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Today I have a force of nature, Adrienne Richardson. First of all, you don’t mess with a hockey mom from New Jersey. I like to brag about her that she is one of the top marketing experts around. I don’t like to pigeonhole her even though it is on her site that she is a Facebook Ad expert because she is so sharp when it comes to messaging, copywriting, funnels and direct response marketing and there is so much more that goes into the campaigns that she runs for people. What I want Adrienne’s tagline to be is “Hi, I am Adrienne and I drive cold traffic (people who don’t know you) into an automated webinar and have it spit out millions of dollars on the other side.” Of course, Adrienne work with top people who have systems in place to do this and she has spent tens of millions of dollars on Facebook so she knows what works and what doesn’t. Adrienne has a laundry list of amazing clients like Russ Ruffino, University of California, and many more.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:15] Jeremy introduces his guest, Adrienne Richardson.
  • [3:00] Adrienne talks about delivering babies in an ambulance.
  • [5:00] The how Adrienne got the name, “the Latrine Queen” & lessons from the military.
  • [13:15] How Adrianne instills discipline and life lessons in her children.
  • [19:40] Adrienne talks about getting laid off of work while pregnant.
  • [24:00] What was Adrienne’s parenting magazine like? What did she learn?
  • [26:30] The value of expressing vulnerability.
  • [29:45] A lesson in setting your own worth for your work.
  • [40:30] Your funnel is your customer’s journey.
  • [45:00] What are good conversion rates for Facebook Ads?
  • [47:15] Can you send people directly to a sales page and get results?
  • [48:45] What was it like working with the University of California?
  • [51:00] How the right image can drive traffic.
  • [55:45] What makes for compelling sales copy?
  • [59:40] Do’s and don’ts of targeting an audience.
  • [1:02:00] Adrienne talks about how she helps her son adopt a healthy mindset.

In this episode…

What are your skills, talents, and time worth? Do you have a value in mind or do you end up drawing a blank? How do you discover your worth? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and marketing expert, Adrienne Richardson. In her conversation with Jeremy, Adrienne opens up about her experience in the military, what it was like getting laid off while pregnant, how she came up with the idea to start her own magazine, what led her to discover her professional value, and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this engaging episode with Adrienne!

Where do your most important values come from? Did they come from your family or were they shaped by life experiences? How have those values played out in your personal and professional life? For Adrienne Richardson, it was her time in the military that taught her the most about herself and how she’d go on to live her life at home and in her career. The primary values that Adrienne came away with from her time in the military are her work ethic and her commitment to excellence. Not only have these values shaped her career, they’ve also shaped her parenting. How can you learn from Adrienne’s story?

The chances are, if you’ve struggled with something in your life, you aren’t alone! That may sound like a pat answer or a flippant response but at the end of the day, it’s true! Too often people go through life assuming that some of the most difficult challenges they face are unique to their situation and mathematically speaking, that’s impossible. Someone somewhere has experienced what are you are currently struggling with. Adrienne Richardson discovered this truth when she started opening up about her postpartum depression in her parenting magazine. Before long, the letters of support and gratitude started flowing in reminding Adrienne that she was not alone. This episode gave Adrienne profound insight into how people respond that would go on to serve her well in her career as a marketer.

When was the last time you paused in your daily scroll through social media at a section of text? Chances are unless it was an important update from a close friend or family member, you kept on scrolling. These days, images are edging out text more and more when it comes to social media and web advertisements in general. What can you do to make sure your ad or attempt at engagement actually works? According to web marketing expert, Adrienne Richardson, you need to start putting out eye-grabbing photos and not just any photos but positive ones! Over the course of her research, Adrienne has found that positive images of animals, in particular, end up getting the most audience engagement. How will this news impact your strategy?  

What is the state of your mindset? Are you out there excelling because you have your head in the game or do you find that you are actually your own worst enemy? Too often business leaders from all backgrounds go through life knowingly engaging in self-sabotage. Don’t let yourself fall that same mistake! Businesswoman Adrienne Richardson knows the value of cultivating a healthy mindset. Going back to her time in the military, Adrienne learned that in order to accomplish what you set out to do, you’ve got to have the mental toughness and fortitude to go the distance. Lessons around creating a healthy mindset have been so formative for Adrienne, she’s even taking the time to pass those hard-fought lessons on to her children. What are you waiting for? Put a plan in place to get your mindset in shape today!

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