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Jeremy Weisz  18:18 

I want to hear about the — you mentioned four components and how the offer wingman works. But you were doing this even in your dentistry days, with Windows, right.

Ed O’Keefe  18:30 

Yeah, so here, it was funny. So I didn’t really plan having a business around coming alongside experts or business owners and helping them craft their offer and then being their pitch man or being under like their post pitch because we’ve a thing I’ll talk about a minute called unannounced bonus method that helps take fence tippers and get them to buy. But all of this kind of started making sense to me when I was like, hey, this is what you’re naturally been born to do. Like, I’m one of top 13 kids and the top of 13 kids, I love talking, I like coaching people. I’ve coached volleyball for 26 years, my team just finished third in the country. My son just won the Catholic League conference for golf. I mean, there’s winning, I like being involved in the winning part. And coaching people up and then helping people win. And I’ll tell you just a quick shout out about winning a second but everybody listening like the number one job when we’re trying to impact your prospect is not to educate them. The number one job is to give them a shift in perception so they make it in their mind, it becomes so obvious that they should be working with you. And you don’t do that by over-educating. And most experts that come to me Jeremy are over-educating and I can tell you Wendy was doing this when I first met her. So when I look back on my life, I was like, wow, every business I launched I did it the same ways we would do create an offer, I would take, you know, the audience, which is a really profitable audience, I want us to get back to choosing the market and how to uplevel your market. Because if you have a better offer, guess what you get to do and get to charge more, and you get to go after better clients. So we’ll get to that in a minute. But with Wendy, Wendy was a hygienist doing consulting in dentistry. And I was the marketing guy. I was the new patient guy. And she had come to one of my conferences. I said, well, cool. So great, amazing and honest, she was great. I’m like, told me what she did. She helped one of my clients, she had a story. She had solutions. And I had a case study, see what I have there? I have three elements, right? There’s a story about her journey, a case study that she helps, because now we can amplify that and build an offer around it. And her problem was, she didn’t know how to do one too many sounds like she was a one to one consultant. And I had an audience. So I said, why don’t you come on up? Let’s sell him something. That’s what we do. We’re in the business of making money together. And we just created a new coaching club, and so I interviewed her, we did a teleseminar and a webinar, and then just started a promoter to my audience. And really quickly, man, that was the most profitable business, two most profitable back end businesses that anybody here can replicate. It’s like, if you have your core business, you’re generating leads, you’re generating customers, you’re generating clients, what else can you add on to the back end that solves another problem for your client that doesn’t rely on you that if you added it would be 80% net profit. And then since I’m selfish, I’ll say, well, then let’s go find an expert and let me help interview them. And let me help create the pitch. And then we’ll offer to your audience like, it’s like, wow, guess what, that’s how all the nine figure businesses do it. But you will get a Vohra, they get one offer working, and what do they do they build another publishing enterprise behind it, then another one and another one, high ticket offers, run them up. It’s unbelievable. Like, that’s the model, right? So Wendy does great, we deal with another guy in our market. I’ll keep his name out of it. I call them Mr. X. And he was a big internet marketer, and dentists wanted another way to add extra income. And I didn’t realize this, this is interesting, Jeremy, I didn’t realize how much professionals that are in an office all day want extra income, like really, really want to retire? And I mean, I did the same sequence we do with everybody, I interviewed him, we ran a content beforehand, we crafted an offer, right? And we built up all this demand. And then we launched it, we had it open for four days, it did $1.7 million. In a really small amount. small audience of people. Our price points were I believe, $25,000, $35,000, and $100,000. And again, what’s the formula there, you have to have something that people want to buy. And then you gotta stick it in front of them. And the offer has to be sexy and attractive enough. So that when people look at it, they really feel like a moron by not saying yes, or it’s so good they do whatever it takes to get into it. And we’ve all done that, right?

Jeremy Weisz  23:40 

With the wingman, again, you’ve been doing this for all those years. And back then you didn’t really identify this as a wingman offer, right? You’ve learned that. And once you realize that consciously, you can really hone in on it and make it even better. So what have you realized? What is the wingman offer that you were doing with Wendy and Mr. X and all?

Ed O’Keefe  24:07 

I think it’s really helping a business owner. Like with these experts, specifically. It’s really taking the pressure off their shoulders to not have to feel like they’re selling and just stay present and then follow a structure. And so that’s true pressure, obviously is we’re not here to educate them so much that they have all these notes that they walk away from here and don’t do anything. Right. It’s really why like Russell Brunson his whole like three steps and Jason Flower is one of the best webinar guys I’ve studied. Myron Golden is another genius. And what started happening, the wingman concept came because when I was in dentistry, every time I ran a live event, I hired a wingman. And looking back count this is just so clear as like, Tim Paulson was Joe Polishes wing man in his plumbing business, and Tim Paulson would sell it. So Brian understands like, what’s a wingman? A wingman is designed there to help sell more of your high ticket services or more of your product in a way that edifies the expert, it creates a third party endorsement of the effort or the expert, it allows the expert to just be the expert and the offer to be the offer. And then it allows me or the wingman to be the person who sells harder on the audience who has permission to be tougher on the audience who has permission to pull every single arrow out of a quiver. But here’s what’s really funny about that, the audience and so it could be a resume or could be in a whatever, appreciates it more, because they want to buy, they get too heavy, emotional and most times they feel emotional, and they’re just not clicking it over logical. And then that’s why you gotta destroy all the objections. And then it takes a little bit of expertise to do that properly. And then even like that, watching this now like Jeremy, I told you like one of the things that the biggest misconception is like why I don’t really need to wait, man, our sales are really good. I old friend of mine, who was my mastermind years ago, was like, well, sales are good. I just need help with marketing. I’m like, well, what do you think? What do you think I’m talking about here? Because if you could bump up your average costs, or average lifetime value, or average value immediately and get increases of conversion rate by an extra, let’s pretend I barely help you at all 5% 10%. If you’re selling a $5,000 package, that’s an increase of $500 per the same amount of cost. Okay, now, what if we do it by $50,000? And you get a 10% Bump? That’s $5,000 extra every time somebody comes through? Now, if you’re running that through your system a lot, well, that starts to add up very, very quickly. Okay. You could spend a lot more money if you’re making more fight like for every $1,000 you were spending, if instead of making $3,000, you were making $6,000? Would you just pocket all that money? Or would you go get more customers and accelerate your bottom line profits. So there’s a lot you can do by adding new components now, I spent $50,000 bucks — brought Tim Paulson in. Tim did a setup pitch for me, he did a panel for me. It was much better when I was running my events, to have somebody like Tim Paulson, who was a third-party person talk about how great Ed O’Keefe was that it was for me, trust me, I’d done it without wingman and you just sound more pitchy. I hired James Malin shot twice who James is amazing to do the same thing. One year I hired Bill Ransack to do the same thing. So I’ve always been cognizant of like, your job is to help me, is I needed help even though I was “good,” quote, unquote, at delivering my offer and making an offer to the audience.

Jeremy Weisz  28:19 

One other so, that’s an objection, right? It’s like, I already have good sales. Right? It’s all fine. Right? What’s another objection that you tend to get?

Ed O’Keefe  28:29 

Well, and with a good sales thing is the other thing that I see a lot of especially the mastermind coaching club, guys that are reaching out right now is like there’s just seen a plateau right now. And it’s like, decline. And so what I would say is that there’s life cycles in masterminds, there’s life cycles and coaching clubs, there’s life cycles in businesses. And so if you don’t have new front end offers happening all the time, or new angles, like let’s just say it’s 99%, the same thing. But we’re able to have a different voice. Like even the voice could be as simple as we change it to be like, hey, everybody, it’s Ed O’Keefe. And today I’m here with Jeremy Weisz. And Jeremy has packed more rooms, dude, it with his pod, like, just that one little hub can open up a floodgate of new people because if you’ve been in a market long enough, you’re gonna see a law of diminishing return on your same ads going over and over and over again. That’s number one. Number two is what was your question again Jeremy, I don’t want to go on a tangent.

Jeremy Weisz  29:31 

No, keep going. It was just objections, any objections that you’re getting? Obviously one is…

Ed O’Keefe  29:36 

If you want, we can, this isn’t relevant to me or are you just gonna sell me something. It’s like well, no your webinars working but are you running a unannounced bonus two days after the webinar, which is an unannounced bonus this method is a little bit I took a little bit this from Travis Style because he doesn’t use video with it, but like the whole idea is Do you need to have a cleanup campaign? And what’s the cleanup campaign? Well, they’ve gone through your webinar, right? You’ve now given them a 24 or 48 hour exploration timeline. Now, what have you sent out an email that was a hey, I have great news, my friend, Ed O’Keefe, author of Time Collapsing, has agreed to do a free webinar or free training on the five outside the box ways to grow your X, it could be anything you’re doing. It could be personal development could be business, as long as I can modify my time collapsing, whether it’s business development, cash, flow, profit, mindset, modeling any of those things, I can talk about anything fit into the box. But what we do is we take, I got a handful of bonuses of like events I’ve created, I would talk to the expert and be like, what are the biggest objections that they’re having? This is the number one trick tip I can give everyone? What is the number one objection that you’re dealing with? And can we create a bonus that is 10 times the value of what you’re asking them to invest in your thing? So if it’s $25,000 a year, what is a quarter million dollar bonus that we can give them perceived value? And then let me do the pitch until we do it and disguise it. And so I have my whole pitch down on this. And it’s like, hey, I heard Jeremy, I’ll tell you, you’re my guy, Jeremy. Jeremy, made an offer to you guys yesterday, and out of 180. That’s on his training about how to grow your personal brand with your podcast. I heard that there’s 41 of you who did not say yeah, so for those who are in congratulations, I have free gifts for you, which I’m going to tell you about right now. And for the 41 of you that haven’t jumped in yet, I’m gonna have here’s a little bribe, I’m going to invest in you. Because I know when you invest in yourself by investing Jeremy, I know it’s a lot of investment going on. But I want you to invest in yourself. Because here’s three reasons. Number one, I know that people who pay and invest in themselves pay attention and are emotionally committed to getting an outcome. So if you came to this training today, because you want to grow your business and your personal brand, but you’re intellectually committed, but you’re not emotionally committed, because all you do is go on free trains for the rest of your life, you go to YouTube, and YouTube and YouTube, Jeremy SR on all these trainings. And you’re just one of those freebie people. And you’re wondering why you’re not getting an outcome is because you haven’t committed to finding the model and mentor in duplicate and replicate the results that they’re willing to give you. And Jeremy has given me an offer that’s worth 20 $30,000. And he’s asking 1500 bucks for I mean, this is crazy, right? So let me talk to you for a moment. And then I go through, like, the bonuses, I’m gonna give you this, and I’ll give you this. And then I stack the deck. And here’s the coolest thing, Jeremy, like, everyone’s got to understand, like, when I say to people, I’m hard on people, I’m not hard on people, I expect a lot of people because people need what is the best you’ve ever done in your entire life, the best you’ve ever done in your life, there’s usually three things that happen. One, you made the emotional commitment to do get the result, whether it was because you’re fed up and you’re broke, whether your back was against the wall, whether it was you’re trying to prove someone wrong in high school in college, like I’m gonna show those idiots who I really am, and I’m gonna go be successful, I’m gonna study, like 24/7, or maybe you grew up broke, and you’re like, I’m not going to be like, I’m going to change my generational lineage, right? Whatever that might have been for you, or, but you made an emotional commitment to that thing, right. And the second thing you did is you found a model period, end of discussion, a model and a mentor, there’s always a model, there’s always a coach. And the fourth element that I hammer home, so which is more important today than ever before, is the idea that you need to have a crew of people that you are getting better with, you know, iron sharpens iron comes from Game of Thrones, you know, when she says to the sister, or the remember, father used to tell us that in the winter, the lone wolf dies, with the pack. The pack survives while the pack thrives. And right now you’re trying to be a lone wolf. And I’m just telling you from personal experience, because I’ve had some successes, I’ve had a lot of failures. In my failures. I’ve always tried to do things on my own. And I always try to hide from it, where you need to come out in the open, get a mentor, get them out. And so I’d like to invest in you. I like to actually, encourage you that if you’re this far, if you’re intellectually here committed today, you’re emotionally committed serious, she lives, you’re looking for permission. And then I can have a couple of emotional stories in there, too, that builds that trust report that gets that call to action. And then I’ll put another 24 hour bonus or a time limit on it. Like, hey, you got four bonuses, but these two expire at midnight tonight. So that’s after the webinar, now before the webinar that’s where you throw in the either a mastermind talk which is more about the Napoleon Hill it could be a little more like a little more like, oh, everybody this hour. Like this is why people who are successful have in common, a little bit lighter, right. And then I would also put the interview out there as well. And before they get it, there’s a really smart guy who runs a call center and forgotten his name. Ramsay Randall Grizzly. I don’t know. If you saw me, they were in a phone center, and they sell high tickets for people. And they were saying what happens from the time of sale to the phone call is critical in the success of the phone call being successful to upgrade people. And so when I was like, tell people and cut me off, I’m talking too much. I don’t mean to talk too much. We got to go on here, is now that I bought, I’m looking for validation that my decision was good, right? And that, again, I got to get my identity pumped up like this is going to be successful, here’s why you’re going to be successful. Here’s why it was a great decision. And that’s where like an interview can come into play either before or after a webinar, and or both could be using cold media as well.

Jeremy Weisz  36:19 

And you have had Brian Tracy in your stage before talking about this very thing about when you look at success, and you’ve said this before, you look at the people that they’re surrounded with. Really.

Ed O’Keefe  36:34 

Well. Yeah. So, Brian Tracy. In fact, I’ve hired him three different times, two of them were one-on-one consulting and then one for my team. Because I just fell in love with him that much. But he likes to state a Harvard study that talks about how that the number one indicator of success. And this goes to your audience right now. Like if you don’t have a mentor if you’re not working with somebody on your offers your growth your business, you’re trying to do it wrong, I bet you’re doing a great job. I mean, I really do. I bet you’re doing a great job, especially if you listen to this podcast, you’re fine if you’re following Rise25 baby, you cannot be doing amazing, but know really, what it’s like it’s your peer group that the direct correlation is who spend the most amount of time their peer group if you like, no matter what anyone says Jeremy, like, I think you’re rattling off like how much we sold them supplements or how much we did when I tried selling my dental business. I made every mistake in the book like I’ve made every embarrassing mistake, right? Like every single one. So I’m at a nice point in life where when I come work with a client I don’t want them hiding anything from me because I’m like, look, I’ve already made all the mistakes bro like and personal, financial, financial all like you. Let’s just get it out. Let me help you let me come inside you and so and Brian Tracy was a great mentor of mine. Dan Kennedy was one of my first mentors as well. He was phenomenal on stage. I hired Joe Bauer. Joe Bauer came to the house then helped map out one of my PowerPoint slides back when I was in dentistry. So I’m the product of investing in myself too and I know you’re looking at the time so I want to make sure I’m respectful of it.

Jeremy Weisz  38:08 

No, I was looking for Joel has the can right?

Ed O’Keefe  38:13 

Joe Bauer, one of the best salespeople of all time, you don’t even know what the hell you’re buying and halftime show via he’ll be the most sexy and attractive man alive. Get to the back of the room and put your credit card down and people like stand up in the run in the back and roll and knowing only asked I’m telling transmittance guy he’s really a very he’s very, very good. Michael Burn offs and another great guy. There’s a lot of great people out there. I mean, yeah, there’s so many good people. I’m learning.

Jeremy Weisz  38:46 

I met Joe before you did some work with Roland Frasier.

Ed O’Keefe  38:51 

Yeah, Roland and I have been friends for a really long time. Our first actual thing we did actually is so funny we mentioned a offer we did a $25,000 package weekend for dentists back in the day, when Roland was working with a local SEO like franchise thing and how to work out I interviewed him. I interviewed put them up for my audience. Then I picked him after the interview. I picked him with a offer. Hey Roland, I are doing a weekend. So that was one of the first times we started making money together. And then about two years ago I did another component offering them but I didn’t realize just serve understand. I didn’t really realize how to like connect all these dots. And that was this important because I was like, hey, after your challenge, where are you doing with all the buyers that don’t upgrade? See everybody does like oh, they sell their $7,500 or $9,000 or $15,000, $25,000 on our coaching and then they just like stop they just put them in like what would you call that, the mass mailing the broadcast email, and I was like, well give me those 1200 bodies, like, are those names that bought like a $55 thing? And let me see if I can upgrade well, so I sent him a direct mail piece, one page letter, learn that from Travis, brought him into my email inbox. What did I do, I create a little video, brought the offer together, mash it up. And then we sold off of a list of 1,200 people. It cost me about $1,300 bucks to get in the mail. And then we did over $70,000 in less than four weeks. Okay. Then Roland said, he’s like, well, hey, he’s I got I got this thing over here called consulting for equity. And I came to his event was helping out trying to help one of his partner, his partner, but like a client of is now like speaking on a stage and helping orchestrate his event for him. And help him sell his mastermind. So Jeremy, when I look back at all these like pieces were coming together of me doing this because I’m good at that. Like, I’m just good at, like, I know how to run an event and how to run a room know how to run. emotional states in the room, keep people’s attention set sail. And then we launched Consulting for Equity. And what did we do, we created a webinar, sales letter, an offer, and we did an interim. And then we took some of these pieces together, launched it to the list. And I believe in the first four weeks that did over half a million dollars. And he and Dan and the crew over there. I mean, they’ve taken that thing to multiple, multiple, seven figures, I think it was over seven figures in the first 90 days. Pretty incredible.

Jeremy Weisz  41:44 

Ed, who is ideal to reach out to you?

Ed O’Keefe  41:50 

Ideally, maybe somebody who’s running so I’m there’s two different categories, right, you’re running leads to your mastermind, your webinar, or you’re trying to fill your coaching club, fill up your membership, and you have a high ticket of $5,000 or above. If you have something under that, after we do an offer makeover, we’re going to be selling something over $5,000 because people that going for $2,500 bucks, there’s always another offer layer that you could be selling for $6,000. Maybe the timelines get longer, but there’s a percentage of your market space that will always pay more than you’re currently charging, like even with Dr. Bill, $65,000 he was charging $58,000 before I started working with him, after they hired me, I went on a commission structure based on the funnel I built for them. So he just raised his prices to pay for me. Right. And so that’s one of the added values that I bring but we have a guy in the legal space that sells $4,000 a month mastermind program. And so again, he’s been in the market for over 10 years frustrated because it just seems like he’s been around so, sales plateaued a little bit, needs some fresh insight, new voice and for me, again, super easy for me to look at it and be like, I can see exactly why things are plateauing. And it was very easy for me. In dentistry, we have somebody in the implant space, but I am trying to structure this so I can take up to two people in each market and make sure they’re not competing against each other. And so $5,000 $15,000 $25,000 $35,000 any of those kinds of things. If you want to win quick, you’re ideally generating leads or you have traffic and referrals coming to you so that I can bolt on an unannounced bonus method like literally within 24 hours and we can make money together. If you need a full offer makeover, you may or may not be a good fit so they could always just hire me to do an offer makeover which is an hour consultation I review the offer review the assets. But yeah, I think brand new people that are just starting out they might be able to hire me for an offer makeover consultation or some advice. But that’s not the ideal client for offer wingman. Offer wingman’s definitely for people that have been in the market for a while they want to supercharge their sales, plateaued, backsliding sales or sales are going well. And they want to supercharge it. The last category there might be if you have a budget and you have money and this is what you’re committed to, then we can build out a webinar together and I can grow that for you. I can help you grow that. But you just got to make sure you realize that when you’re starting new off offers. It’s the hardest spot in the business. And so what I always like to look at is like, how many case studies do we have? We only need one good one. But it’s got to be one. If you’re just trying to make up stuff you’re like looking for like, and I don’t really know my operands then it really just requires a lot more effort time and money. And so, you can reach out, but I would say probably consultation is the best way to go on that one.

Jeremy Weisz  45:33 

Ed, first of all, thank you, how should people reach out? Where should they find you? I know that people can check out I mentioned, is there another way that people can reach out?

Ed O’Keefe  45:45 

Yeah, I mean, so the best way, so there should be an opportunity there to either watch a free training on how to optimize your offer, or apply for offer wingman or apply for our offer makeover, where I’ll review all for you. The other option is and you can email me at [email protected]. That’s [email protected] put in the subject line offer wingman or just send a text message 312-607-6799 and then just type in offer wingman. And then we’ll ask you some questions. Make sure you get directed in the right way. And yeah, I mean, you know me Jeremy. So like, I just want to share with everybody right now, like, here’s the deal, you will walk away with some insight if we end up not working together, you will walk away with some insight that will help you either tweak your positioning in the market space, identify the right market or clarify your offer. Because if you are getting sales right now, and you know something’s not exactly where it needs to be, there’s no question in my mind, I can help you supercharge that with my eyes closed because I’ve made every mistake already. Not because of my genius. But because of my ability to get my ass kicked over 20-something years and keep learning from writer minds and myself. You know who else is a badass that I just Captain mentioned, because he’s been a great mentor of mine. I’m Travis. I was one of them. Ron Lynch, talking about pitchman, he has written so many infomercials from behind the scenes. So he doesn’t really have any training. He’s got his marketing, mercenary training, he releases once a year. But if you want to follow somebody, he’s an amazing guy.

Jeremy Weisz  47:56 

Ed I just want to say…

Ed O’Keefe  47:59 

Never do it never do what I just did, which is I just did my call to action. Change channels.

Jeremy Weisz  48:07 

You’re too good of a wingman. You want to be the wingman but let me just say like, I’ve been following you for over 15 years and following your cop. You’re one of the smartest, direct response marketers business people. And I have been following your copy. I remember I was at the Brian Kurtz Titans event. And Ed you won’t remember this, but I remember you said.

Ed O’Keefe  48:31 

He’s another genius Brian Kurtz is another genius. I mean, Jeremy, keep going. I mean, you’re bragging about me. But yeah, I actually feel like, I’ve been lucky enough to be thrown into this environment where this category of like my parents didn’t have this type of business. We weren’t able to create podcasts, we were able to do all this stuff. I mean, my dad did real hard work. But go ahead.

Jeremy Weisz  48:55 

No I wanted to say I was at the it was the Titans event, amazing speakers, amazing people in attendance. And Ed sits right next to me. We’re both from Chicago. He didn’t know who I was. I had been following his, what he does his copy and his businesses for years. So I knew exactly who you were, and we chatted and I’ve gone to your conferences, your events. I listened to you yesterday for three hours on YouTube. Because you’re, you know, like you said anyone who talks to you just, you are a giver, and you just learn from you. So I appreciate you sharing with the world your gift and everyone check out to learn more. So thanks, everyone. Thanks, Ed.

Ed O’Keefe  49:46 

Thank you.