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Skye Chilton is the cofounder of Rocketcases. They create iphone cases as cool as they are protective and are sold in Best Buy, Amazon and Vancouver retail stores. Their first year of business they did 6 figures working part time and started with only $1500 between the 3 of them.

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What will you learn in this interview?
-How did the company do 6 figures of income working part time in their first year on business?
-What are their challenges in working with manufacturers in China?
-What influenced Skye on growing up?
-What did Skye learn from his Dad’s unique business?
-What is the inspiration and drive he got from his mom?

He takes a cold shower every morning
He blow dries his razor because it makes it last longer

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A little background about Skye Chilton:

Skye Chilton studied at University of British Columbia and played baseball.

To get Rocketcases off the ground, they set up a really simple website with one case, which they drop shipped from a reseller. Next, they bought Adwords for relevant keywords to see if people would buy it. Sales came in which proved their concept.

Since then, they now design all their own cases and have a fulfillment warehouse handling all of their orders, inventory and shipping services. They can be found in Best Buy and have been featured on Business Insider, The Huffington Post and the LA Times, and of course!

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