But if we trust it, if we trust it, you know, we will be led on the journey of a lifetime just like Walt Disney, just like the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books, you know, where, for example Harry Potter was one of those was one of those companies was one of that woman that was several Harry Potter in the beginning, they were taking it off of bookshelves, they were taking it off of storage, you know, they went against Catholic belief systems, people weren’t supporting it, mothers are being outraged and look where it is today. Talk about some of the daily practices.

Jeremy Weisz 18:55

I don’t know if it’s from that book, or what you recommend if someone does want to kind of heighten their sense of intuition in general, what do you recommend people do? As a daily practice or just a practice in general?

Matt Fraser 19:10

One, ask yourself internal questions, when you’re debating something when you’re, whether it be a contract with a big deal, whether it be you know, a venture that you’re going into ask yourself questions, how is this going to benefit me in the future? will it benefit me in the future? You know, is this something that I’m willing to invest in? Ask yourself the question, the question is, because when you do that, and you have internal conversations with yourself, you can gauge your feelings. Intuition is a feeling and what what where most people are afraid to listen to their intuition is because it’s not backed up by facts. You know, in today’s world, everybody wants the facts. I’m gonna give you an example from my life, right? Because this drives my team absolutely crazy, is I’ll say like, okay, like, I want to do I want to go I just feel like I need to do a tour and I need to go to, you know, let’s say Tampa, Florida, right? And then all of a sudden, the numbers come out and they’ll be like, Well, wait a minute, Matt. We Can’t go to Tampa, Florida because it’s not going to sell out. Well, how do you know that? Okay, well, look, you don’t have enough. There’s not enough fans in that area to support it on Facebook. There’s not enough, you know, people in that area watching your TV show, you know, there’s just not enough people there that cut that believe in psychics and mediums. So you shouldn’t go. And I’m like, Well, no, I just have this feeling we need to go and they’re like, no, like, blah, blah, blah, the facts, the facts, the facts. But then next thing you know, I’m like, Listen, I don’t care what the facts say we’re going, we’re doing this, I just have this feeling. And every time I say I just have this feeling it works out. Like for example, that’s happened in so many different shows. We go there, it sells out. And everyone’s like, Well, wait a minute, how could this happened? We have the numbers right here. You don’t have the numbers to support that audience. But yet the show sold out? Well, it’s because I trust my intuition.

Jeremy Weisz 20:44

Yeah, they’re looking at all the different data points. And sometimes the data doesn’t tell the whole story. Sounds Absolutely.

Matt Fraser 20:50

Absolutely. Talking about hiring.

Jeremy Weisz 20:53

Right, you do talk in the reality TV series, meet the Frazier’s about hiring family.

Matt Fraser 21:01

Oh, Jesus hiring family. I mean, let me tell you something, anyone who’s on here that’s listening, that knows is that there is no boundary when you have family working for you. And that’s just what it is. They think they can do whatever the hell they want. I mean, it’s a blessing, but it’s also a curse. Because no matter how many times you separate business and family, there is no separation. And that’s just what it is. Listen, you get in a fight at work, it carries home and into the family dinner, it carries home back to your house, then next thing you know, like, for example, I’m gonna give you example, my mother has come to work for me. I don’t know it’s a it was a great idea. But I will also tell you it’s also was a mistake as well, because like, for example, let me just tell you, I wrote up my mother, I know you might not want to hear it, but it’s true. I wrote my mother up, gave her a little pink slip. That was that she wasn’t she wasn’t listening to what the hell I said, I told the races. Always make sure when you’re calling people back, you’re calling the company phone, you call from the company phones this way if someone calls back obviously, they can get back to somebody in the office if they have a ticketing question. Now this lady is calling people on their cell phone or mobile phone next year, they can’t get in touch they have three different numbers and know how to get in touch with the office. So when I’m like my no like that, we have a phone he has a separate phone line installed in her house for that reason. And and in the office. I says you need to call people from this line. Okay, doesn’t listen. So finally, after the obtained time, I said, You know what, you’re done. You’re done. So I gave her the pink slip. I wrote a rap. Okay, between me I knew that piece of paper didn’t mean nothing. It was just a piece of paper, you know, to show her I was serious. Well, don’t you know, you know, F bombs for fly in which you normally wouldn’t do, you know, obviously, no other other employee would be able to tell you to go after yourself with my mother. And then next thing you know, that night, I’m getting a call from my father. And he’s like that you can’t write up your mother. I said, and where did you come into this situation? So he goes, Well, I’m telling you right now you can’t write up your mom, she gave birth to you. So I’m like, What the eff does that have to do? With? What How did you come into this business? If my mother worked at Walgreens would you be calling the store manager saying you can’t write up? You know, you can’t write up this woman because she didn’t do her job. I’m sorry. Appreciate you, I understand you. But in this world, you do. You don’t do your job you get written up. That’s just what it is. So this is what we deal with on a daily basis. Some may think that talking to the dead is hard. I think that talking to my family is harder. So

Jeremy Weisz 23:24

what ended up happening with your mom? Is she did you? Did you invite her back? I invite her back to continuers.

Matt Fraser 23:33

She was like, yeah, she was invited back. She was just she was just, you know, she just got a little pink slip. That’s all she’s got written up.

Jeremy Weisz 23:39

You got to send a message.

Matt Fraser 23:40

Had to send the message still here in my in my in my file folder, by the way. So every anytime she starts to act up, I got that little documentation. I say remember this? Because you know, listen, they want to say things. Sometimes you got to threaten your family. You do. I’m sorry. It’s the truth.

Jeremy Weisz 23:57

I love it. Um, you know, We Never Die: The Secrets of the Afterlife. What’s a favorite story from the book?

Matt Fraser 24:06

So, oh, my God, there’s so many. And you know, this book is very different than any other book that you may have read by a psychic or medium because I never, I never studied with somebody to learn about, you know, my gifts. You know, everything that I’ve learned and that I’ve learned about the other side, I’ve learned through talking to the departed. But I think that one of my favorite stories in the book, you know, really is about and by the way, it’s not a book about stories. It’s really about questions and answers. So it’s about like, for example, all the questions that people have asked me throughout the whole pandemic, that’s when I wrote this book was during the pandemic. So everyone’s every question that people have asked me, for example, what happens what happens to people who pass in a tragic way? What happens if we get married multiple times? Who do we end up in heaven? Who’s our soulmate? What if we didn’t meet our soulmate here in this world? What you know, what about the spirit world? How much can they really see? And I think that you You know, that’s one of my favorite questions that are answered, answered in this book is about how much your loved ones can see. Because people always ask me, they watch me in the shower, they watch me on the toilet, do they have access to that. And the one thing I can tell you is that your loved ones in spirit can see everything that you do everything that you do, but but they also have the option of tuning in to what they see and what they don’t. So for example, what I like to think about is just how explains in the book is, it’s like security cameras. We all have security cameras in our house, at least the majority of us do, I do. But I can’t tell you the last time I looked at the security cameras, I think the last time I looked at the security cameras in my house, were when you know I was in Florida, just to check up on the cats and make sure that the cats are okay living and breathing. But, you know, that being said, I have access to that to those footage I could during the day, I could look at the tapes all day long to see what my wife has to and what part of the house she’s in is she joined the close is she is she cooking issue during this issue doing that, right? But the thing is, is that I don’t I don’t do that. Because when I respect her privacy and too, I really don’t care. Well, that’s the same thing with your loved ones in spirit, they don’t care if you’re wiping your ass or if you’re going in, if you’re going in during your husband at night, you know, they really don’t care what what it is. They don’t care about that aspect of your life from what they tell me. I mean, they could be lying to me, but I don’t think so because they don’t lie in heaven. But they do care about is they do care about seeing the good moments in your life, the celebrations, the birthdays, the get togethers, that new grandchild that was born. That to them is, you know, gold and a treasure.

Jeremy Weisz 26:34

I think we have your next book, they don’t lie in heaven. That’s the next title of your book.

Matt Fraser 26:38

I’m gonna take right now.

Jeremy Weisz 26:40

Yeah, it comes came straight from your mouth, um, you know, the TV show for a second, you know, a favorite part, um, the ending of the TV show talk about the engagement.

Matt Fraser 26:56

So that was just absolutely incredible to me, the fact that you know, to even think that that moment was captured on on television was just so incredible. Because it was just, I couldn’t have worked out more perfect. Yes, it rains on that day. For those of you who saw the show, it was like crazy. I had this whole big, you know, elaborate engagement being planned outside, and we had to move it inside because of the rain, I flew my family down. But at the end of the day, it all worked out. So beautiful. And I think that that really sums up, you know, how life is is that, you know, we there’s, there’s all different situations that happen, we can’t go in, we can’t change the weather, we can’t change. We can’t We can’t change the venue. We can’t, we can’t change, excuse me in kitchens of the weather, we can’t change certain life events, we can only make the best of it. And if we go with the flow, and we write it out, you know, the perfect moment happens. And that’s exactly what happened with the engagement.

Jeremy Weisz 27:50

Man, not everyone likes the readings, there was actually a woman that hated her reading.

Matt Fraser 27:57

What one? Because you know what the thing is, is that, you know, as a medium, I gotta tell you this, there’s a couple of things that people don’t understand. And some mediums get pissed that I even talk about this. But you know, listen, either you either like it or you hate it. You know what I? Here’s the one thing that I’ve agreed to, it’s just a personal law that I that I go by is that I’m always going to tell people the truth, I’m always going to say what it is that I sense and feel, even if somebody doesn’t want to want to hear it. And even if they react negatively towards it, because I’m not here to filter the messages. So the one thing I can tell you is that you know, there are readings were certain souls don’t come through, and I can’t make someone come through. So let’s say you’re like, oh, I want to come to this medium and hear from my mom. Well, you know, chances are your mom will come through but she might not. It all depends on does she have a message does she want to speak to at that time is she is that soul free unavailable to come through and speak, right? I can’t make somebody comes down from heaven. I can’t make someone you know, come through and reach you. And at the same time, I can’t make someone come through and talk to you. For example, I was just doing a reading the other day was a private reading. And a woman came to me and she was so distraught. She was so stressed out because literally she was going through a divorce with her husband. They had been going through the divorce for two years, she was holding on holding on holding on to this relationship because of the fact that, you know, she was hoping that some way somehow they would end up back together. She didn’t want the divorce. It was her husband that wanted to divorce. And she came through looking to hear from her mom for some advice and guidance. And unfortunately, her mom came through during this reading and for mom’s had said, listen, unfortunately, this divorce is going through, you can hold on and hold on and hold on and you can drag this out in court, you can do everything you can but this divorce is going to happen. And you know, she was like Well Matt, you’re a medium. You know, my mom’s in spirit. You have to tell me what can I do to change this? And when I was talking to her mom and spirit the mother said to me, there’s nothing you can do to change it. You have to let go you need to let go of this man. This then You know, in fairness, the reading that I did, you know, the mother showed me that her husband had already moved on, he met somebody else. He was looking to divorce her because he was pursuing this new relationship. And she was the one that was in the middle she was holding on, you know, to him, she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t end this marriage because she didn’t want him to move on with this other person. So the mom’s advice was to let him go, let set him free, wrap up this divorce and live your life. And this woman did not want to hear it. She was pissed. She says, Well, I went to all these other mediums. And they told me that you know, to hang out, hang on, and you know, he’s gonna come back and I said, Listen, I don’t I can’t speak on what other mediums tell you, we can only tell you what your mom is telling me. And she’s telling me that, unfortunately, he’s not coming back. And that this is what you need to do. And, you know, it was crazy, because this was this. At first, she was so upset, and she was so mad. And she kept saying to me, this isn’t what I want to hear. This isn’t why I came to you. And I said, Well, I can’t tell you what you want to hear. That’s not what it is, you know, and she is funny, because she asked the question to me, you know, somebody doesn’t want the reading or doesn’t want to listen to the reading, when they asked you the same question. 10 different ways, right? So they asked you, you know, okay, how, what is my mom saying about my husband? Well, unfortunately, he’s moved on and you know, he’s met somebody new when? Okay, well, what is my mom’s sake? Are we getting back together? No, unfortunately, you know, is that well, what if he leaves the woman will we get back together, we’ll check five years into the future check. 10 years into the future. I’m like, Listen, you know, unfortunately, this is what your mom is saying, you know, there’s no way to change the situation. But as hard as that was as a message for her to hear. I know that this is what she needed to hear to be able to heal. She stuck in that moment until she changed, moved on and was able to set him free. Alright,

Jeremy Weisz 31:42

Matt, I have one last question. Before I ask it. I want to point people to a couple areas of your website, but I want to give a shout out to Amal Wagner who introduced us and she said, Jeremy, you know, when you talk to Matt, if you feel like at the end, or if he feels like it, then ask him if he sees anyone. And I was like I’m a little worried to ask that question. But you know, sometimes you just have to embrace the things that make you uncomfortable. And where are you? So that will be my last question. But I want to point people to meet To check out more check out his book. We never die secrets of the afterlife. He’s also has the book when Heaven calls and then also I mentioned the psychic ability, but his latest and greatest one will say we never die. Check it out. Also, he does zoom readings, you can group sessions. He also does live ones. So you can check everything out on his website. And of course, the TV show as well meet the Frazier’s. Where else are there any other places online on your website that we should point people towards?

Matt Fraser 32:49

Well, definitely YouTube, definitely the YouTube channel. So the TV show was more about my life. But um, YouTube is where you could find all the readings that I’ve done. And you know, it’s so amazing people like really go on and just binge watch them because, you know, no, reading is the same. Every reading is different. I mean, there are souls that have come through that, you know, were murdered. There were souls that have passed have, you know, have scuze me suspicious passings? And like I think that those are really the ones that people gravitate towards. Because we all have been in that situation where we lose someone tragically into here, you know how one family can find hope can inspire us as well.

Jeremy Weisz 33:25

Yeah. And I think if they go to your website and go to the video page, there’s a bunch of videos there. And I think they can click through and find the YouTube channel. It looks like simply psychic slash videos on YouTube. We’ll get them to your YouTube channel as well. But just Google Matt Fraser, and you can check all the videos out and they’re they’re very compelling to say the least. So. So check out Meet Everything there. So mad. That’s my last question. I’m a little bit, a little bit of trepidation on my my standpoint. But

Matt Fraser 34:03

there’s, there’s a couple of different souls that are here and why don’t we have a soul that’s coming through but some of the past have a stroke with a stroke?

Jeremy Weisz 34:11

My grandfather told you,

Matt Fraser 34:13

he’s here. Because right away, he’s stepping forward. And this wasn’t what had killed him, because he tells me that he had multiple strokes. You know about that?

Jeremy Weisz 34:20

Yes, he did. Yeah.

Matt Fraser 34:21

Because by the way, he was stepping forward. I actually thought this was your dad, because when he was coming through, he showed me that he helped to raise you here in this world. And right away when I’m connecting with him, he keeps saying to me, Matt, he goes, I need to let my family know that I can speak that I can move and I can communicate on the other side. Because at the end, he keeps telling me that he couldn’t remember. And he says to me that this affected his whole head. Do you understand that? Yeah, he says he wants to thank his family for the way that you will kept him alive as long as you possibly could. And more importantly, he tells me that the hardest thing that he wants to apologize for is everything that you had to say because he tells me that at the end, there was issues with breathing with him. He says, Please let my family know that I can breathe now that I’m on the other side, because he’s acknowledging that. And it’s crazy, because when I’m speaking to your grandfather, he says to me, thank you for not forgetting about me. Because literally, he says to me that he knows that you are busy within life. But he says to me, that, you know, even though life could have gotten busy for you that you will always come back to visit him to see him to connect with him. And he says to me that even though there were times that he couldn’t respond to talk to you, he remembers all of those moments.

Jeremy Weisz 35:27

Wow, yeah. Yeah, he did die of a stroke, or he had several strokes.

Matt Fraser 35:35

He tells me, because he says to me, it started off, he started off with mini strokes. The way he actually died, was he shows me that there was like these, this clump of this area in his head. And I feel like that, you know, those are the major stroke that he had at the end was accompanied by those mini causes passing.

Jeremy Weisz 35:55

That’s crazy man.

Matt Fraser 35:56

He’s here. He also shows me Military Connection when I’m speaking to him as well. So he was in the military.

Jeremy Weisz 36:04

The odd my other grandfather was in the military.

Matt Fraser 36:06

Oh, your other grandfather. They’re both here. Because what happens is when I’m on that vibration, all the souls will come through. And I also keep seeing visions of a military uniform that’s here as well. So no, what’s their way of just watching over and guiding you because we truly never lose anybody. And you know what’s also crazy as well, don’t think I’m insane. But also with your grandfather. This is dog that had passed and your family just lose the dog.

Jeremy Weisz 36:27

We didn’t no

Matt Fraser 36:28

what was the cocker spaniel or the cocker spaniel.

Jeremy Weisz 36:31

Um, it may have been my wife’s family.

Matt Fraser 36:36

That dog is also there. How crazy because I just saw this cocker spaniel that’s there on the other side. And what’s crazy is is that like, when you are married, right like that, that that family becomes your family. So no, like even like your wife’s family, those souls can come through. And what’s really cool when I talk about in my book is that even the pets that leave this world actually make it back together with us in spirit and on the other side.

Jeremy Weisz 36:59

They love their dog. That’s amazing. Matt, first of all, thank you. Are there any particular places someone does want to go to one of these zoom readings? Where should they check out on your website?

Matt Fraser 37:17

Oh, just go right to the live event page. There’s live events and also online readings as well. And you know, they’re both equally the same. You know, a lot of people attend week to week because they just love it even if they hear a message and then you know, connect with someone they love. A lot of people keep coming back because like I said, it’s just so amazing. You never know what’s going to happen and every single event is different.

Jeremy Weisz 37:38

Check it out. Matt. Thank you so much and thanks everyone.