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David Anderson 1:51

Awesome. Thanks for having me. So my name is David Anderson. I am with EO, Arizona. But my company is Off Madison Ave. And we are a full service marketing agency located in Arizona, but to work all over the place.

Jeremy Weisz 2:04

Tell me about the name Off Madison Ave.

David Anderson 2:06

So we’re about to hit 25 years. And when my business partner and I and our wife sat down to come up with a name. We’re in Arizona, Madison, Ave is in New York, and somebody said off Broadway, there’s a lot of debate on who came up with the name between the four of us. So we’ll just leave it open now. But then somebody said, How about Off Madison Ave, we have the quality of people in the work. We’re just way off my way Off Madison Ave.

Jeremy Weisz 2:32

So what kind of services you offer the full,

David Anderson 2:35

full scope of marketing services? So from digital services to traditional market, strategy, branding, TV, radio, print digital websites, the whole the full scope of services,

Jeremy Weisz 2:49

what type of clients do you serve? And I love to dig into a few of them too.

David Anderson 2:54

Yeah, no problem. So you know, historically, we’ve been a big generalist, where we’ve done a lot of different industries. Over the last few years, we’ve really focused in on what we call like destination recreation, and food and beverage. So we represent from, you know, the state of Arizona to Pete’s coffee to WD 40 Fits outside of that, but still an important client of us. So it’s a pretty large group of clients.

Jeremy Weisz 3:20

Yeah, I the CEO on my podcast of WD 40. They’re an amazing organization. So I’m gonna take each of those a little bit, let’s talk about the Arizona Game and Fish.

David Anderson 3:30

So Arizona Game and Fish, they are a self funded government agency, they get a little bit of monies here and there, but a lot of their revenue comes from licensing and all types of different things. Well, when we started working with them, they had historically not done any fundraising, outside fundraising for people to do primarily digital fundraising. And so when we started with them, I think it was three years ago, I think they did like 13 $14,000. This year, we’re pretty close to crossing the million dollar mark and revenues in donations, I should say that are coming in. And then that goes directly out to help with, you know, all kinds of different programs that they have.

Jeremy Weisz 4:11

So David, what kind of things you do to help companies like that?

David Anderson 4:14

Well, a lot of it is helping build a brand identity building awareness, helping them put the foundational stuff in place from the technology side of what they’re doing the strategy, how is it supported with public relations or media, paid media, so both unpaid and paid media there, and it’s all to build awareness and drive action marketing is, you know, people say all the time, we want you to build our brand. Well, brands are built with the interactions that you have with a company not by what what I say our job is to build awareness and induce trial, and through that inducing trial, get them to take action.

Jeremy Weisz 4:49

So what are they able to do now that you know, it’s a huge tremendous leap from having, you know, $10,000 to a million dollars, what are they able to do now because you helped them grow so much.

David Anderson 5:01

They just have more resources to put towards specific programs, or include new programs like one of them was with Arizona, it’s hot as hell there. And there are times where there’s drought issues and water issues, where they’ve been able to put systems of bringing water to specific areas to support wildlife during the height of summers in the July, August September is that they have so which again, provides for a better environment for our citizens or those that come to have more wildlife and see more of the outdoors through these programs.

Jeremy Weisz 5:35

So I love to talk about a CPG company, I don’t know if it’s the coffee company you’re talking about and some of the stuff you do for CPG companies.

David Anderson 5:42

So Pete’s coffee Foster Farms are two big ones that we do WD 40 Are those and a lot of that is you know, we do a lot of public relations, crisis, communications, some marketing for some of those that we have there. And there’s never a shortage of issues to deal with in CPG, especially when it comes to food and beverage.

Jeremy Weisz 6:05

So, you know, when they come to you, there’s a lot of strategy, right? And so what are the big mistake people make with their brand when they come to you and you are giving them certain advice on what they’re doing currently?

David Anderson 6:20

Well, I would say the biggest thing is just having consistency of your brand message. What is your message? And that’s obviously very, very important as you communicate externally. But it’s amazing how many companies we come into that internally, there’s not clarity around what the brand is, what’s their USPS unique selling points, what is the value that they bring? And so you can’t really start talking about it externally until you all are aligned internally. So a lot of that work. And we see that at all levels. It’s not like oh, well, you know, the coordinators or others don’t understand I’ve been I’ve seen many times where the executive team isn’t completely aligned on what the brand message is, what the brand is about what it stands for, and what your unique selling points are.

Jeremy Weisz 7:09

I can see when you’re talking about how it becomes like a rocket ship situation, when you get everyone aligned talking about what makes them different. You know, everyone’s aligned and they could just, you know, launch.

David Anderson 7:23

Yeah, absolutely. You’d be amazed at how many times we go into the first strategy. And we ask a couple of questions. And we don’t talk for 234 hours. Well, the executive team is all debating are the people included in it, getting it to there. And the power of any organization, as we’ve heard from some of our speakers here, is you know, you need alignment, you need your messaging align, you got to, you know, is it What’s your cause for good that you’re looking for, that you’re getting people to buy into? So I would always say, that’s the number one most important thing have internal buy in on what you’re doing, what you’re selling, what your goals are. Before you kind of start talking about it externally.

Jeremy Weisz 8:06

David, where can people find out and learn more online? Where should they check out on your website,

David Anderson 8:10

go to Or you could find me on LinkedIn pretty easy to find David Anderson there’s probably a million David Anderson’s but just do David Anderson in Arizona and my name will come up on there someplace.

Jeremy Weisz 8:23

Off Madison Ave that calm thanks, everyone from GLC.