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Overcome Personal Challenges: (Get Inspired)
If these people can do it then you can to!
Can you relate to the following:
Many people talk about how we have so many things stopping us from what we really want out of life.
We have all heard excuses like I am too young, too old, I am not experienced enough, I have little money, no family support, health issues, and many more.
Listen to some of the people talk about their huge obstacles and challenges and how they overcame Cancer, near death, divorce, losing family members, being paralyzed, and much more!

Get Productive :
Watch Interviews on how Founders overcame many pitfalls but now manage chaos much better.
Do you procrastinate, get side tracked, waste hours surfing the web and get little done?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with balancing work and family?
Do you have a million screen tabs open on different browsers by the end of the day?
Watch Interviews on how Founders overcame some of the pitfalls and now manage chaos much better.

Generate Sales and Revenue:
Go from initial Idea to Sales by listening to these Founders.
Can you relate to the following:
Have tons of ideas but do not know where to start.
Trying to do a side business with a full-time job, a family, debt, bills and not a lot of free time
Have a Fear of their friends and family seeing the business fail
Fear of not really knowing what to do or where to go for help

Come up with Creative (and Profitable) Ideas:
It starts with an Idea to begin your business empire.
Listen to proven founders and how they come up with ideas.
Can you relate to the following:
Do you want to start a business but not sure what to do?
Do you have a million ideas but not sure which to test out.

Do you just want to be happy with your business, family, and life?
See what these founders did to ensure their happiness.
Can you relate to the following:
you feel stuck in a rut and wondering how you get out.
you want to find your purpose because you feel like you are stuck in the rat race.

Increase Sales, Revenue, or Traffic Growth:
Listen to these founders to drive more traffic and growth to your website and products.
Can you relate to the following:
Do you know you have created an amazing product or service but the only visit to your website is your mom?
You know if you can spread the word people will love what you have to offer.